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  1. No, but you're on the right track, it is a GCI coaster, a more recent one
  2. I guess Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood.
  3. Unfortunately I don't think so because Fender Benders are the park's bumper cars now and Déjà Vu is basically the park's version of a Music Express with the theming and music they play on it. However the park needs any shows it can get so if they only reopen the Showcase Theater it's better than nothing.
  4. I like that! The lyrics of the song fit the video very well! The picture jasondhsd posted makes me wonder how El Toro's twister section will look now that it won't be hidden by RT. A lot of new views should be opened up for it.
  5. I like it a lot! It's cool to see that you were inspired just like I was to make a tribute in a different way to RT. In addition that's a great rendering of it, especially for RCT3!
  6. It's always good to see new parks actually be completed and open, and this one looks to be well planned out so hopefully it should be successful. I'm wondering about the "several roller coasters" that the article refers to, in addition to what the wooden coaster is going to be since it's supposed to be one of the 10 largest in the country- RMC, Gravity Group, maybe finally another Intamin woodie like El Toro? It will be interesting to see what it is.
  7. Yes you are correct! I agree with you in that the name is a little long too. Edit: Did you mean that I shouldn't use such long abbreviations as questions?
  8. My guess is Blue Streak at Cedar Point.
  9. Thanks! I understand what you mean about the ending though because I actually originally had the promo picture for Zumanjaro with the caption "However, not all is lost..." at the end to make it a little more light-hearted, but the loud, advertising style of the promo picture didn't really fit with the rest of the pics, in addition to the fact that Zumanjaro isn't really RT's replacement, so I took it out. I could see if adding it back in is possible if enough people want it.
  10. Wow, it looks much bigger for some reason with only trees in the background and no coaster next to it! Why was the fifth car removed though?
  11. Thanks! Together we can all make sure Rolling Thunder is remembered forever!
  12. Here it is, my Rolling Thunder tribute video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT3RX3El5tw Comments and criticism welcome!
  13. I had actually been referring to the 1979 TV commercial for RT not the ride video. Is that Shane's too? Thanks anyway though.
  14. How do I contact Shane? I have the rest of the video ready to go. Thanks for the words of encouragement!
  15. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but I am planning to make a Rolling Thunder tribute video for YouTube, and I was wondering if I could use pictures and the commercial video from the ride's inaugural season from this site. I would credit greatadventurehistory.com at the end of the video and in the description, and I would keep all the watermarks with the site name on them in the pictures. Note: I am not trying to start new debates about the ride's demolition in these forums, and neither will the video I am planning on making.
  16. I would add a small flat ride package. Some of my ideas include a Zamperla Air Race themed to stunt planes in Movietown, a classic Wave Swinger in Fantasy Forest, and a giant frisbee (any manufacturer). Coaster wise maybe a GCI woodie in Rolling Thunder's spot and for the biggest attraction, an Intamin giga coaster with lots of strong g-forces (think I305) to differentiate itself from Nitro's more graceful experience. It would go where the go carts and old simulator building are now and then cross over the ticketing area to the Old Country/Chiller spot. Then Old Country could be opened as a path to open up views of the ride like Hershey did with Skyrush. To prevent this coaster from standing out too much, each section could be painted different colors to fit the area that it is in or crossing over (navy blue/black for Chiller's spot, neutral colors for the crossing, etc.). Whatever is left would be spent on shows and sprucing up the park (paint, parking lot, erasing dead ends, etc). Please keep in mind that I know nothing about the prices of rides- for all I know this would cost $100 million or more.
  17. I also voted for Six Flags Great America because it has a generally wide variety of coasters- Viper and American Eagle for classic styled woodies, one of the only Schwarzkopf spiral lift coasters left in Whizzer, V2 and Batman as inverted coasters, a hyper coaster in Raging Bull, a flyer in Superman, a sit-down looper in Demon, X-Flight as a wing coaster, and Dark Knight and Little Dipper as family coasters. As a bonus, their new for 2014 RMC woodie, Goliath, looks awesome! In addition, they also have a lot of the flat rides that we have lost over the years (ex. Condor, Calypso, Troika, our old Pendulum ride) and it overall looks like one of the better parks in the chain.
  18. That's what I figured. It didn't seem likely for it to still be on that trailer from England. Thanks for answering!
  19. Referencing the previous photo with the Carousel, I was wondering if it is still mounted on that trailer today? That trailer is pretty old- it's interesting to think that the ride could possibly have stayed on a trailer in a theme park for so long from 1974 to today.
  20. Okay I'll put one up now. It is also the abbreviation for an element- F.S.D. Hint: Only one coaster has this element. The coaster is in Pennsylvania.
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