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  1. What are the three little square buildings in the old Chiller spot used for? If those are removed too then I think it would be a bigger sign of something happening.
  2. Holiday in the Park was awesome and should definitely come back. The lights were all really cool, especially Polar Point and the carousel. Riding major coasters (especially Nitro) in the end of December was great, and the shows I saw were all good, especially for a park with basically none during the normal season. Can't wait for the start of the new season!
  3. ^ Although it was probably different circumstances back then, if CF bought our park today Geagua Lake (where CF removed all the animals) would still be at the back of my mind, which was where my comment about the safari came from. I guess I'm still thinking in terms of Cedar Fair under Kinzel since that's the last time they bought any parks. However I'd still rather Six Flags own us for the other reasons I stated before.
  4. ^ Cedar Point has nearly everything which makes it hard to compete against. The fact that our park can come (to me, anyway) the closest out of all other parks says a lot about what we have.
  5. Although both sides have their advantages I'd say Six Flags overall since Cedar Fair would never have tried Holiday in the Park, and Cedar Fair would get rid of the Safari since they don't do anything with animals. Plus most of Six Flags's ticket and season pass prices are lower, and Cedar Fair has irritating weather and re-ride policies. Plus knowing what happened to Geagua Lake when Cedar Fair bought it would make me at least slightly nervous if they ever bought us.
  6. RC98


    ^ In the show I saw on 12/30 they called it the last present of Christmas but seemed to integrate it into the show instead of just being a joke. I didn't see it before Christmas so I don't know how it was before though.
  7. ^ Yes, if we got the multi launch T-rex concept from the survey I think it could compete with Maverick! I remember thinking that the layout shown in the survey looked kind of like a steel version of Twisted Colossus with launches instead of lift hills.
  8. I finally got out to HITP today and had a lot of fun! Since I was there with the rest of my family I didn't ride as many coasters and instead checked out a lot of the cool holiday stuff! After arriving I rode Batman first, a one train wait for the front row. Always a great, intense ride and didn't feel at all slowed down by cooler weather. Next was Nitro, a one train wait for the second to last row. I got the best floater I ever remember having on the curved hill after the first drop, the rest of the ride felt slightly slower but still really fun. I saw Total Mayhem supports in the boneyard but forgot to take a picture. After, the rest of my family met up with me and rode Skyscreamer. Fun as always! After I rode Deja Vu, which had a new set of music for the holidays. I heard "Jingle Bell Rock," "Frosty the Snowman," and another one I didn't know. Next was the Dark Knight coaster. There was a delay in the car loading after me so we stopped on one of the brake runs during the ride, it was cool being the only ones in the big dark room for a couple of minutes. After was Poinsettia Peak, which other than the name was exactly the same as Skull Mountain, strobe lights, death metal and all LOL. One train wait for the back row, the pop of air going down the first drop was a cool surprise! After I saw the Jack Frost show, which despite generally low crowds in the park was nearly full. My favorite part was the misfit toys with all the puppies. After I rode Buccaneer and Jolly Roger and had a cup of hot chocolate, which was better than I expected! Now that it was dark I walked around and saw all the lights, which were all beautiful and well done. I think my favorite is the lights strung on the Carousel, they're so colorful and I like all the patterns they form! Finally before leaving I saw the Christmas tree light show. All the different designs were really cool, and that song is going to be stuck in my head for a while haha Overall I had a great time, I hope the event comes back for years to come!
  9. Went today, wasn't that crowded. Rides were filling up each cycle but I didn't have to wait for anything. I had a great time, hope they do this event again next year!
  10. LOL that's perfect! As it turns out, after making the above post I found out that I'm going tomorrow instead!
  11. What is the park's policy for operating coasters during HITP? I should be going for the first time on Friday or Saturday and it's supposed to be a bit cooler. If the coasters are open, I'll ride them!
  12. ^ I saw that on Screamscape, it looks really cool! Launches, vertical spikes, and multiple splashes! I was imagining one of these in the old Freefall spot in Movietown (if they'd be willing to expand into the backstage area slightly) or maybe in Golden Kingdom near the long path to Zumanjaro.
  13. I feel like it's less a family coaster but more of a RT-type mid-range coaster that we need for riders wanting something between Blackbeard's/Mine Train/Skull Mtn./TDK and the B&Ms. My pipe dream would be a GCI installation similar to Lightning Racer at Hershey where RT was
  14. Right now the only way I've ever gotten wet on Congo Rapids is by the spraying hose at the end, and for a lot of the ride the rafts just drift around without much happening. Having the waterfalls back would improve the ride experience greatly! My favorite rapids ride is the one at Dorney, no one EVER comes off that one dry!
  15. ^^ Considering basically every Fright Fest attraction is an upcharge, I don't think you need to worry about that LOL
  16. ^ Maybe the old Exploratorium or the unused building on Main Street? I enjoyed getting to stop by during its run in 2014, if it was put back into the park I'd peek in again
  17. "Rated the third most terrifying coaster on Earth!" LOL Wouldn't classes be a lot more fun if they were taught on a coaster?
  18. ^ If I remember correctly the SFStL one had more issues than the one in Texas, but by later in the season they were getting sorted out. IMO the Justice League dark ride looks great (especially for SF) and I'd personally love to see it. If we got one, combined with Houdini and the safari we'd probably have the best collection of themed family attractions in the chain.
  19. ^ My essay started with my first ride on TTD, which happened while on a roller coaster teen tour. Ironically, despite SFGadv being my home park I rode Dragster first haha. So far I've been accepted everywhere I've heard from so far! I never realized Toro's station has a song selection separate from the rest of the park, I'll have to listen for it next year!
  20. ^ Yes as far as I know Nitro has never been repainted. I agree that it really needs it. Also weren't there rumors of Ka's tower getting netting on it so it can run with Zumanjaro? What happened to that? Soft restraints would be nice although I've never really had a problem with the current ones. I just always ride in the front car so it isn't rough.
  21. I actually referenced that song in my college essay about roller coasters! Also after searching the comments sections of various YouTube videos of Scream Machine's music I found that it is "Palladio" by Silent Nick:
  22. ^ After riding my first flying scooters this past summer I fully support that idea. Even if the Seaport gets rethemed to DC I'd still rather see flyers somewhere other than a kids area since their target audience is more than just small children.
  23. ^ Other companies *could* make the same elements but RMC seems to be the only one willing to right now. I'm guessing RMC is also trying to enter the family coaster market with the "raptor" track.
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