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  1. This is false logic. Our park has over a dozen more non-coaster/water rides than SFMM. It has more flats than SFGAm, SFOT and SFFT, which are largely considered the most well-rounded SF parks. It has more flats than some renowned CF parks like KI and Carowinds. We got a flat package in 2012, a drop tower in 2014, another flat in 2015, a dark ride in 2017 and yet another flat in 2018. We are no longer starved of flat rides. SF has done a great job at filling that need with some really solid additions. Meanwhile, on the coaster front, the last 11 years have been disappoi
  2. I wouldn't put any stock in the "teasers" the park has given so far. Everything they've said has either been copy and pasted from teasers other parks have given or they are so vague that they could mean literally anything. Thanks to the poster who showed a Raptor and Giant Discovery in that location. I feel like both are definitely viable and make sense for that plot of land. Either attraction would definitely bring together that entire area. I do hope they eventually decide to either utilize (as a show/attraction) or demolish the Batman arena. As it stands right now it is a pointl
  3. At this point the Mack thing is still just a rumor. There are talks it could be an S&S, which is way cheaper. It is also rumored the SFMM/SFGAm additions will be clones, which further lowers the price. Lastly, we do not know the size of these additions. Even if it's a Mack launched coaster(s), it doesn't mean we are talking about a ride on the scale of Helix or Time Traveler. A T-Rex the size and scale of the prototype video at IAPPA would really be pushing SF's budget, especially considering they acquired multiple new parks. Not saying it isn't possible, as it is certainly mo
  4. With how SF spends money, anything bigger than a T-Rex is highly unlikely. Even a T-Rex of any substantial length seems like a stretch unless RMC gives them a big discount for purchasing the prototype of that model.
  5. Well, looks like these new attraction advertisements are copied and pasted for all/most parks throughout the chain:
  6. The plot of land a RMC Raptor takes up is roughly the size of a Vekoma Boomerang. It wouldn't take long to clear land of that size, and the actual installation of a Raptor is very, very quick. With that said, I still would put my money on another flat or Skywarp. It looks like SFMM and SFGAm are the leading candidates for new coasters, and SF hasn't been adding much more than that the past few years. I hope I am wrong as the only coasters we've added the last 9 years have been a relocated standup and 4D clone, while removing GASM and RT in the process. We are due for a new, quality
  7. This is all very true. To play devil's advocate, however, JL building pieces were spotted by Nitro around June/early July 2016.
  8. I understand the concern, but crowds tend to auto-regulate themselves. Chiller never had 4 hour lines when it was the most popular coaster in the park despite its poor capacity. Joker, another low capacity coaster, rarely has a longer line than than KK, Toro, Nitro or Superman despite being 10-15 years newer than them. I know the RMC Raptor has even worse capacity than those rides, and will probably be more attractive to the GP as well, but I doubt it would be quite the problem many people are expecting. I am certainly rooting for a T-Rex, but it wouldn't surprise nor concern me if
  9. As I said, those three are thrill rides. They did fill a need for those kids who are too old for RMT/Skull Mountain but not tall enough for KK or the B&M's.
  10. If I remember reading correctly, CF has seen a down year so far as well. I think the weather has really hurt all regional theme parks this season. As far as how it will effect GAdv's next addition...I am going to assume not too much. Even with attendance down a bit, I believe SF reported a small increase in revenue. SF's capital expenditure, for now, is a fixed number based on their income. GAdv is the chain's biggest money-maker, so we will always be one of the top priorities. That may not necessarily result in a RMC, but it also won't result in just an updated lazy river, either.
  11. The skyride is very safe. With how many skyrides there have been over the years, there has been very few documented incidences. Riding KK in the front row with Intamin's history of snapping cables is much scarier to me. If the skyride were to be removed, it would be due to difficulty finding replacement parts and/or cost of upkeep. It wouldn't be due to safety concerns.
