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  1. What I would do is make Movietown "Gotham City" and the back end of Boardwalk "DC Universe". Each could be a well themed section with a couple of more flats and a bigger attraction (batman dueler, JL dark ride). Then they could retheme Joker, Harley Quinn, and Bizarro away from DC and all the superhero rides would make sense in their locations. Yes this would take up two themed areas but it would work, and help the other areas that currently have DC rides get better theming.

  2. ^ I agree with the Grandstand's removal but Fort Independence could have stayed, they could have just put Joker in the grandstand's spot and left the fort alone.


    Count me in on Chop Six, since I have the dining pass for the first time this year I will only be getting from dining pass locations. Plus if it's anything like Macho Nacho in quality it should be pretty good.

  3. If you zoom in really close on the map, it looks like Harley Quinn is red and white. Also since it's named after a DC character I would guess they probably have to give it at least a slight theme in order to get the licensing.


    I'm not sure how I feel about Blackbeard's getting a superhero theme but I agree that the Lakefront is going to look great now! I'm looking forward to giving the Joker a try, if nothing else it's unique to the park, and given the park's new commitment to filling dead areas, the park will be in great shape for the future!

  4. Well sorry didn't mean to break any rules! Nothing to see here move along...



    Photos deleted


    As per the forum rules-

    Please do not disclose any "non-public" information about Great Adventure or any other park. This includes not posting pictures that in any way violate park rules (onride photos and videos, pictures taken from off limits areas without permission). This is a public site, and Six Flags may take action against employees who violate the park rules by posting confidential information.

    These photos violate this policy. An employee must have taken these photos, or someone who was in the park yesterday for auditions and leaked them to someone. This not only violates the forum rules but also employee rules.




    May the speculation continue!

  5. ^ The Facebook page doesn't say it that way, but the passholder email I just got says that "the Joker was plotting to take over our new ride".


    Although I still feel like this would be more fitting in Movietown or Boardwalk with the other DC rides, the theming and colors are much better than before. Overall good change!

  6. ^ When I was at HITP the Jack Frost show had the biggest crowds out of anything in the park. Even though crowds were on the lighter side the show was near capacity.


    I think a stunt show based on Batman vs Superman would be great! Lots they could do with that...

  7. Great pics Matt! Especially the ones with the Dare Devil Dive mechanics, that guy must be really brave to wave to you from the top. I also liked the HITP pics, the park was especially photogenic during the event!


    Also I agree about Macho Nacho, it's my new favorite place to eat in the park since it's pretty good and is different from the typical food at the park.

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