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  1. Yeah, especially since Disney is cutting most of the proposed additions to the parks due to the MyMagic+ disaster. At least Universal can justify the price increase since they're consistently adding new attractions.
  2. Yep I've seen this debate elsewhere too. As RMC is concerned, to me the topper track (like Goliath) is wood and the I-Box/Iron Horse track (like Iron Rattler) is steel since the topper track is made with layers of wood with steel on top, but the Iron Rattler track is all steel. I've seen many varying opinions though.
  3. Yeah for a 415 foot ride that wouldn't be good... hope they either have done them already or they may have to wait...
  4. How did you get in the park at this time in the offseason? It looks rather odd seeing the park snow-covered and empty.
  5. That slide looks fun! I would like to see that in WWK. It sort of looks like a variation of our King Cobra slide that should be able to accommodate more riders.
  6. Sorry, no. This coaster was named the best woodie in the world in this year's Golden Ticket Awards.
  7. IDK but I'm on Safari on my iPad right now and everything works fine.
  8. Yeah Six Flags probably sees Ka as a necessary evil now since it probably is one of the hardest rides in the chain to maintain but it's way too popular to remove. The new management probably wouldn't have put in Ka but since it's already there and is a great and popular ride there's no way it's going anywhere.
  9. Wasn't Ultra Twister scrapped after AstroWorld closed anyway?
  10. I know there is going to be a new baboon exhibit in the Golden Kingdom. I think there were also a couple of restaurant improvements mentioned on here as well.
  11. Well that's good to hear! I can't wait to see it completed!
  12. IMO a moderate summer is the best. About 85 degrees average, but not so hot that it's hard to go outside like it was last July. I like the heat but that pushed even my limits.
  13. They probably wouldn't do it in one year, but maybe they could do it in phases like the Carousel renovation would have been if it was completed.
  14. I guess I got used to TTD's launch noise more easily then. Since it was my first time there I remember thinking it was cool seeing the trains rush by up close since Ka launches away from all the park paths. ^ I could see something like that happening. Hopefully they will account for it when making the queue though.
  15. Yes TTD's launch is rather loud, it will be interesting to see as a whole what they do about the loading station due to the fact that Ka's hydraulics room is nearby.
  16. So it looks like the supports go up a little less than halfway up the tower? Anyway I look forward to seeing the track go up, it's cool to see the progress.
  17. Yes, the park has had problems with staffing before, but those problems seem to happen less often now. I remember in the early-mid 2000s there would be tons of rides closed simply due to not enough staff, luckily that doesn't happen anymore. With the direction the park is going in I think they are in much better shape for a hotel than 2007 when one was originally supposed to be built.
  18. I would say no- Parachutes is a family ride while SkyScreamer is at least marketed as a thrill ride. Hopefully the Parachutes don't go anywhere soon.
  19. You were on to something though- they actually did leave a part of one of Scream Machine's loops for the baboons to climb on, a picture is in the Scream Machine spotlight.
  20. I never got to ride Scream Machine so I would pick it any day! Especially since the Super Bowl turned out to be a terrible game this year.
  21. Running of the Bulls would probably theming-wise fit in Plaza del Carnaval (near El Toro) but the rest of that sounds quite good, just give the boomerang a new train like Sidewinder at Hersheypark has and it would be good.
  22. LOL I think you have plenty of snow SFGadv123 unless the snow has melted near you. There's still at least a foot where I live and more to come. The snow is pretty hard near me too, a couple of days ago I tried to throw a medium sized chunk of snow across my front lawn and when it landed it skidded across the surface of the snow without penetrating it! It probably would be great for sledding though since the snow won't cave under the weight of a 15 year old like me.
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