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  1. Really a pit for theming? I agree with the latter poster on TPR that this probably isn't it. After looking up what a punji pit is, it seems to have nothing tribal to it anyway?
  2. ^^ This would be perfect as the theme for a new multi-launch coaster in Movietown!
  3. Why is there a footer away and behind Ka's tower in the last pic? Isn't the ride going to be on the inside face of the tower facing towards the park?
  4. I know that I skipped over it when I first tried to figure it out because it's a kiddie coaster. Here's mine: CH (coaster)
  5. Frankie's Mine Train at The Great Escape? I had to look on CoasterCounter to find this- if this isn't the FMT it is supposed to be then I have no idea what it is...
  6. I honestly have no idea what this one is. Clue please?
  7. I still have a bunch of k'nex amusement park sets, ranging from the ferris wheel to a more recent 4 ft. tall dual-tracked coaster. I enjoy building stuff and I enjoy coasters so it was a good fit.
  8. I used to have the airport too! Mine is long gone, but I still have my old 3-foot tall K'nex ferris wheel set from the early 2000's. The old motor still works!
  9. A train is a great idea, but it should also have multiple stops in the theme park since there are so many dead ends now and the Sky Ride can't operate on windy days. Edit: Any additional transportation in the park would be beneficial, I just used the train as an example since the topic was about a train. I should have been more clear.
  10. Count me in! If time machines are ever invented, I'd go there...
  11. Budget cuts I think? Old Country was closed after the 2007 season, around the same time as numerous other flat rides were removed. As for its reopening, if it was reopened I don't think either of the two rides there now would return. We have new bumper cars and Déjà Vu is our park's version of a Music Express. We would probably see completely different rides if Old Country was reopened.
  12. This would be really cool, especially the working cannons! I know working cannons would be a detail I would look to see when I visit the park, and I think many other guests would would notice it too.
  13. Aren't there plans for a hotel to be built in Jackson near the park? If that hotel is built, then this wish could finally come true after the idea of a hotel on or near the park property faded away a number of years ago.
  14. ^ The idea about a signature food would be great; it would give the park more of its own identity, in addition to being delicious! It seems that the Cedar Fair parks are working on having individual identity again, with Kings Dominion's 40th Anniversary celebration and Kings Island's suspended coaster being renamed "The Bat". A signature food could help give our park a similar sense of identity.
  15. I was waiting to make the 50,000th post and right when I stopped watching for a few minutes here it is! 50,001 I guess then! Anyway, congratulations to this wonderful site and I'm looking forward to seeing all the future spotlights and info!
  16. Yeah that's what everything said about it that I looked up online. Anyway here's mine: CS (coaster)
  17. Rocket Rods- one of the most mysterious Disney rides to me since it looks so cool in photos and promised so much yet was terribly put together from what I had looked up about it. Unfortunately I was 3 years old when it was removed and on the other side of the country so I will never be able to see it for myself. If this isn't the ride then ignore the rest of this post.
  18. ^^ To answer the question from two posts above, I'm pretty sure it is still owned wasn't there a hayride during Fright Fest that went across to Switlik Mansion?
  19. ^ That would be great! Right now the only thing that gets me wet on it is the sprayer at the end, more water elements would add measurably to the ride experience. Right now, my favorite rapids ride is Thunder Canyon at Dorney Park with all its waterfalls, anything to bring it closer to that level would be awesome!
  20. Parachute Training Center Edwards AFB Jump Tower- yeah that probably wins. Anyway... here's mine: AC (coaster)
  21. Gotham City Gauntlet Escape From Arkham Asylum- a rather long name for a wild mouse don't you think?
  22. I was thinking the same thing, I also thought of Canada's Wonderland's new dark ride when I saw this. It would be interesting to see what Six Flags could come up with as their equivalent, especially if Cedar Fair puts more dark rides in its parks.
  23. ^ That would be perfect! It looks great and Six Flags could even use the same characters!
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