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  1. Cool, this could be a start of better things for the food department at our park. Also second Advent calendar wish to come true in a way(first being renovation of the GCC). The park is doing good making them come true so far this offseason
  2. Yeah I usually try to find something good in a major move like this, but I'm having a hard time doing so now. Reduced amounts of FP's per day? Expensive wristbands to produce that continually glitch? Cancelled Star Wars and Cars lands in Hollywood Studios? All for the same planning abilities that Touring Plans (www.unofficialguide.com) has had for years and at less cost? Sorry Disney, but you dropped the ball on this one. Disney does many things right (the concept art for Pandora looks awesome!) but not this.
  3. Yeah it took me a while to see it too. Hopefully more noticeable construction will happen soon. It will be cool to see the orange drop tower "tracks" (for lack of a better word) be put up!
  4. Cool to see the park doing a bit more to be unique, like some of the Cedar Fair parks have been doing. Also, first wish from this year's ADVENTure calendar to come true!
  5. It took a while for me to see it, but it's cool to see that the Ka tower modification for Zumanjaro has finally begun!
  6. I went to the first Winter Adventure in 2012. It was fun, but going to Riding of the Bull Cuatro later that year was much more enjoyable since the park was open and backstage tours could be done on the outdoor coasters. I think it tortured my dad (who isn't into coasters) being in the same room all day!
  7. Hmm... maybe another surprise change in the Golden Kingdom? Or is that just where the new animal exhibit will be? It's an interesting thought...
  8. I like your idea for the Grandstand, but I don't get why so many want the Stunt Arena removed? With a few cosmetic changes, it would fit into any new theme they give the area and there are plenty of other spaces to put rides- the Chiller site, the Freefall site, all of Old Country, and even the old Koala Canyon area if they want to expand Movietown's borders. All these empty spaces should be filled before they remove anything else. However, I really like your idea for a fireworks show and I would love to see something like you described put in the park.
  9. Since I'm trying to entertain myself while NoLimits 2 takes 5 hours to load on my computer, here goes: 1st row: Expedition Everest, Goofy's Barnstormer, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania, Primeval Whirl 2nd: Big Thunder and Space Mountains, Mad Tea Party, Winnie the Pooh, Dinosaur 3rd: Rock n Roller Coaster, Tomorrowland Speedway, new and old Test Track 4th: Backlot Tour, TriceraTop Spin, Dumbo, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Astro Orbiter 5th: Kilimanjaro Safari, IDK the next one, Mission Space?, Spaceship Earth, Peoplemover, Journey Into Imagination, IDK the last one 6th: Disney tram, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan's Flight, Little Mermaid, Seas with Nemo, Tower of Terror elevator 7th: Disney bus, Main Street trolley, carousel horse, Animal Kingdom train 8th: monorail, 2 Magic Kingdom trains 9th: Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Sawyer raft (sort of taking up 2 rows), Maelstrom The other ones I can identify are the Jungle Cruise boat (brown with canopy and smoke stack), Living with the Land boat (green), the Kali River Rapids raft (round boat), the It's a Small world boats (red boat and blue boat), and the Liberty Bell riverboat (paddle steamer). How did I do?
  10. I think I can actually get most of these- can I post my guesses?
  11. Interesting schedule, I have heard about how Friday nights in September aren't usually that crowded, I guess they noticed? However, they seem to be taking advantage of the "subject to change" this year so maybe they'll add Friday nights back?
  12. I'd say a bit more hilly so we would be able to have some terrain coasters. I got to ride The Beast at Kings Island (a terrain woodie), and it's one of their best coasters, especially at night! However, I wouldn't want it to be so hilly that it's hard to get around the park.
  13. I think it was said that it's the 12th in another topic. It's great that the park will be open in November! What quirky time changes are there though, if they can be told (is the schedule still private)?
  14. I think it meant that the park was opening on April 12 and the "late spring" was referring to Zumanjaro's opening, but that's just my guess.
  15. This is great to see! Despite the Golden Ticket Awards only ranking it at #2 this past year, our raging bull is still winning contests!
  16. Possibly, or maybe it means they will use the extra week to finish Zumanjaro so it (or at least Kingda Ka) can be open on opening day? One can hope...
  17. Good, since I can't take the weather being as cold as it is now. I'm more than happy to see the temps return to normal for this time of year. RC98, who will go dream of summer days, when cold weather is never an issue...
  18. It looks great! As mentioned before, this type of coaster would be a good fit for our park, something everyone can have fun on!
  19. Good to hear that they're starting construction earlier this year, rather than wait for the last couple of months, like they did the last few years. Maybe we could see the new ride open before Memorial Day for once?
  20. Happy 2014!!! Here's to a great year! First post of 2014!
  21. I feel that with the old Chiller site, the old Freefall site, and the Old Country area that there is enough space to add rides without removing the Stunt Arena. If they added rides in those empty areas and put a popular new stunt show in the arena it would still add new life to Movietown.
  22. I voted for the Stunt Arena as well since I would most likely see a stunt show over any other show and the arena is an eyesore sitting unused. Also putting a show there could add some much-needed life to the deserted end of Movietown.
  23. Yeah that's what I saw about them and that's why I was confused about them being used as theming. I only hope they don't actually use that as theming... not only is that not tribal in any way but it's completely gross!
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