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  1. GADV is currently offering a season pass with admission to all parks for $69.99. Says it'll expire tonight.
  2. I've been a season pass holder for several years now. Definitely considering the membership even though I dislike the idea of paying monthly....wish there was a yearly option. Season pass at $50 is a great deal but I like the perk of going to other theme parks and discounts. Just curious, anyone know what the discount is on the flash pass for members? and is there a difference in discount between the tiers? https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/store/memberships doesn't say explicitly.
  3. GADV is not going completely off the grid right? Some articles mentioned most of the park would be powered via solar
  4. Question about the season picture pass. I understand it's $30 only for season pass holders. How does it work after you buy it? Do they just scan your season pass card at the photo booths and it automatically gets uploaded to your account?
  5. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=5023
  6. I wouldn't mind to see the park add nothing - reinvest the money on general improvements within the park and existing rides. A new paint job on Nitro would be nice as it's getting pretty faded. Could be just my luck but I feel like breakdowns occur way more often at GADV than other parks.
  7. I bought the dining pass this year for the first time as well. Seemed like a good deal considering I get the survivor bottle anyway - Plus I can take it to SFNE or GADV (and the rest of 2016)
  8. Yes. If you do the preview night you only need to pay for parking once as Yoshi said. I made that mistake once because I bought an extra parking pass from my job - but I sold it to another car before we got in. Download the Hershey park app if you have a smart phone. It has all the wait times on it. I went last year and it helped a lot to maximize our time.
  9. Took the trip out to New England Sunday. Nothing much new. Got to the park around 11:00. We got the gold flash pass to maximize our time - Mainly just wanted to ride Superman, Goliath and Wicked Cyclone which had really long waits during the day. We left around 4:00 to beat traffic back into Long Island. Superman - 3x (Once with VR headset) - New (Old) paint colors look so much better. The VR headset was pretty bad. Dispatch times were so slow because of it. The concept was cool but I didn't like how the video did not follow the track layout. Basically you have no idea when a turn, hill, drop is coming because the video doesn't show it at all. Made the ride pretty uncomfortable and wait times increased a lot. I don't recommend it. Goliath - Great ride as always. It's very underestimating Pandemonium - Our car was spinning way too much this time Wicked Cyclone 2x - Great ride as always too. Very very smooth and the inversions give you a lot of hang time Thunderbolt Few Pics https://goo.gl/photos/gcqkhohWECSyvTAn7
  10. ^Did that in Vermilion. It was great. Town was great too. Mayflies were everywhere but they didn't bother us at all. They just love to sit all of the signs and cars. Thank you all for reading.
  11. Hi all - Hope everyone is doing well. Long time reader but haven't posted a whole lot recently. I'll never pass up an opportunity for a trip report though.This was my first trip to Cedar Point (finally). Got a group to make the 8+ hour drive, went to Cleveland for a day to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as well. Ended up staying at a Holiday Inn in the city Vermilion. It was about 20 min from the park but it was closer to Cleveland which we were planning to go. Vermilion was a nice town as well. It was a beautiful day, nice weather, little hot. We got the fast lane plus to maximize our time there. Longest we waited was about 30 min for Valraven. I was pretty impressed with the park. It was very clean, nice staff and efficient for the most part with dispatching trains. Short summary on the big rides we did: GateKeeper Very nice ride. I like a lot of the elements. This was my first wing coaster. The key holes are a very nice element of the ride. Magnum I understand this is an old ride and it was not going to be smooth. But it was un-comfortable to the point it hurts. Minus that it would have been a great ride. I can imagine the time it was opened it was ground breaking. Pretty spoiled nowadays with the smoothness of new rides. Maverick Might have been my favorite ride at the park.Very smooth, they have the new soft OTSR which were really nice. The speed never slows down. I really enjoyed this ride. Mean Streak Very similar to Magnum in the fact it could have been a great ride. This ride was extremely rough to the point my back was hurting when I got off. I would not recommend this ride to anyone. Hopefully the Mean Streak Renovations are true with RMC. Millennium Force One of my biggest reasons for wanting to go was this ride. I recently rode Superman Ride of Steel/Bizarro at SFNE last year. I really enjoyed Superman, probably my favorite steel coaster. After riding Millennium Force 2x, my opinion did not change. It was a great ride overall but I did not get the same WOW effect that I did with Superman. The first drop on Millennium Force was excellent as expected, but the first turn right after the drop really kills it. I didn't feel Millennium Force was their best ride at the park and I've been on a few other rides overall that I thought were better. I would take El Toro over Millennium Force also. That's just my opinion though. Raptor Great ride. Much better than Batman. I still like the Great Bear as my favorite inverted coaster. Top Thrill Dragster Not much to say about it. I enjoyed it. It was nice to get close to the ride. Their line queue goes under the track and in the middle of the ride, similar to the original Kingda Ka queue that I never got to experience. As far as which ride is better - The only thing TTD beats KK in right now is the smoothness and lap bars. I don't care too much that KK has the OTSR but KK has gotten really rough the last few years. The launch is noticeably faster on KK and the breaking is much smoother. Valravn My first time on a dive coaster. First drop was actually a lot of fun with the holding break. Restraints were pretty comfortable too. Great ride overall and it was the longest line at the park. I think it was over 2 hours at one point. Wicked Twister Very underrated ride. This I felt was one of their bests. The first launch was great. The turns going up and down I thought were really cool as well. I loved it. Photos from whole trip https://goo.gl/photos/oVEDUmywkEeisWiD6 Side Notes -It's amazing to see the difference how other parks take so much better care of their rides than GADV. -While waiting at a light leaving the rock n roll hall of fame museum, I saw Mike Wolfe (from American Pickers) on his motocycle in the same intersection as us. Picture can be seen in the link as well. -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum was excellent -Cleveland was a ghost town when we were there Sunday -Had a lot of fun in Ohio. Enjoyed my time there this weekend and look forward to go back in the future. Thank you all for reading. See you at the park soon!
  12. I'm surprised they didn't get it approved in the off-season. I'm guessing they'll have to do sections at a time during the weekdays. Still great news!
  13. I would like to see TDK re-themed as well. The whole Dark Knight hype is long gone. Plus the whole pre-show plus ride is kind of boring now since it's the same thing every time. It could be a nice cheap project for the park since the coaster itself is already there....and they could advertise it as a "new" ride. Another option I think would be nice is converting one of them to a spinning coaster like Laff Trakk in Hershey. I went on it over the summer and it was really cool. Plus each ride is different because of the spinning element.
  14. How much are they now? I only did it a few years back when they had the flash drive deal for season pass holders. It was like $xx.xx for the whole season unlimited photos. Then they changed it you had to pay per photo so I never bothered with it again.
  15. If I lived closer to the park, I'd fly my drone in to check it out
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