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  1. 7 hours ago, Louisatsweetlou said:

    This is my thing- I could be absolutely wrong but Six Flags typically has a 'get your last rides on ...' before they close a ride for good. This leads me to believe that the rumors are true that we will be getting a replacement simply because they did not announce its closure. As for the other rumor that there will be an RMC there in 2020, while I would love that and it is POSSIBLE, I would truly doubt it.


    We aren't getting a replacement for Diablo. And I honestly don't think most people care about it going away either. Where Diablo is could be where our new coaster in 2020 will go (i think we are getting either something similar to Railblazer/Wonder Woman... or even a T-Rex model.. or could be a launch coaster like West Coast Racers/ the new one at Six Flags Great America) or it's just being opened up as a walkway towards Ka. 

  2. No RMC's. tired of everyone wanting one. But knowing how Six Flags in general are such a cookie-cutter theme park, they will put one in. I don't get the big deal over them. Personally, i'd rather have an aqua coaster at Hurricane Harbor. . We all know that Hurricane Harbor needs a new addition that isn't just a kiddie attraction (i have nothing against the kids area).. Maybe they can clean up HH and get people to watch over the lines too (way too many line cutters.. I've been threatened many times and almost punched when i said something) 



    Green Lantern was a station wait and there was no headbanging.





    I went on Green Lantern opening night of Holiday in the Park and had no headbanging either. It was a pretty good ride and ran smoothly. My friend and I both agreed it was better that night than all the times we went on during the summertime.

  4. Wow, I must have experienced Blood Shed on an off night (which even the best trails have). Hate to say it was one of the most uneventful, poorly designed trails I've done anywhere.


    You aren't alone. The few times I went to the Blood Shed terror trail, it was horrible. There was hardly anybody in there to scare the people. I walked basically through a corn maze and out thinking "Where was everyone?". I went in another time.. Same thing. I only really liked Big Top Terror 3D terror trail. I went through that at least 10 times during the whole FF.

  5. Whats this?



    It might be left from the weekend. A few of the local radio stations (B98.5, Thunder 106 and Fun 107.1) were doing some charity thing at the park.. They might've forgotten to take the signs down. Each radio station were a different comic book person. One was Batman and one was the Joker.

  6. All I know is that this is the second year I've had the season dining pass...and the choices look better than last year. I like a lot of the different snack options and even the lunch/dinner options are better. Thankfully they took off all of the darn upcharge items, because that was annoying at Johnny Rockets & other locations. I'm excited over the Fried Oreos, Rita's and the Nacho Chips & Cheese being part of the snacks. Those will def. be useful when I'm not that hungry but just want a small nibble of something. And thank goodness we are getting more freestyle machines. I get annoyed at all the people who don't know how to use it, as more food vendors on the outside use them nowadays.

  7. I would love to travel more. I always have the travel bug but nobody to ever travel with so hopefully a friend has the same resolution lol


    I'm the same way. I've actually started getting stuff together so I can go to Florida in October. One of my good friends is in Tampa so Me, her and her husband are going to Busch Gardens Tampa, Universal (if I can go) and hit up Disney (since she works for Disney). I'm also looking into going to Cedar Point, Kings Island and back to Kings Dominion & Dorney.

  8. I wish they'd put in a bowl ride like Spin Cycle at Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark. I went on it for the first time this summer and it was a blast. The initial drop is amazing and circling around like you are in a toilet bowl was just really cool. I know they have one at Breakwater Beach here in Seaside Heights, but I'd love for HH to get one too:

  9. Well that's because afeter 7 years of not using the building, some wild animals tore through the building. It could cost a lot of money to repair the near 20 year old structure.


    Actually, they use some of the remnants of Chiller as a training area. When I was there for GADV Online day this year, that's where we started out. They had multiple tables/chairs in there with ride op manuals.. So that's where they do some of the training.


    As far as rides in the future, we will probably never see Flyers there because it seems like they are mainly in CF parks.. And to the one person above who mention the Air Race in Coney Island, they have them on Casino Pier in Seaside Heights...no need for them at GA. I'd honestly like to see the JL dark ride be added since it seems to be a big hit and we don't have anything of that nature in the park. As far as 2018, that's probably a good year for another coaster... maybe something like Thunderbird at Holiday World.. or maybe something like Gatekeeper at CP.

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