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  1. I got to go to Knoebels a few years ago but only had time to ride the main coasters before leaving, I'd like to get back again to try some of the other rides.


    Even though I've only gotten one ride on Phoenix it's still one of my favorite coasters, it felt like I was in a near standing position multiple times from the airtime with such minimal restraints.

  2. Since there was a Skull Mountain original queue spotlight, I'd be interested in a Kingda Ka original queue spotlight. You can still see where it used to extend when you turn to enter the switchbacks and I've always been curious about how it used to be.

  3. ^^ It's funny, as long as either Ka or Zum opens with the park I actually do the complete opposite. I do Ka, Zum, and Toro first since they all tend to break down the most and I want to make sure I ride them while they're open. To me Nitro, Batman, and Skull are good rides to do later since they're all pretty reliable and have fast moving lines in my experience. I agree about Boardwalk though

  4. I started off by going straight to El Toro and rode it 4 times, twice without leaving the station and twice with a one train wait. On my last ride the Flash Pass attendant in the queue line noticed and asked me in disbelief if it really was my fourth time riding already lol.


    At this point the park app said Ka and Zum were both closed so I rode El Diablo since I hadn’t been on it yet this year. It had a one cycle wait and was a bit better than I remembered, maybe because I rode in an end seat.


    Next, I checked the lines for Superman and Green Lantern but they were both too long, so I tried Twister for the first time instead. Those restraints aren’t as bad as they look and the ride itself is actually pretty fun if you can handle it. Today was also the first day all year that I didn’t see it down even once.


    At this point I went to the log flume which had just opened, and rode with about a 15 minute wait, but by the time I got off the wait had already gotten much longer. It was nice to have it open, although I’m confused as to why Congo Rapids wasn’t open as well on such a hot day.


    Next was Bizarro, which I rode twice, once in the second row and once in the back row, each with a one train wait. The fireballs were on today, and it was running 3 trains now instead of the two it ran when I rode earlier in the year.


    From here I saw Ka run a test train so I went over to find it still closed, I waited about 10 minutes and then left. As I was leaving I saw that an empty Zumanjaro got stuck halfway up the tower, but for some reason they were still letting people enter the line even as everyone else was leaving it.


    After, I checked the Joker’s line, but it was pretty long, so I had lunch nearby. While eating I saw the Joker get stuck at the top of the lift twice. For some reason they continued to let people enter the line even when the ride was down. After I was done eating I got in line, and the ride got stuck a third time. When I eventually rode, I was in the green side facing backwards in the station. Although short, I found it a lot of fun, I had at least 4 full flips and rocked quite a bit for the rest of the ride.


    Next was Nitro, which had a line near the 120 minute sign, but it really was only about 40 mins max. I sat in the second row and grayed out in the helix which hasn’t happened in a while. While on Nitro’s lift, I saw Ka run one train with people on it, and the app said it only had a 10 min wait, so I went over there next and got in line only to have no trains run for at least 10 minutes. I left the line and saw that Zumanjaro was stuck halfway up with people on it, during its only cycle with guests all day.


    I was debating leaving at this point as the park was really crowded and I wasn’t really getting on much but I decided to stick it out and it ended up paying off. I waited about 15 minutes for Skull Mountain in the back row, a fun ride as always. Next I went to Batman, which for some reason only had a station wait, 3 trains later I was in the front row.


    Next I went back to the Joker which was testing after being down, after 5-10 minutes they let the small crowd of people into the line and I got on in less than 5 minutes. This time I got the green side back seat, and other than two full flips, pretty much stayed upright the whole time, which was still fun but a bit disappointing given how much better my first ride was. Hopefully they get the issues sorted out so they can make it more intense again.


    After getting a Rita’s ice, I was going to leave but saw Ka run consecutive trains with riders so I waited out the 40 minute line to ride in the second row, the launch was great as always. I ended up finally leaving the park at 6:30, tired but glad for all the rides I got on despite the heat and crowds.


    Final ride count:

    Toro 4x

    Nitro, Joker, Bizarro 2x

    El Diablo, Twister, Log Flume, Batman, Skull, Ka 1x


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  5. A carnival came to my town a couple of weeks ago with similar questionable safety. It confuses me that the same state that won't let Ka and Zumanjaro run together allows unsafe rides like these to operate without a problem. Wouldn't the state inspect each ride at the carnival before allowing it to run?


    That Intamin traveling coaster actually looks really good, it's a shame it doesn't run anymore. I would love to see a portable coaster like Olympia Looping in the US.

  6. I've only really been around for the current rides in the park but out of those I think the most overrated is Superman. It's a pretty short ride that doesn't do much after the pretzel loop, it's just popular for the flying gimmick.


    For me the most underrated would be Skyscreamer. I always have a lot of fun on it and try to ride it most of my visits to the park but I rarely hear about it anywhere.

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