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  1. Apparently before the most recent closure due to Stunt Pilot's wheel blowing off, JDC has turned off its MCBR
  2. From what I was told by people who work there, even with higher lifeguard wages no one wants to work, leading to the capacity problems they have. Not to mention with a lot of underage lifeguards working, they can't work 40 hour weeks due to child labor laws, so even when they hire lifeguards, they may not be able to work as much as they need to. As of right now, the current workforce situation is just really tough and I honestly don't know how they could improve it in the moment, but in the future yes, hurricane harbor is very popular, too popular, and it seriously needs to expand more (somehow).
  3. Yep^ I did, and didn't even ride it this season. Now probably not going too. Very sad
  4. On a side note; why does the park call it the world's first log flume ride, I thought that was in SFOT?
  5. I managed to ride it once yesterday, in the front-middle (row 5). So I can safely say that the middle is good, not great. I would've rode more, considering the line for the seasonpassholder/members was VERY short... the ride brokedown for over an hour while we were waiting in line, and the 10 minute wait turned into over an hour wait, and considering we had somewhere to be we unfortunately only rode once. I've heard the backrow is fantastic so I cannot wait to give it another go, but of course you can't choose your seats so it is unfortunate. So as a one-time middle rider; my review is the ride is good in the middle, not great, not mind-blowing, definitely slow in the middle, and the air-time is meh at best. The stall and turnaround are still very good in the middle though! I'm sure the GP would be perfectly satisficed with the middle, but for me; a coaster nerd who's been on many many roller coasters, I think that this ride is simply good in the middle. But definitely cannot wait to ride in the back because I've heard the airtime is incredible!
  6. Where is the Pine Barren's portal that was shown in the schematics? I haven't been to the park yet, I'll be going Saturday, but still I haven't seen a single picture of it. Is it scrapped?
  7. I've never done a season pass/member preview before, how does it work? Do I just show them my pass at the ride entrance or do I have to reserve a spot through their website?
  8. Anyone know anything about Road Runner Railway? I saw that it was being primed and painted and that was it? Any rumors?
  9. Did anybody see the JD statue put up yet? I haven't seen any pictures with it up, just curious
  10. I know it's not much, but seeing some sort of theming is actually really nice, especially that Pine Barrens sign! Really cool
  11. Although the rustic station idea is awesome, I really wish they put an abandoned house themed station or something similar, but obviously that's not what's happening
  12. Jersey Devil already seemed to be really ahead in construction before all this, I'm sure they can do it before Fright Fest at least. I doubt 2021 would be the opening. But if it is then whatever.
  13. Hey, has anyone mentioned or know where Roadrunner Railway got relocated to?
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