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  1. Millennium Force is my current number one steel but I could see Intimidator 305 or Bizarro at SFNE overtaking it if I ever get to ride either of them.
  2. Here in northern NJ there was no snow at all...
  3. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Your turn
  4. Wow Disney, digging so low down to get money? Come on, I know they're better than that. When a park/resort is as popular as Disney World, all that needs to be done is add new attractions and stay relevant. IMO the proposed new Star Wars and Cars lands in addition to Avatar and New Fantasyland would bring in more money. Disney could say they've added 4 new themed areas to counter Universal's steady addition of new rides.
  5. That would be nice too, and unique to this part of the country! Either a RMC or a B&M 4D prototype are the top two rides I would want to see next year.
  6. Please a 4D! That's the only other B&M we could really benefit from right now- we have enough of them otherwise.
  7. Hopefully both are right, that opening weekend will be warm and the summer will be too! We deserve it after all this cold weather.
  8. ^ Don't worry it's not dissing our home park I agree with you. I completely agree with what you said about MF, Maverick, and TTD. Also I used the early entry when I went, and I got to re-ride MF going through the handicap access at the exit station, ride Maverick twice with almost no wait, and be one of the first on TTD for the day. One of the best spent hours I've had at a park.
  9. Wow I never realized that you're right! We'll see what happens if there is a new coaster for 2015.
  10. Hopefully it won't come to that, but if the park got along okay last March then they should be fine this April. Hopefully the short-lived warm spell last weekend is a sign of things to come.
  11. Six Flags Great Adventure is better than Kings Island but not as good as Cedar Point (sorry!). I like our park better than KI because our park has more standout coasters and has a SkyScreamer instead of a Windseeker. Also our drop tower will be bigger. I like Cedar Point since they have a smoother strata coaster with lapbars, a giga, and Maverick plus they have lots of classic flats we have lost (Matterhorn, Music Express, Calypso, Monster Spin-like ride, Enterprise, etc.). Also I like their unique front gate with the coaster running through it and the beachfront location.
  12. At the time Golden Kingdom was first made, wasn't it meant to be secluded, with the theming it had of being in the jungle. I actually look forward to seeing what they do with the queue for Zumanjaro. I hope they use the trees that are still in the area to make a queue that feels more like a lush, shaded path than a queue line. The walk back is long enough that they could have a long straight line through the trees as the queue.
  13. Yeah but the classification of coasters goes by the rails not the supports. As The Master pointed out, many coasters with all wood rails have steel supports, for example pretty much any Gravity Group woodie (Voyage, Ravine Flyer 2), the later classic woodies (Morey's Great White) and even a GCI (White Lightning). All of those are still wooden coasters, so as long as Goliath still has wooden construction in the rails, it will be a woodie to me. Don't worry, El Toro isn't going anywhere away from my #1 spot anytime soon! Edit: Referencing the post below me, I was unclear. I didn't mean that Goliath is a classic woodie, I was just giving examples of rides people consider to be "classic" that also have steel supports like Goliath does.
  14. I've seen that video before. Anyway I'd personally rather see a 4D, launcher, or woodie than a wing rider since we have enough B&M loopers, something different would be nice.
  15. ^ I have to agree with this. If there's wood in the construction of the rails, then it's a wood coaster. To me the only RMCs that are steel are the Iron Horse (Iron Rattler/New Texas Giant) type. IMO Goliath is wood as long as they don't change it to the rails Iron Rattler has.
  16. The new map looks great! ^^ After you posted it I looked and it does look like Ka's old queue is gone.
  17. Honestly I don't find SkyScreamer that scary I just think it gives a cool open flight feeling being so high above everything in a swing ride chair. Now Zumanjaro will be another story; big drop towers always make me nervous!
  18. I'm actually getting early access to it since I backed them during their Kickstarter last spring. They also have their own forum that I post on under the same username. If you pay $30 on Steam, I think you actually can still get early access. It starts Thursday!
  19. IMO those queue bars are being left for a new 2015 coaster but we'll see. I guess it will look odd just sitting there unused for this season.
  20. An Enterprise, a Breakdance, a classic wave swinger, a Zamperla Air Race, and a Frisbee-type ride are the ones I would most want to see. To me Jolly Roger is similar enough to a Music Express. In my dreams Jumpin' Jack Flash would return but that won't happen.
  21. Congratulations! Great to see the site growing!
  22. LOL the train upended the car! That just shows you to never mess with a train...
  23. Yes I have it too, I'm not perfect at it but I have a few videos on YouTube of coasters I made. So far I have a B&M hyper and floorless and an Intamin LSM launcher (Maverick-style), and I'm working on a custom layout spinning coaster right now as a smaller project.
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