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  1. Thanks. I would like to see a Expansion of BBNP going towards joker or a new DC Kids Area. Would like to see a Kiddy Wooden Coaster liker Wacky Taxi or Roar a Saurus.
  2. What Happened to all the rides removed for JDC?
  3. Clearly this was Thrown together to Combat the 11 Roller Coasters Opening in the Area over the Next 10 Months. When more effort is put into the Announcement Video then the actual Parks and New Rides, there is something Wrong. One new Full Circuit Coaster in the Whole Chain is also a Problem. As For GA, if Kids Rides are Sacrificed, that will be a Problem.
  4. They just bought 2-3 Parks over the last year, why would they sell now. Glad to see it was retracted.
  5. NJ.Com just reported that Wonder Woman will be open on opening day. https://www.nj.com/ocean/2019/04/six-flags-opens-this-weekend-with-new-wonder-woman-ride-swinging-and-spinning-17-stories-high.html
  6. April 15, 16, 17 and 18 Closed? I feel this will change as most Schools are closed the week before this year.
  7. No, The Only Thing Better Would be if GA gets a Dinosaur Exhibit like Dutch Wonderland or Edaville, but on a Larger Scale.
  8. Remove Green Lantern, move Bizzaro to Green Lanterns spot. Which would explain why Superman is not in Metropolis. Build the worlds longest roller coaster in Bizzaros, old Safari Entrance and Rolling Thunders Spot.
  9. That stinks, I know Sesame Place and Storybook Land will both be open Friday, but I have done both of there Holiday in the past. It was Down to Hershey Park and Great Adventure and we wanted to keep it close due to the Rain, but I guess Hershey Park it is. Thanks
  10. Is the Park open on Friday December 14th? Was planning to go but it looks like it's closed.
  11. I wish they would add Pins for the Park, Rides and Seasons. Sesame Place added Pins in 2017 and they have been a big hit, Dutch Wonderland also has quite a bit of Pins. Unfortunately Hershey has barley any pins and GA has none.
  12. Will be heading to Hershey for there Christmas Candylane Season. I've gone to Sesame Place, Storybook Land, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland and Dutch Wonderland for there Christmas Events and can't wait to see where Hershey Ranks. I also still want to get to Great Adventure for there Holiday inn the Park.
  13. Ok, I haven't seen this anywhere on the site, and since GA's Dark Ride "Battle for Metropolis" has been operating for two seasons, What is your Favorite Interactive Dark Ride? Here's My List 5. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge Hershey Park PA (Thank Goodness it's being Updated in 2019) 4. The Great Humbug Adventure Santa's Village, NH (Cute for a Small Park Dark Ride) 3. Buzz Light-year Astro Blasters Disneyland, CA 2. Toy Story Midway Mania Disney California Adventure, CA
  14. Or Move Bizzaro next to Superman. This way Superman has a reason to be out of Metropolis and on the Boardwalk, Fighting Bizzaro. I don't know who owns the land(woods) to the left of the old Safari Entrance, but if Six Flags owns it, a Coaster themed to the Jersey Devil would look nice going out into the woods.
  15. Would you remove it, if the World's Longest Roller Coaster was put in it's place. Out past the old Safari Entrance, into Rolling Thunders old aera and in Bizzaro spot.
  16. If El Diablo does go bye bye, it could be a hint at where a 2020 Coaster is going.
  17. I think this is a solid addition, not something I would ride, but a good addition. I thought they would go Big for 2019, but I guess they will wait for 2020. New Jersey will have 3 world record Rides opening in 2019, one at GA and two at Nickelodeon Universe. Three new Roller Coasters opening in NJ in 2019, but none at GA.
  18. Very Late, but here it is. Left NJ early Sunday Morning November 5th, arrived at John Wayne Airport at 11:53 California Time, after a short ride to our Disney Grand Hotel, we checked in and rested. Used the Hotel Entrance to Disney California Adventure, we did Little Mermaid Undersea Adventure, The Golden Zepher, Jumpin Jellyfish and Silly Symphony Swings. We then walked through the Boardwalk to Cars Land and ate at Flow's, Great Food. Next we did Luigi Rolickin Roadsters and Maters Junkyard Jamboree, we were getting tired and headed back to the Hotel and in bed by 9:00pm. I got up at 5:30 Mon
  19. Looked like two people were on it. But I'm not positive, we were far away when it happened.
  20. I forgot to Mention. In my post. When we were entering the park, they had two sides of the Parachutes open, however one got stuck close to the top and was sitting idle up there for about a good 3-5 minutes. That may be why only one side was open later.
  21. Yes one Ride, not a typo. My Nephew wasn't feeling too good, so that was the main reason. Dark Knight was out the doors to the outside attendant, Justice League was three rows past the 45 Minute Sign.
  22. Not Sure, didn't ride it. I have a Picture from when I was about 8 riding it with my father. I always thought it was at Great Adventure, Glad I now know where the picture was taken. They also have a Pin of it in the gift shop, and the shuttle moves on the pin. Harry, Does GA have any collector Pins, I look every time I go and can never find them. Wish they did one for the park and some of the major rides.
  23. As of Today 9/23, No. What's funny is, it is on the front of there brochure, on the maps and they have shirts and such in the gift shop. The Train Finally reopened Labor Day Weekend. Guess it will be a 2018 addition.
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