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    Seven Clowns All Together

    This picture, from June 6, 1984, was taken after we shot footage for a Great Adventure commercial. The non-clown in the picture was the director of the commercial. The clowns in back row are Loho, Fritz, Laszlo, Bud, and Juggles (me). The clowns in the front row are Alik and Vokkos. Loho and Laszlo (Marc and Steve Sheris) are brothers. Steve was usually a body puppet, not a clown. But we needed a lot of clowns for this commercial.

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - "Juggles" the clown

  2. Two clowns and one of the Shirt Tales characters (Rik Raccoon) by the fountain greeting guests and taking pictures with guests as they walk into the park. This picture was taken very early in the 1984 season (April 21st). You can see guests wearing coats and not too many leaves on the trees. On days when the crowds were low, every guest got a lot of attention from the clowns!

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - Juggles the clown

  3. pcincotta

    Pacman Fever

    Yes, Pacman may have only been in the park for this one season (1982).
  4. Three clowns putting on their makeup. Marc Sheris is on the left. Howard Walberg is on the far right and Chris Glancy in on the near right. We would typically start work at 9:30am and be dressed and ready for the guests at opening time at 10:00am. It usually takes more than 30 minutes for makeup and costume, so we had to get started earlier--around 9:00am. This picture was taken on August 28, 1982.

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - "Juggles" the clown

  5. Pacman made a special appearance at Great Adventure in 1982. In this picture, taken on August 28, 1982, you can see the log flume ride in the background. Pacman is posing for the picture while some guests are looking at him. Pacman would be at various places in the park throughout the day. He would take pictures for about an hour and then take a break for about 15 minutes.

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - "Juggles" the clown

  6. pcincotta

    Pacman Fever

    It's Pacman and Ms. Pacman dancing to Pacman Fever played by "A Touch of Brass" at the Liberty Square Gazebo. Another costumed character is posing for a picture with a guest off to the left. His name is "Catfish". This picture was taken at the height of the Pacman craze on August 28, 1982.

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - Juggles the Clown

  7. pcincotta

    Eli image001 copy

    The clowns are Howard Walberg and Eli McGuiness. The first girl (next to Eli) is Laura Wood. Eli (Vokkos the clown) would always carry a broom and pretend to play a guitar with it. He would also twirl the broom.
  8. Any members recall Juggles the Clown at GA from the '80s? I'm him! Love to hear from folks I knew back then.

    1. Skeems24601


      Hey Peter! Certainly I remember Juggles the clown from back then. I was little at the time and you were always a lot of fun to hang around with, You even came to my 5th birthday party. I was at GA often back then. Great seeing the old memories on here!


      Michael Schiumo (Remember me?)

  9. How do I upload pictures? I have clicked on the "Upload" button, but then I get to a screen and there isn't anything that I can click on. Please send me directions to upload pictures. I was a clown at GA from 1981 to 1985. I have lots of pictures of the clowns and other costumed characters from this time period. I worked with Greg Gillette--whom (I see) is part of the team that has helped to build this website. Thanks for your help. Peter Cincotta "Juggles" the Clown
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