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  1. Look at what I saw traveling northbound on the Turnpike today. Sorry, I know that the picture is VERY blurry and low quality. I almost considered taking a picture while driving, but I really wouldn't recommend that. Instead, I followed the truck as it took Exit 10 (making myself late for a dinner with friends that I was on my way to). I pulled over on the shoulder after the toll plaza and took this shot as the truck sped by. Again, it's really poor quality but I'm 95.7% sure I saw El Diablo being trucked north. Either that or it was just some swamp gas from a weathe
  2. Here you go Six Flags FUN. The Picnic Grove was open today for some school groups and I was able to peek over the wall for you. Just breathe. It will be open soon enough.
  3. On the way out of the park Saturday I saw this survey marker nailed into the blacktop at the edge of the Prefered Parking Lot, not too far from the Superman fence. It looks pretty new. Is it for possible repaving or redirecting traffic lanes so pedestrians and cars aren't sharing an exit lane? Any ideas?
  4. I was at the park today and this was sad to see. Why, at the very least, couldn't these have been donated to a high school or other organization?
  5. If they're smart they will stay open past midnight on New Year's Eve complete with a count-down and fireworks / light display. I know plenty of families who are always looking for a family oriented entertainment option for New Year's Eve.
  6. Can anyone confirm for me that such a thing actually existed and that I'm not making things up in my mind? I have a vague recollection of a kid's movie from my childhood (in the 70's or possibly early 80's). I'm 99% sure that it ran on PBS (Channel 13 in New York). I have absolutely no memory of what it was about and have doubts as to whether I ever even watched it all the way through. I think I may have just flipped to the channel looking for Sesame Street or something. I think it had something to do with kids going to some magical land (a la Wizard of Oz or Narnia) and the magica
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