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  1. I think it might be more of a winter maintenance thing. Like they wouldn't have enough time/man power to work on all the trains between candy lane and the opening of the park. They jump on what's closed for the season now and then work on what's still running later. Two years ago when I first went to Candy lane was the first year they had coasters open and Wildcat only had 1 train. I asked a ride op the reason for 1 train and they said the other train was getting the winter maintenance started. One train operation was pretty brutal as far as waiting. Id like to see Great Bear, Comet and Lightning Racers open. They are all in areas of the park that are open for the event, but at that point it be like a fully operational park besides the Intamin coasters
  2. wait side winder is now open for candy lane?! Thats great they are adding another coaster Still which they would open lightning racers. id even say close Wildcat if I had to choose one over the other
  3. Makes you wonder if our log flume is hanging by a thread
  4. That was a fun ride. is it due to ridership or mechanical?
  5. the weather this weekend is all over the place. it changes almost ever 30 mins
  6. Anyone check out the "Wicked Brew'' is it good and were exactly in the park is it?
  7. Simpsons all day and not really big into that brand of music but I would probably got with YES Rachel Bilson or Nataly Portman I have a hard time with this myself lol
  8. ^ that's what I have been saying for years!!!. my vote is still for a lightning racer style woodie. Plus its like a 2 for 1
  9. probably a cookie cutter clone of something that is already out there. Anything more then that I will be shocked
  10. Citi Field Blink 182 with Tom Delonge or Blink 182 with Matt Skibba
  11. well that ruined their entire season. hopefully they get some money back
  12. It will be interesting to see how it plays out
  13. Wait the new coaster still isn't open? eep
  14. the lockers should have outlets in them that allow you to plug a charge i. actually I'm going to go patent that idea lol
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