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  1. I become a Disney cast member within a few hours!
  2. Today be the birthday of me bestest friend..... :Flowerpower: :Flowerpower: CYCLONEMAN!!!!!! :Flowerpower: :Flowerpower: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAINAN!!!!
  3. Opening day 2005 was the day I applied to work there.
  4. I have an interview with the Disney college program tomorrow
  5. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited for opening day.
  6. Yes. I refused to believe it was gone lol. Opening day 2004 was a very tragic day for me. First I ran to pendulum to find out it was gone. Then I went to go ride Jumping Jack Flash....and it was gone too! I'm still upset.
  7. Pendulum was my favorite ride at the park when it was there, and I still haven't gotten over the fact that its not there. (No joke in 2004 I used to walk over there hoping it would magically reappear)
  8. That bell thing looks quite awesome. Where is it?
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