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  1. I become a Disney cast member within a few hours!
  2. Today be the birthday of me bestest friend..... :Flowerpower: :Flowerpower: CYCLONEMAN!!!!!! :Flowerpower: :Flowerpower: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAINAN!!!!
  3. Opening day 2005 was the day I applied to work there.
  4. I have an interview with the Disney college program tomorrow
  5. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited for opening day.
  6. Yes. I refused to believe it was gone lol. Opening day 2004 was a very tragic day for me. First I ran to pendulum to find out it was gone. Then I went to go ride Jumping Jack Flash....and it was gone too! I'm still upset.
  7. Pendulum was my favorite ride at the park when it was there, and I still haven't gotten over the fact that its not there. (No joke in 2004 I used to walk over there hoping it would magically reappear)
  8. That bell thing looks quite awesome. Where is it?
  9. We're gonna be playing music and talking and its gonna be jolly good fun
  10. Well Dainan. In order to fix Tango, it requires one rides employee 2 ride section supervisors, one full time ride supervisor, 2 ride maintanance staff, and one Johnny Rockets employee.
  11. trivia question: how many people does it take to fix tango?
  12. the log flume has a 900 pound weight limit per boat
  13. What a coincidence! I was also on the last train out! (And I made out with a support) Speaking of 7 times....yesterday we rode scream machine 7 times in a row and on the 7th ride WE WERE STUCK AT THE BASE OF THE LIFT FOR 10 MINUTES AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  14. i got cheap vodoo shirts at dorney this weekend!
  15. There is no way they would completely change the name because it would be way too confusing for people. Instead they will most likely do what they did with X, and make it Medusa 2 or something like that
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