  12. Let's wait and see how the Raptors at SFFT and CGA play out. The Raptor model does have horrible capacity, but it is all relative. Joker has half the capacity as Nitro or El Toro but that doesn't mean it has twice the wait on a normal day. Lines tend to regulate themselves automatically based on capacity as the GP sniff out low capacity rides pretty quickly. I highly doubt a Raptor would garner 3-4 hour lines at our park. With that said, the T-Rex model would certainly be more appropriate. Better capacity and it would allow for something of a grander scale. With that said, a Raptor would n
  13. Skywarp was too similar to El Diablo, and IMO based on the animations would be a worse ride experience as well (10ft shorter, less hangtime moments). This is a very unique, original ride that even as a bystander should be fun to look at. Every year people complain about flats and now we have a new, original one in a section that badly needs another addition. Every year I will be a bit bummed until we finally get some kind of RMC, but each addition we have received the last few years has filled a need.
  14. Won't post the link, but I will say at least it beats a Skywarp! Should be an interesting attraction.
  15. The manufacturers usually come up with the names. Intamin came up with giga, RMC came up with Iron Horse, etc...
  16. Not saying it isn't a Skywarp as that is a very real possibility, but I don't see why people think it is a foregone conclusion. There are 5 SF parks getting either a world or North America's first attraction. As of right now Skyline has only been confirmed to have sold one of them. None of the rumors to this point have been anything beyond basic speculation. I think it is just as possible that we see another first of its kind flat ride, or small coaster.
  17. El Toro had essentially the same technology as RMC's wooden coasters. It doesn't hurt El Toro's experience that it doesn't do some of the crazy things RMC's do. At the same time, it only helps that RMC's throw in such crazy elements.
  18. Easily better than all RMC's? I mean, that's subjective, but Wicked Cyclone is right there with El Toro as my favorite of 157 coasters. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the RMC's would surpass Toro on my list. RMC's have equally as incredible airtime plus a more diverse range of elements. Their products are absolutely top quality.
  19. With SF's financial restrictions, I highly doubt that will be an issue that ever arises in the near future.
  20. Hydrus goes upside down and only has lap bars, so I doubt it. Then again, the RMC Raptors have OTSR's so who knows.
  21. Day 3- Six Flags America Ride count: Superman: Ride of Steel- 3x Joker's Jinx- 1x Wild One- 1x Apocalypse- 1x Roar- 1x Pirate Ship (don't remember the name)- 1x Notes: -Being my first time at the park, it was hard to go in without certain expectations. I've been hearing about the sketchy clientelle, poor operations, ugly aesthetics and mediocre lineup for nearly two decades now. After my visit, I would say the park met all of the negative expectations I had. It was definitely a rough park atmosphere, although everyone seemed to be relatively well-behaved despite very littl
  22. Day 2 ride count: Intimidator 305- 5x Grizzly- 2x Woodstock Express- 2x Volcano- 1x Flight of Fear- 1x Dominator- 1x Rebel Yell- 1x Ricochet- 1x Anaconda- 1x Flyers- 1x Delerium- 1x Notes: -Had a very good, but exhausting day at the park. Was there from rope drop until the very last ride of the night on Intimidator 305. Crowds were low-moderate. Most rides were walk-ons. The rides that had waits never saw lines past 20min or so. One thing that went unnoticed last night due to the extremely low crowds is the very slow ride operations throughout the park. Almost every ride
  23. A little background before I begin- Kings Dominion is a park I have only visited once, way back in March/April 2005. Since that time, a lot has changed at KD. The park has seen a change in ownership/management plus added a variety of new attractions, including Intimidator 305, which has been a bucket-list coaster of mine for 7 years now. My opinion of KD based on my 2005 trip was that while it was a good park, it seemed to be missing...something. Keep in mind, I caught the park very early in the season with Drop Tower and Grizzly down for maintenance and Hypersonic broke down at about 11am rig
  24. This isn't necessarily true. Referring to the 2015 agendas, Joker wasn't proposed until two weeks after it was announced to the public. As of now I really have no idea what we are getting. I'm hoping they throw us a curveball and give us something out of left field.
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