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  1. never liked this type of ride. I love the airtime, but hate the bottom of the "swing". Do they have reliability issues?
  2. I know nobody wants a prototype, but i think with improved designs and past experiences, we could get something nice. A 1st of something is an easier goal to reach than breaking records. People like unique coasters. I doubt people will come for the most inversions, theyre more interested in height and speed. Thats why kingda ka is still popular.
  3. What abouts records? Do you think our park is due for a new record breaker? Would Six Flags invest in Great Adventure enough for that to happen? Right now we're still good but the future might be a lil different.
  4. i was a little disappointed with this ride but then i really thought about it. What 4d coaster do we have in our area? think about how far you would have to travel to experience this type of ride.
  5. at first i thought the rails looked too big until i saw the pic with the guy...
  6. i wonder how do they update the times? I know at disney, they hand random poeple tickets that they hand off at the station.
  7. There's a lot of work going on along the lakefront, is there any work in old country? I can't see them working in both areas. Even though i would love to see old country revived, that can sit idle another season or two. Grandstand was in bad shape.
  8. So is Batman closed for a while? Im going to Great Adventure online day on saturday and Batman is our morning ERT.
  9. still not working for me... there are 175 photos
  10. i tried ctrl and shift but it doesnt work...
  11. About adding pics. I can only add 1 at a time?
  12. Went there today. I loved it so much that i'm getting a dining plan next year. I got a cheeseburger with everything on it... It was delicious! Nachos, nacho cheese, salsa, and guacamole! I also tried La Cantina, the attached bar. It was also good. Quick unrelated question. I am starting a new post. How do I add pics to the post? I have a lot to add.
  13. I know on Saturday at Six Flags New England, Hurricane Harbor was mobbed. My wife and I went in around 3pm to relax. I was planning on staying at the park all day. I was there for an ACE event. Walked in and it was like being herded out of a cattle truck. Wall to wall people. I have never seen a water park so crowded. We just turned around and left the water park. We ended up leaving around 7pm because I found out that the evening ERT was going to include season pass holders and were the same rides we had that morning. I've been meaning to post a trip report during COASTER CON. I learned a lot of cool things about our park that i need to share. Also took lots of good "behind the scenes" pictures.
  14. I wonder if the swings are still in storage? I thought they were gonna refurbish them? Traditional swings are always a favorite.
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