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  1. Please can't they just call it Northern Star Arena- Sponsored by Plymouth Rock Assurance rather than rename the arena completely? It really sounds terrible with the rename, it sounds like the name of a hockey arena rather than a concert venue in a theme park.
  2. Yes I like the audio on AtmosFEAR a lot, it adds more to a typical boardwalk drop tower. Hopefully there will be audio, maybe some sort of tribal leader sentencing you to your doom (the drop)? It's sort of cheesy but it's a thought.
  3. Yep that looks interesting- I'd like to visit a Ferrari theme park! It's always cool to see a park expand like that, especially with such a unique theme as this.
  4. This is great to see, especially since at least at one point an indoor amusement park was planned. Maybe riding coasters year round isn't so far off in the future!
  5. Once construction is done and Zumanjaro is in the testing phase, couldn't they just not test Zumanjaro on weekends so Ka can operate?
  6. Yay! Finally a sign of summer... Also has the park released when Kingda Ka will open for the year yet?
  7. Yes, I thought that would be easier than it was. Your turn
  8. No the one I'm thinking of is in the US
  9. jdc12192 if you are talking about the guides for the cables (the thing with the wheels on each side in the pic below, then it actually is teal.
  10. Wow El Toro backwards? That would be interesting- imagine going over the "Rolling Thunder hill" backwards! And the first drop and the high banked turns at the end! It takes a lot for me to say this but that actually might be too much for me. I would still try it once though, it would probably be fun!
  11. Hopefully the next step is the tracks. I've been looking forward to seeing them go up. Hopefully you're right at least about the rest of vertical construction being finished soon.
  12. Yeah I would think they could be open a little longer than this, or even a little later at night in the summer months. At least the theme park opens earlier and isn't like Cedar Point which opens in mid-May.
  13. Wow that's the kind of unique family attraction that the park could use more of today. Isn't it still in the boneyard? Even though there's pretty much no way it would come back I'm just wondering.
  14. Hopefully both! And I can't wait to see what the surprise is!
  15. ^^ Cool! I can't wait to see the Ka spotlight! Also welcome to GreatAdventureHistory Password121!
  16. Is it Viper? If it is it could be at Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Darien Lake, or the defunct ride at our park!
  17. I admit that I'm the same way most of the time when texting I never use shorthand, the closest I get is typing "ok" instead of "okay" if that even counts.
  18. No it's not strange, I would like that too! It seems that all the old rides go there, and I think it would be cool to see it in a spotlight! I know I would take a tour back there if I ever got the chance.
  19. I have to admit you're right. Not only did they use the wrong Batman the Ride (ours isn't blue!) but one of the smaller pictures on the bottom is a coaster that definitely doesn't belong to our park. Definitely a lack of originality. It at least looks rather nice while being unoriginal.
  20. Voyage? Can one letter abbreviations be used for this game?
  21. Good to hear of more progress! Finally getting closer to spring and opening day!
  22. ^ Exactly. They pretty much came out and said it in the article posted a few posts above. I honestly want to see Universal put a big dent in Disney's income so they'll notice and realize that new rides are the key to bringing people in, not some glitchy way to plan a vacation.
  23. ^ Not to sound mean but how do you know this (if it can be told)? I hope it's true but we can't really know anything for sure unless B&M says something or a ride is announced by a park.
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