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  1. Even though I'm more of a K'nex person (since they have roller coaster sets), I must admit that this looks pretty cool!
  2. Overall the park needs more shows- beyond a dive show the park needs shows for the old Batman Stunt Arena and the Showcase Theater. Any new shows are a welcome and needed addition at this point, especially with multiple show arenas and theaters left vacant for years.
  3. This is definitely needed. Also add Swashbuckler to the list- that one annoys me the most since the blank space where the old sign was is still there.
  4. I do think this is a good idea overall, but it would have to be bigger than just the fountains in order for it to be its own show- maybe if they combined the fountains with fireworks or a Glow in the Park-like parade then it would be better. Or they could just be a continuously running "stop and look at" attraction at night, which would be fine too.
  5. That would be really interesting, but I have a feeling that if this is going to be in the Orlando area, that it would more likely be in the downtown Orlando area around where I-Drive, Fun Spot America, and various other attractions are. If it does go to Universal, they would have to make it easily accessible to guests not staying at the resort since so many people would want to ride it.
  6. Sorry that wasn't it- I will admit I forgot that this abbreviation could be more than one name! The one I am thinking of is at a Cedar Fair park in Pennsylvania.
  7. It's been over 5 days so here's mine: SF (coaster)
  8. ^ Why would it have to be enclosed? I do think that some sort of observation area is a good idea- when I was at Cedar Point I saw a lot of people using the one for Top Thrill Dragster.
  9. Interesting...barely any snow where I am so far... just hoping I didn't speak too soon...
  10. When during the season was it on? Maybe they were testing it to see if it could be used more regularly... since the machinery for it was still there you never know... I agree with this too, especially the ones on Congo Rapids.
  11. Yeah I think the log flume is fine as it is but Congo Rapids could use some more water effects to get people wet. The only thing that ever got me wet on that was the sprayer at the end, but other rapids rides like Thunder Canyon at Dorney have gotten me completely soaked. Anyway, especially since the Conestoga Wagon and the teepee are gone now it would be nice to see the water wheel given the care it needs and deserves.
  12. I guess they didn't repaint the interior when they repainted the outside this past season? If it is how I last remember it, then it does need a change.
  13. As always so far this one is spot on with what the park needs right now, keep them coming! I wonder what it would be themed to in Plaza del Carnaval?
  14. I would think that they will do this soon, hasn't the paintball building been sitting unused for the last couple of years?
  15. I agree with this, it's details like these that make the theming for rides and the overall park better. Also, when was the last time the waterfalls worked?
  16. This would be great, additions to the queue like these could add more to what is possibly one of the most unique attractions in the Six Flags chain.
  17. To me RT would be a classic woodie. To me newer ones are the ones from CCI, GCI, Gravity Group, RMC, etc. I don't think RT's ride experience had anything to do with when it was built, it was more due to the way Six Flags maintained it (or didn't). The lack of maintenance (track work, updating the braking system, etc.) and leaving one side closed most of the time were what led it to be how it was towards the end.
  18. Or they could just have Zumanjaro ready for opening day, which would be best for the park because they could start marketing it earlier and best for guests because both Ka and Zumanjaro would be open. Maybe there is an actual reason why they can't have it ready but sometimes Six Flags simply seems lazy with construction (ex. Deja Vu and Air Jumbo not ready until May in 2012, the Safari Off Road Adventure station being started after opening day).
  19. Hopefully they can at least get a path to Kingda Ka so it can be open for opening day if the Golden Kingdom construction is still going on. If Kingda Ka is closed I could see a lot of complaints from people who didn't know about it. Edit: Didn't realize that tower construction might still be going on by opening day...
  20. Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Edit: Sorry I didn't realize that someone already used Verbolten, that was before I joined this site.
  21. Wow, that means Hurricane Harbor's operating season is going to be really short I guess, maybe since there aren't any new slides for next year? Also for the theme park they probably realized how cold it still can be in March so they pushed back the opening.
  22. What will really attract the most people is a balance between record breaking thrill rides and attractions the whole family can enjoy, they seem to be trying to do better with this over the last few years, with Green Lantern in 2011, the flat ride package in 2012, Safari Off Road Adventure in 2013, and Zumanjaro in 2014. The only problem is that they haven't figured out that a ride doesn't have to be removed nearly every time a ride is added. Back to the topic of Zumanjaro, I still feel like it is a good addition because since the removal of the old Freefall people have been wanting a drop tower at the park and it fills that hole in the park's ride lineup while differentiating itself from similar rides by being the tallest.
  23. My first was Soarin' Eagle at Coney Island. My first vertical loop was on Sooperdooperlooper at Hershey.
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