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  1. Finally, some tangible evidence of the 2019 addition. No clue what it could be, but I'm guessing some sort of flat (Giant Discovery?) When is the announcement date? I've been so out of the loop with the park this year.
  2. Scream Machine Season Passholder Entrance Season Passholder exclusive events Rolling Thunder Freefall
  3. Headed down today for the maiden visit of 2018. Hopefully these grey skies keep most others away. Should be a good start to the year.
  4. Agreed. They showed this past year that they're willing to open up in very cold temps. Beginning the season in mid-March each year doesn't seem to be out of the realm of possibility any more.
  5. I honestly haven't looked at the operating schedule in a while, but that's great to know. Hopefully I can make it down there one of those days. Have to validate my 2018 pass.
  6. I really wish they'd bring those Friday nights in September back. It was great to get a taste of Fright Fest without dealing with the masses.
  7. The Great Adventure skyride has operated without incident since 1964. It's perfectly safe. I also don't feel like it will be removed soon; it serves a good purpose and almost always has a line.
  8. Bummmed about this addition. Glad the park is getting something unique, but I'll never ride it.
  9. With recent trips to Kennywood and Knoebels, 122.
  10. That park is never going to open, like everything else proprosed at that Xanadu site. And if it does, it won't put much of a hurt on Great Adventure. The 43 year head start helps.
  11. 72,550. I really didn't know what to shoot for, and was having too much fun to really care about targets.
  12. Just got back from the park. The ride is great! Very well done, and a lot more practical effects then I expected. Great addition to the park.
  13. Zumanjaro didn't open until the 4th of July back in 2014. Don't know if that's the latest opening, but it is pretty darn late for a new attraction.
  14. Excellent to hear. Didn't want to have to miss out on one of the best rides in the park.
  15. It's optional, right? Not a fan of this new VR fad, and I hate spiders.
  16. I feel that when they decide to re-open the Old Country, it will be with a flats package similar to what SFOT received in 2016.
  17. GAdv (duh), Hershey, Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World are confirmed for this year.
  18. I liked how ominous it looked during the summer at night. The track blended in with the darkness, and it seemed like the Joker sign was just floating.
  19. I wouldn't care if Green Lantern, Superman, Bizarro and Dark Knight went.
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