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  1. LOL ! Great reference !! Yea If anyone hasnt noticed I have a twisted sense of humor. Would you **** me? I'd **** me !
  2. True about Rachel Ray tho.......But I wouldnt kick er outta bed , unless I was gonna take care of business on the floor if ya know what I'm say'n !! Shes kinda strange/hot/annoying all at the same time. Id keep her in my basement.
  3. I wonder how much money it costs to remove, truck it and reassemble it on a new site. asking price is 1.2 mil........that doesn't seem too bad considering condo's in Wildwood cost 3 times as much. That thing would be insane in the backyard of your house.
  4. I say sue em! You know how much gas costs??? Class action style . My feelings were hurt your honor. About 10 mil may make me feel better but I will have to carry this emotional scar with me for the rest of my life. My lawyer says we have us a hellava case !
  5. ^^^^^ Shes has a Platform that I can totally work with !!
  6. tuesdays fast car (gas guzzler) or slow car (fuel sipper)
  7. Dalton quick interesting fact about Flay's . Bobby Flays Steak in the Borgata casino in AC has a 55 gallon trash can in the kitchen just for steaks that hasnt been cooked perfectly. This trash can appears about half full after every night. Also I have seen them bringing in lobsters that look like the size of small dogs. Flay dont play. 4th of July or Christmas ?
  8. I have a neighborhood around me that does Halloween right. Four blocks are shut down and EVERY house give out candy (full bar style) and there has to be at least 5 haunted houses and Haunted Walks set up. There is three bars "The ghost and Goblin" "The grim reaper bar" and the "VooDoo bar" on the edge of the street that sets up shots and coctails for the adults. Usually served in big cauldrons with dry ice for effect and the bartenders are all dressed up. There are people with chainsaws chasing people and dressed up just running around the place. So the kids are going apeshit and your rocking your Bloodyfinger cocktail and having a great time. Whats better than that?
  9. Olive garden Bobby Flay's or Emirell Lagasie's ?
  10. Say it aint so. I hear champagne corks popping off in the distance as we speak ! Hey... How come the toilet paper in the mens room looks alot like a film strip??? Six flags is recycling !!!
  11. Life's about choices. Animated Rin tin tin or ricki ticki tavi ?
  12. Not that there is anything wrong with it ......but I have never even heard of it .
  13. Tess Dennis the Menace cartoon or Heathcliff or The Great Space Coaster (tv show) or Fraggle Rock ?
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