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  1. All the lights look great! Everything looks so good but this: WOW! Also are the tea cups getting extra theming for HITP since they're being renamed for the event?
  2. SFOT is actually getting one next year, so I thought maybe we can get one within the next few years.
  3. I'd put in a giant frisbee and an air race (video link below) as new thrill flats. I think flyers of any condition could be a good family ride but I'm not sure about how long lines would be in a park the size of ours.
  4. Wow nice! Any pics? I've loved all the small improvements throughout the park this year.
  5. ^ As a Mets fan as well I agree with everything you said. I actually got to go to game 1 this past weekend, best game I've ever been to by far. Six Flags Great Mets here we come!
  6. I honestly don't really want to see anything go, we have enough empty areas in the park that we can add new rides for a good few years without removing anything.
  7. I'm sorry but IMO this statement is ridiculous. Say hello to New Texas Giant, Iron Rattler, Wicked Cyclone, Twisted Colossus, and Outlaw Run--all among the best coasters in the world, made within the last 5 years! Despite the impression that they're just redoing a coaster when they do the wood coaster conversions they effectively make completely new rides when they're finished. Plus their topper track and steel track are their own, their trains are their own, and the single rail track they're working on is their own. I really don't see the 'knock off' in them anywhere. And for good measure they're making this amazing looking coaster:
  8. ^ I'd rather save the space behind TDK for the dueling coaster concept from the surveys and put the dark ride in Boardwalk. If they wanted to the tip of Boardwalk could be rethemed to DC Universe with the dark ride, the existing Superman and Green Lantern coasters, and a couple of new smaller flat rides.
  9. The main point of this trip was to pick up my first season pass, which was really easy. Just scan the voucher at the front gate and get a card. It seems like a much better setup than the old way I used to hear about with the special processing center in the park and long lines. Once that was done I went to Kingda Ka which I saw running despite the slightly windy conditions this morning. I got there to a nearly empty station and a walk-on to the 4th row. Always love the launch! After one ride the station was full so I went to Zumanjaro and had a walk on for this too. This is my favorite drop tower, I even found myself screaming which I almost never do on rides. Next was El Toro, I had to walk around the Boardwalk to get to it since Safari Discoveries doesn't open until 12. It was a one train wait for the second to last row. Always a great ride, although a bit sluggish due to lower temperatures the first drop, first airtime hill, and RT hill all still had great ejector air. Last was Skyscreamer, which was also a walk on with only one other person on the ride. It was so windy that when the spinning sped up for the second half of the ride cycle my seat twisted well over 90 degrees and would have probably continued to twist if I didn't grip the chains to get them to stop LOL. It also played the song Danger Zone from the movie Top Gun which I thought was cool. Unfortunately I had to leave after this since I had other plans for the day but it was still a great time. The fact that I did all this in less than an hour shows just how empty the park was! I wonder if it got any more crowded later in the day when the weather got better.
  10. In northern NJ it's barely raining right now, was raining hard yesterday but no flooding anywhere near me.
  11. ^ Where in the park do you go to have them take the picture and print the card? I bought my pass online during the flash sale last month.
  12. How does season pass processing work? It's my first time, should be going Sunday at park opening to do it as long as the hurricane doesn't hit.
  13. I finally rode Zumanjaro during my trip to the park this past July and my opinion is pretty much the same as KK456's above: Yes it's a shame what it did to KK's capacity but the ride itself is awesome!
  14. With all of this put together, I'm starting to think the video from the survey was a very early animation by RMC pitching the ride concept to our park specifically. The cars and track are nearly an exact match, and since that track is a new development I'm guessing RMC must have either made the video themselves or given SF enough info to make their own. The layout fits the old Chiller spot perfectly, and even the length of the trains is the same. All of this wouldn't come together by accident.
  15. I used to have a full ranking, but as I've ridden more coasters it's become more just a top 10-15 and general opinions of the others. I found once you get down to the less major coasters it doesn't really matter where they're ranked.
  16. ^ I'm officially 1yrwithaGApass! I have a season pass for the first time since next year I'll finally be of age to drive to the park!
  17. The Joker looks really cool, especially that rise-inversion-bank thingy right after the first drop! Although it hasn't been talked about as much I'm really impressed with the flat ride package SFOT is getting. I'd love a giant frisbee at our park in the future.
  18. The things I'd most like to see are the Justice League dark ride, the giant frisbee flat package that SFOT is getting for next year, or the dueling coaster. I'm thinking we'll get the dark ride next year then probably the dueler/Old Country revamp in 2018.
  19. ^ I know when I went to the park this year most of the park was plenty nice, the only areas I'd say don't look good are Nitro's queue line and Old Country which is supposed to be revamped within the next couple of years. As for Total Mayhem the ride itself looks pretty good to me, I just wish it had a better color scheme. Either the red or the orange would have been fine for the track but I would have most preferred a blue to go with the lake. I'm also glad to hear that the new Lakefront will be landscaped to offer good views!
  20. I have been in Wildwood all week and was at the piers multiple times during the week. I had been a bit worried after reading the negative reports of their operations on here but I had a great time! The biggest things of note to me: Somehow the Sea Serpent had absolutely NO headbanging whatsoever. I rode it 3 times, twice in the front and once in the second row. The new Kong flyers were really fun! With the combination of being right near the ocean and being perched on top of a store they were really easy to get moving. They also must have relaxed their policy on snapping since both times I rode it they said nothing about it being not allowed. I also saw no one kicked off the ride at all for any reason. Although it feels much shorter their drop ride Atmosfear has a drop more powerful than Zumanjaro. The Maelstrom ride was closed the whole week, the first time I went it was just closed but the whole ring of seats was completely gone by Thursday leaving just the base of the ride arm sitting there. Every other ride was open though. The Great White is a much smoother ride than it used to be, in the front it is nearly perfectly smooth, in the back it's a bit rougher but no more than any other woodie. The back gives a lot more airtime though. If you can handle spinning they run their music express really well, they're not afraid to run it at a blistering pace going backwards as well as forwards. Unfortunately the Great Nor'easter ran one train the night I rode it and the Great White still runs one train in the afternoons (but both at night). "it," their version of the Claw at Hershey, has lap bars instead of shoulder restraints. As far as I know it's the only one in the world with them. Final ride count: "it", Moby Dick, Sea Serpent--3x Great White, Kong, Tilt a Whirl--2x Atmosfear, Riptide, Music Express, Flitzer, Doo Wopper, Great Nor'easter, Tea Cups, Swings, Bumper cars, Tornado, Giant Wheel, Gravitron, Zoom Phloom, Rock and Roll--1x Unnamed coaster on Ferris wheel pier--1x
  21. ^ That's odd, I was just at Morey's and I saw none of that. Granted I was only on the pier with the Sea Serpent (which was actually smoother than last year) but the rides I went on all were run well and whenever I looked over at the Great White it was running 2 trains. When I rode the Great White last year it was very smooth, I hope that hasn't changed. I'm going to try the flying scooters for the first time later this week, are they easy to get the hang of? I've never been on any model of the ride before but I've heard a lot about them.
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