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  1. I was at all three showings of DMP as well. Awesome photos! Phenomenal cast this year...all of them did amazing!
  2. I've gone on a Saturday, got Big Top Terror, Total Darkness and The Manor done before 4pm, got dinner, went over to the awakening/dead man's party, then asylum, wasteland, bloodshed, back to Dead Man's Party for the 10:45 show, then to Voodoo Island and left at midnight.. I had a regular season scare trail pass and it was no problem. Granted it was the last weekend of september, but it was still doable and there were still outrageous lines for all of them except BTT, Manor and TD because they open at 3.
  3. I really love that Batman Backwards shirt in your photos... Got one back in August when I was at the park.
  4. I was there last night. Blood Shed was absolutely horrible. There were very little scare actors in there...and it was basically the same walk-thru as Crop Circles (from what i heard...i didn't go through that one last year).. Voodoo Island was quite horrible as well (it was so much better last year). The group that I walked through with and I all counted 10 scare actors..and they didn't even scare us. It was just lame. Manor was pretty good. Big Top Terror was pretty good (that was my favorite). The Awakening just wasn't the same without the Ghoulmaster and I just didn't enjoy it as much as previous years. Dead Man's Party was pretty good as always (with new cast members too... a few of the girls were the same from last year..and two of the guys from last year were there).. I would've enjoyed DMP even more if I wasn't getting constantly pushed and shoved and hit in the kidney spot by little kids who were trying to get up front. I constantly told them to stop shoving and to stop hitting me and they should've been here real earlier if they wanted a good spot. I legit got punched in the back because I wouldn't move for them. Not fun. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable evening.. Left around 9:40
  5. I waited on line for SkyScreamer for almost an hour or more because one of the ride attendants didn't know what the hell he was doing! It was like he was so stressed out and couldn't count out the correct amount of people and couldn't do his job. Usually they do 16 on one side and 16 on the other. He just had a lot of people go to the left side of where you go onto the swings. He didn't even come around to check on the belts and whatnot. That was for one of the other female ride attendants and a supervisor. I've never worked at Great Adventure in my life, but that was the most horrible ride operations I've ever seen in the 33 years I've been going to the park. I waited maybe 1 hour for Namtab, 20 minutes for Dark Knight, 20 minutes for Bizarro and about 45 minutes for Green Lantern (when we got there, GL was down due to technical difficulties)....so my dad and I decided to wait for it. When it finally opened, we waited maybe 2 trains for the front.
  6. I was there today too.. Me and my dad stayed during the rain. Didn't seem to bother people as a lot of people stayed in the park.
  7. My green cup got stolen back in July off of the Log Flume. Sucked big time. Even with my name written on it, somebody took it. I hope whoever took it enjoyed my orange soda and whatever germs were on there.
  8. Here's a question for all of you. I have the season dining pass and my year is up on January 4th. I want to get the 2016 dining pass and get the deal now...but how would I go about that? Would I continue to pay for the rest of the 2015 pass along with the 2016 one?
  9. I might be the only person who enjoys Green Lantern. I like it as a standup coaster and I'd be upset if they changed the seating on this. It just wouldn't be the same for me.
  10. As much as I agree with you, I'd like to see something in the future with either Wonder Woman (hey,Wonder Woman should get a ride too...like how at SFNE, they have Catwoman's Whip), The Flash (since the show started this year with high ratings and is becoming popular) and Arrow (because Green Arrow is such an amazing character....even beyond the show).
  11. Honestly, I'm fine with the parks closing times. I usually go to the park around 11 and stay until 9. So I'm fine with that. The only time I'll stay later is during Fright Fest and that helps with some of the terror trails too. I'd like to see the weekends in the summer go until 11/midnight but we can't have it all.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm Desiree...and I'm from Toms River,NJ. I've been going to Great Adventure since I was a toddler (and my parents started going to the park when it first opened). I've gone to other parks around the country, but I can always be found at Great Adventure. I've had a season pass for quite a long time and will continue to do so (along with a season pass to Hurricane Harbor too). Right now, my current favorite coaster is Green Lantern and current non-coaster is the Skyscreamer.
  13. Went once during the summer. Got on a lot of the slides in the morning when it first opened. Then during the afternoon, the crowds got insane and the lines were beyond horrible.
  14. Last year I went once at the end of September and it was nice.. Wasn't too too crowded. Went again at the end of October and it wasn't that bad. Hopefully for this years fright fest, i'll get there more often..including Halloween.
  15. I might be the only person who hates this whole flash pass thing. On most of the rides, you just have to wait in the same line as everyone else. My biggest peeve this year was the Flash Pass for the terror trails. They waited the same exact amount of time for all the trails as all of us who just had the regular terror trail pass.
  16. I'm getting tired of hearing all the Jersey Boys stuf too. Granted, i saw the show and it was great, but enough is enough. Same with the Taki's and everything else. I don't even mind the Kia cars there scattered in the park. It actually made me decide that my next car is going to be the Kia Soul after the doors were open and I sat inside behind the drivers wheel. lol.
  17. I'm all for this. I usually only bring in my cellphone (on a rare occasion), my season pass, my drivers license, a credit card and my key to my car. It's so much easier for me. I don't like to bring a lot of stuff in the park .
  18. Haven't done any of the upcharge rides (although I'd love to go on the Go Karts...my friends always seem to have a good time on them).. Never been on Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, El Toro, Tango, Twister (no thank you...), Deja Vu (unless you want to count it as the old school scrambler they've always had, then yes), Blackbeard's, Buccaneer, Air Dumbo, the Parachutes and the Ferris Wheel. Kiddie rides don't count.
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