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  1. Cool, wouldn't it be awesome to see a new park landmark made based on a suggestion from this site?
  2. Please we just got out of winter let's focus our thoughts on warm weather now LOL RC98, who prefers warm summer days to cold winter ones, especially now...
  3. Well congratulations 29yrs you found a way to stump me! Password is yours White Lightning?
  4. So now we know where the Zumanjaro queue will be- it seems to leave RT's old area open for the most part. Also I noticed that building in either Zumanjaro's queue or exit path- I wonder what that is for- on ride photos maybe?
  5. Yes thank goodness! Just a couple of days of cold and then back to warmer weather please! I've never been more ready for spring.
  6. Please no more storms! LOL it seems like everyone else has had enough! Today was perfect for this time of year, I hope more days like today will be in the near future!
  7. I like those fire effects! I'd like to see something like this as a new family coaster for the park!
  8. I'd think it would. Intamin's newer drop towers are my favorites. I got to ride a newer Intamin drop ride in Drop Tower at Kings Island (Intamin gyro drop) and it gives plenty of "butterflies", much better than an S&S tower. Not to mention the wind the ride vehicle creates when it slows down near the ground, it's awesome!
  9. Wow that is starting to look good- and to think that's less than half the drop height... this is going to be awesome to ride!
  10. I sort of hope that Cold Stone stays, they're one of my favorites in the park! Although if Unilever put Ben & Jerry's back in the park that would be great too.
  11. ^^ Wow that must have been interesting. I know they were understaffed back then but I didn't know they were that understaffed. Poor weather doesn't seem like an excuse to send everyone home while the park is still open though. My dream day at the park would be a day when all the rides are open but it is just as empty as the day of this trip report. That way I could marathon all the coasters, and maybe get to ride every non-kiddie attraction in the park!
  12. ^ I thought exactly the same thing. I enjoy superhero movies plenty but they have already taken up enough of the park. I'd rather see the park retheme the Movietown/Old Country area into a full-out Gotham City and the tip of Boardwalk into DC Universe and then get rid of superhero theming throughout the rest of the park. Bizarro would be rethemed and the other superhero influences would be removed throughout the rest of the park, just leaving them for those 2 areas.
  13. It's still far away, I wouldn't put much thought into a forecast that far into the future. Knowing the way weather forecasters are it will probably change at least a couple of times before opening day. Hopefully the weather will end up being nice!
  14. I never went in that one, but I have been in the Foam Frenzy at The Funplex near me which is a similar attraction with the foam balls. It is fun for little children, but I can see why they removed it. All those foam ball hoses and shooter guns must be hard to keep working at once.
  15. Wow in northern NJ there was no snow at all. Seeing everyone else report snowfall I feel lucky. The foot plus of snow has finally all melted on my front lawn- I want it to stay that way!
  16. Or leave the overly obnoxious ads for the sports arenas- they have no place in a theme park IMO. Some more subtle ads, such as when rides would be sponsored by a company and it would be noted on the ride sign and in the park map are ok, but the overly obnoxious ads such as the train wraps and the ads on Skull Mountain last year are too much.
  17. Are the other parks that got the original Six Flags TV still using it?
  18. Cool, as long as it's easy to use it should be good. When I went to Disney World my dad always had trouble using the RFID & fingerprint scanners at the entrance to the point where my mom and I poked at him for it. It's still a quicker process than the turnstiles though.
  19. An Intamin giga and a woodie (either RMC or GCI) for RT's old spot are the two coasters I would put in with $50 million.
  20. Well I live about 25-30 mins from the Meadowlands but about an hour and 15 mins away from SFGadv so having a park, especially an indoor year-round park near me would be great! Since the only park currently in northern NJ is Bowcraft another more substantial one in this part of the state would be welcomed by me.
  21. I'd say wait since you will get a better ride in return. For example imagine if instead of having a Batman clone we could have an invert like Montu or Banshee? Or having a custom flyer like Tatsu instead of SUF? You have to admit it would be great.
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