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  1. They don't? Wow I knew they tried to sell it, I didn't know they got a buyer. Maybe whoever bought it will continue the series?
  2. I think the ideas are possible but the way they are done is a bit far-fetched. For example I could see them keeping the superhero rides in specific areas but rather than relocating so many rides they might retheme Bizarro to something else and make the tip of Boardwalk and Movietown be the only places for superhero rides. Also I could see the idea of a hotel coming true if the proposed one from a few months ago is built. Also a RMC (what I assume you mean by "hybrid cyclone coaster" from the original plan) may very likely come to the park but is more likely in another area of the park (old RT area maybe) than the Bizarro area. Just trying to help!
  3. Wow, that's going to be terrifying! Will the order the cars drop be different each time (like how Star Tours' ride sequences are randomized) or will the order be the same every time? Either way it will add a lot to the ride!
  4. Wow, that was a lot of attractions, and some of them sound cool too! Why wouldn't they take measures to keep this pavilion open rather than letting it sit there unused?
  5. It was Wonders of Life I think. By the time I was old enough to remember going to Disney World it was only open during extremely crowded times. The only attraction I remember anything about was something called Body Wars that was supposed to be some sort of simulator.
  6. LOL now I'm picturing the demolition workers roasting marshmallows on site after RT was removed! This actually brings up a good question though: where did all the parts from RT go? Maybe it's possible that they may have saved a lift motor or some other salvageable part to use on another coaster at another park like GASM's blue train ended up at SFOG?
  7. Well you're right about that, Togo rides in the US were a mistake. Viper at our park (the ride replaced by El Toro) was a Togo and was regarded as one of the worst coasters of all time... there's a spotlight on it here, if you want to see what a painful coaster looks like then check it out. I do think that despite the abandon-ness of both sections, Boardwalk is much better off than Movietown- at least it has 2 popular coasters and 2 flat rides, while Movietown has an old (but intense) invert, an overall bust of a ride in the Dark Knight Coaster (who themes a family coaster to the Dark Knight trilogy?!) and pretty much nothing else.
  8. ^ Decision? Anyway Moonracker7 now that you explained yourself it makes a bit more sense- the park will expand and add new rides but probably isn't going to do anything as drastic as you described. People have said that the Dark Knight wouldn't be good for SFNE since their Gotham City Gauntlet coaster is basically the same thing without the box around it. Also I think there was a plan once to put a hotel on Six Flags property that failed when management changed, and there was a more recent plan to put a hotel near the park not owned by Six Flags, it's somewhere on these forums.
  9. Honestly why is it so important that we retain the "biggest park" title? People will always come to our park for the rides and experience and people will always go to AK since it's in Disney World. Which park has the "biggest" title makes no difference. The park has many other things it can advertise- tallest coaster in the world, only safari ride in the northern US, tallest drop tower, even most B&Ms if they really wanted to. There's no need to rip apart the park just to say it's the biggest when we have plenty of other worthy titles to advertise. Sorry to say it but this plan would not be worth going through at all, and that is putting it nicely. The presence of superhero rides around the park can be fixed by simply retheming them, and Dark Knight would not be a good addition for SFNE as said by other users.
  10. Yeah there's no way the current Boardwalk section is being destroyed for parking. And Bizarro being removed for a woodie, just no- there's a big space where a certain racing woodie used to be that is screaming for a new coaster. Sorry but this plan seems to take away too much from the park to make it worth it.
  11. Wow they're really adding a lot to the tower! It's cool to see the progress despite the snow and cold weather. It's going to be a long way down from the top if the station is on ground level!
  12. Wow two more snow storms coming up! Also I agree that it would have been cool to see the Super Bowl played in the snow.
  13. It's a nice thought in the middle of winter, just 10 weeks from now I will be able to ride coasters, and more importantly, the temps will be warmer!
  14. That wouldn't be good either, going from December to Memorial Day with no school breaks, especially since my town used to give a full week in February until this year. Hopefully it won't reach the point where the school schedule needs to be modified.
  15. I like the snow but enough is enough. My school district has already gone through all of its snow days, I don't want to stay in school later in June!
  16. ^^ Cool, that will add another new unique animal feature to our park and I'm sure the mesh roof covering will be great on hot days!
  17. A safari hotel would be really cool- I haven't stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge but it looks nice and I would love seeing Six Flags do something similar to it. Also, has there been any progress on the planned hotel? Has construction started on it yet?
  18. It looks great, I can't wait to see the rest of it! However I find it funny that they show B&M looping coaster restraints on the drop tower car at the upper left...
  19. Wow, this sounds amazing! I can't wait to see more details on the Gringott's thrill ride, along with the Hogwarts Express, it looks like it's going to be great! Also, Disney must feel embarrassed now since the Seven Dwarves Mine Train that they were so slow in constructing is going to end up being overshadowed by this. It seems that Disney needs to step up their game to match Universal's new ground-breaking attractions, they can't afford to sit around fixing MyMagic+ while other parks in the area go big with new rides.
  20. Wow, that pic is sad to see, with RT being ripped apart like that. Hopefully some day a good new coaster or a set of family rides/coasters will use that now big open space...
  21. I guess, but how come Cedar Fair parks (Kings Island as my example) can start earlier anyway even though they're a company reporting costs and revenue too? Do they have different financial constraints? Anyway, this is probably why high school students aren't put in charge of parks.
  22. Honestly, the more I see of the MyMagic+ program, the more I disagree with it all together since the old system worked just fine with no problems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Especially when you break the system in trying to "fix" it. IMO, they should just add regular FP to the additional FP+ attractions, produce the room cards again, and move past MyMagic+ as if it never happened, but they probably won't do that.
  23. Yeah, although I like the snow, I don't like the extreme cold that has come with it this year. It seems that the climate has been overall more extreme lately between Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the heat wave last July, and the polar vortex now. Hopefully we'll have a good spring and summer after this really cold winter.
  24. Six Flags's laziness when it comes to constructing new rides really frustrates me. It's absurd to me that Kings Island has the structure for Banshee, their huge new B&M inverted coaster, almost complete, while our park has just started construction on a drop tower attached to an existing park structure. The fact that Kingda Ka has to be closed while Zumanjaro is constructed on it makes it even worse. Then the new ride opens Memorial Day while every other park chain gets its rides ready for opening day. I feel like I've been saying it too often in my posts, so I'll post it for the last time here.
  25. Cool! Do you know if there will be any nightly or weekly fireworks displays for the summer season, like was attempted last year? I know I would like to see one.
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