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  1. ^Again, why would Great Adventure want to make them free? They're in high demand at Great Adventure as they are, haven't been to Fiesta Texas so I couldn't say though it is a smaller park which would leave me to believe they weren't in as high demand.
  2. They made an additional $30 off everyone that went through the mazes than Dorney did, so I don't think they're sweating it too much. If they want to charge for mazes that's their choice, you don't have to pay if you don't want to. I say it's a win for the park that they can still get enough people to pay.
  3. ^Why would going to HUSS instead of Zamperla (which is pretty much unanimously considered the inferior model) change how Six Flags would choose to theme it? Does the theme really even matter for a ride like that?
  4. ^The Giant Discovery is seriously in another league. I've been on Cedar Point's and Kings Island's HUSS models, Kings Dominion's Mondial, and Kennywood's Zamperla. To give some sort of comparison, on a scale of 1 (sucks) to 10 (better than my favorite coaster), I'd say... Cedar Point's HUSS: 6 Kings Island's HUSS: 5.5 Kings Dominion's Mondial: 5 Kennywood's Zamperla: 8.5
  5. I have a 2016 platinum pass with dining and the unlimited drink cup which came out to around $320 or so. It was totally worth it, I did around five days at Kings Dominion from March-August, one at Dorney, and five combined days of admission at Cedar Point/Kings Island. Highly recommended.
  6. Again... no. I have no idea why anyone would even consider the idea of removing Batman. It's compact, it's a people eater, it's very popular, and most importantly it's amazing. My third favorite ride in the park. Seriously a terrible idea.
  7. We did open to close two days in a row with early entry (27 hours total) and it was absolutely exhausting but we ride a ton if rides and the first day it was cloudy in the morning and Millennium was a two train wait in the afternoon without fast lane. It was incredible.
  8. That image is almost as laughable as when Great adventure advertised Zumanjaro as being taller than a layer of clouds. Skyrush is 200 feet tall and the 80 foot tall tower is depicted as taller than Skyrush which defeats the purpose and appeal of the small tower. That said its still advertising and it looks good.
  9. I've only been to the park in the Spring and Summer and really don't have much of a preference, but I think I would prefer both fall and winter. I love going to parks during their Halloween event (both for Halloween themes and mazes and for the fall foliage and crisp weather/colorful trees) but I think winter might be more incredible. Id love to make it to holiday in the park sometime.
  10. Kings Island's just announced GCI, Mystic Timbers, would be a fantastic fit at Great Adventure. Another modern wood coaster that's less extreme than El Toro but goes out into the woods and has a lot of floater airtime and slight banking. Not going to happen but it would be perfect--even more so for Great Adventure than at Kings Island, IMO.
  11. There was something about it that just felt very genuine, apart from the rides. It was like they wanted you just to have a great time, not just to make tons of money. If I could change anything about the trip I did I'd spent a full day at Kennywood and I wish I lived closer. It just felt very old-times and special.
  12. I don't want to get into why but I'm telling you right now that's not happening.
  13. It was eye opening for me after my major park road trip a couple weeks ago of how much better things could/should be at parks. I've kind of accepted the upcharge and advertisement world of Six Flags parks and even life in general, but this trip was actually a step in the right direction. Especially Kennywood--that might've been the best single day at a park I've had in quite a long time. No ads, no upcharge lockers, no obnoxious crowds. So it was interesting reading the above comments about how the industry has deteriorated, and in general I would agree. Kennywood was like a step back in time and was the most raw, innocent fun I've had at a park in a long time. Anyone that hasn't been recently, if ever, needs to get to Kennywood. I went in expecting nothing but not only is the park great but Thunderbolt is only a half step below El Toro for me and Phantom's Revenge is better than Nitro. That place is amazing and I can't wait to get back someday.
  14. ^Are you actually serious that you believe a full scale enterprise is a "carnival ride"? I hope you're being sarcastic. Great Adventure has had two in its past and dozens of large parks have one, it's not a "Six Flags thing." The Six Flags hate is strong sometimes. If you just don't want an enterprise (curious if you've ridden one to be honest) you don't have to go out of your way to call it something lesser than it is.
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