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  1. It's official... It's finally opening day!
  2. Seriously? Wow I didn't think Shapiro was that bad but I guess he had even less of a clue about what he was doing than I thought. I just looked at what they have planned from the Goddard Group Facebook... wow that actually looks good! The only question I have is why they can't put that much attention to detail in the US parks?
  3. I remember it saying somewhere that there would be theming in the queue line, it's probably easier to theme a straight line queue than one with switchbacks. Look at Disney's queues, many of them only have switchbacks as overflow or don't have them at all.
  4. So Six Flags is going international again? When was the last time Six Flags built a new park? Hopefully it lasts longer than Six Flags Belgium and Holland. I still remember those parks from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.
  5. Just saw that, does that mean the queue will go into Rolling Thunder's old spot? Also I'm glad to see that it looks like there will be no switchbacks in the queue, at least from that picture.
  6. ^ That's exactly what I was thinking when I thought about the idea of a holiday event at our park. If TDK, Skull, and the flats in that section were open it would be a cool event. If Nitro and/or Batman were open, it would immediately give itself an advantage over other events in the area.
  7. However Movietown needs a revamp- although I don't want more superheroes I'd rather see Movietown remade so it's not a neglected section of the park (as it's been since Chiller was removed). If a superhero ride is the only way to do that then so be it, it's better than having Movietown the way it is now. However that isn't the only way if Six Flags is willing to put effort into it...
  8. Speaking of RMC check this out: And here's the POV: It was announced today and I found it on another forum. It's opening in 2016. If our park could get anything even somewhat resembling this, I would love it!
  9. ^^^ I wouldn't put it that way- before 2012 the park had almost no family rides due to all the removals of the late 2000s. The new rides in '12 and '13 weren't as expensive as a coaster, but they were what we needed more. To me Zumanjaro is the better version of Lex Luthor since ours will be able to have more cars and will be taller due to the structure it is attached to. I agree it would be nice to have the park open in November/December, maybe in November they could even operate some of the coasters.
  10. Hopefully they change the name- "Looping Star" is rather generic for that type of coaster.
  11. Staff appearance isn't the most important thing for me, it's how friendly and helpful they are that matters IMO. If someone has a tattoo and is a friendly, outgoing employee, I would be just as likely to go to them for help as someone without one.
  12. I see what they were going for with that (in the last two photos you can see it sort of matches the pavement) but if that's how the whole thing's going to look then that's terrible.
  13. Nope you're not the only one I'm a Mets fan too. Duda's home runs were a good surprise, I didn't expect much from him since he has never really lived up to the high expectations yet. Maybe he's finally turning the corner.
  14. No not bad at all I'm glad to finally see warmer weather! Finally park season is here, sometimes it seemed like it would never come! Also the beginning of baseball season has helped with the feeling of summer but it seems like neither NY team is off to the best of starts...
  15. I guess they chose to have the gondolas run together to save maintenance costs by only having one mechanism for all 3 cars. I just hope that doesn't mean the ride is down too much. I'm glad to see that there will be theming though!
  16. Ok I see that, I stand corrected. I didn't realize that the guide and the track were two separate things. You learn something new every day!
  17. I think it is, what I think you're talking about is the magnetic brakes that go up to the second catwalk. Also the park in their Facebook post said the final piece of track was put on.
  18. The Bugs Bunny Fun Factory page also appears and apparently we have a ride called Ricochet? We've never even had that before.
  19. Nice! Cool to see the orange tracks completed, once they started they moved fast. Maybe at least one of the cars will be on for opening day? Edit: I must not have been clear judging by the post under me. I meant the opening day of the park on April 12 not Zumanjaro's opening.
  20. Awesome 73 in April? Now that's what I'm talking about! Now we just need to hope it happens, maybe this can be the one time the forecast doesn't change?
  21. Do they still have the old sombrero? If they do this would be a great new addition to Plaza del Carnaval.
  22. Wow they're almost done! That's certainly high up! Also not sure if it's been posted yet but here's a funny video the park put on their YouTube channel "Drop Ride Wars" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkfjK-JWDd4 "Will the snow EVER end?!" LOL Edit: Wow, I posted that video at the same time as you 29yrs... how do you embed videos?
  23. I think they have been trying to do a few things for the 40th. They are retheming the Great Character Cafe into the Yum Yum Cafe and it will serve ice cream again. The Garden State Grill is new, and Safari Discoveries is being reopened as the baboon exhibit. All that plus Zumanjaro. For all we know there will be more things not announced yet. Not a bad year at all IMO.
  24. I had two quizzes and two tests all in one day once earlier this school year. I really hope that never happens again.
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