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  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but the parks Instagram posting riddler clues seemed like a giveaway.
  2. I guess I just don't see the point other than the fact that the Riddler is in the new movie. Basically it looks like it's just going to be a change to an uglier color scheme. On top of that, the entrance portal/buildings/auger/fire will be removed as they have nothing to do with the Riddler. So what is really being gained here? I bet we'll lose our horizontal gum covered horse as well.
  3. So Bizzaro is becoming riddler now it appears. Odd to see another green coaster and the second green B&M. Feels odd as I don't see them adding any theming, but will probably gut all of the Bizzaro theming. I guess it's to capitalize on the new movie.
  4. If they can make the room, they should expand with some more slides. I would think a water park that is constantly overflowing, to the point of gates being shut, should be generating enough income to warrant an expansion.
  5. This year I stopped renewing after 10+ years. Sadly, it's becoming less fun and more of a hastle to go.
  6. It's not like the old days. You can't just leave $1000 dollar phones sitting around in a cubby waiting to be stolen unfortunately. I just don't see the harm in wearing cargo shorts and stowing your items. It almost makes me want to avoid the newer rides because of the hastle and is definitely part of my choice to not renew my pass. Fun fact about Jersey Devil. There is a poster in the station with an add for employment at the park. The add states "scan this QR code to learn more". Scan it with what? Also, you needed to show your pass today to get a wrist band for the ride. So I had to grab my phone, walk up to the entrance, show my pass on my phone, turn around and walk back to the paid lockers. What a joke.
  7. I was pleasantly surprised. Very fun. The ride was running slow, but there was some good air and hang time. Hate to see this ride also fall victim to the creepy/annoying loose article policy.
  8. Does anybody expect this to be delayed given the discussed valleying taking place? Given the valleying and the water dummy vaulted out (not the rides fault), it sounds like they will be testing for a while.
  9. Odd. For me it only asked about my season pass/number in party/ and the time slot. Then it sent me a confirmation for the arrival time but no charge. It even said $0 on the website which I thought was odd and I tried going back a few steps to find where the guest would be charged. Guess I'll try again today.
  10. Sorry to double post, but I had a quick question. When I registered for the safari, it didn't give me an option to pay for my guest. Is this handled at the park?
  11. Great American Scream Machine. The top half is from one of the loops before they were beefed up in it's early years.
  12. That's why I'm thinking they're going to take a hit next year. I'm not renewing my season pass next year for the first time in a long time since this year is completely waste of money and I've been going less to begin with. Maybe I'll go once next spring if they do indeed give us a couple months back for our season pass. We'd all be asking for refunds if they started allowing it.
  13. From someone who works in construction, I would guess: 1. As noted above, cranes we're probably sent back and need to arrive back on site. Typically equipment carries a monthly rental cost and the downtime would have been lost money. 2. Many jobs recently have what's referred to as a "week 0" where the focus is just getting things back in place to resume where they left off. 3. Reorganizing the crew which could have been all over the place during the downtime.
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