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  1. 20 minutes ago, Squidy2201 said:

    I don't think that the park cares about the enthusiasts as much as other parks. They have no reason to give a "BIG surprise." Their coaster collection is great. Their flats are weak. There are other priorities that need to be filled besides coasters. And I don't think having a ton of coasters is a great thing. I hear people complain about MM all the time of there being too much coasters and not enough flats. So having a thrilling big flat is most likely better for the park than a filler coaster. Such as a Raptor.


    This is false logic. Our park has over a dozen more non-coaster/water rides than SFMM. It has more flats than SFGAm, SFOT and SFFT, which are largely considered the most well-rounded SF parks. It has more flats than some renowned CF parks like KI and Carowinds. 


    We got a flat package in 2012, a drop tower in 2014, another flat in 2015, a dark ride in 2017 and yet another flat in 2018. We are no longer starved of flat rides. SF has done a great job at filling that need with some really solid additions.


    Meanwhile, on the coaster front, the last 11 years have been disappointing. They removed both sides of Chiller, GASM and both sides of RT. In their place we got a wild mouse, relocated standup and cloned Free Spin. While our flat ride offerings have gotten exponentially better, our coaster collection is arguably worse than it was over a decade ago. 


    That is not to say I don't want a Giant Discovery. I'd love one. But I think we are past the point of "needing" flats over coasters.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Medusa42 said:

    ^Finally, someone who understands how to do things at the correct scale.  I believe the Giant Discovery has a footprint of 82 ft. x 122 ft. and we don't have any specs for the Giga Discovery at Magic Mountain.  It does look like there is room for a bigger version of the ride though.  The Raptor doesn't fit the clue from the newsletter about a supersized attraction.


    I wouldn't put any stock in the "teasers" the park has given so far. Everything they've said has either been copy and pasted from teasers other parks have given or they are so vague that they could mean literally anything.


    Thanks to the poster who showed a Raptor and Giant Discovery in that location. I feel like both are definitely viable and make sense for that plot of land. Either attraction would definitely bring together that entire area. I do hope they eventually decide to either utilize (as a show/attraction) or demolish the Batman arena. As it stands right now it is a pointless eyesore that is on very prime real estate.

  3. 55 minutes ago, Tower said:


    Well with MM rumored to get a Mack Dueler next year, either that's wrong or SF is biased chain. Most likely the latter.


    At this point the Mack thing is still just a rumor. There are talks it could be an S&S, which is way cheaper. It is also rumored the SFMM/SFGAm additions will be clones, which further lowers the price. Lastly, we do not know the size of these additions. Even if it's a Mack launched coaster(s), it doesn't mean we are talking about a ride on the scale of Helix or Time Traveler. 


    A T-Rex the size and scale of the prototype video at IAPPA would really be pushing SF's budget, especially considering they acquired multiple new parks. Not saying it isn't possible, as it is certainly more realistic than something like a giga, but I would still bet against it for now until I see more evidence pointing towards it.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Tower said:

    Here is my final say on the coaster rumors. It's not happening in 2019. If it was, we would've seen plenty of evidence supporting it already, whether it'd be construction or teasers. If we don't know anything by now, it can safely inferred that the chances of a coaster are incredibly slim. I predict that a big coaster will come to the park in 2020 instead. Predicting something most likely bigger than a Raptor or even a T-Rex.


    With how SF spends money, anything bigger than a T-Rex is highly unlikely. Even a T-Rex of any substantial length seems like a stretch unless RMC gives them a big discount for purchasing the prototype of that model.

  5. 1 hour ago, Squidy2201 said:

    According to my calculations, which may be wrong but I did double check. Given the dimensions for a regular Giant Discovery 40 on Zamperla's website, a regular Giant Discovery takes up 10,004 square feet. Which is about .229 of an acre. I don't know if Zamperla included the queue line or any other pathways within the dimensions. Or even the furthest point at which the pendulum will swing to the side. But my point is, If it is a Giant Discovery, it must be a huge one to take up 4 acres.


         I could not find the dimensions of Wonder Woman Golden Lasso coaster or Railblazer so I went to Google Earth and VERY roughly measured out the area for Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas, and it came to about 5 acres. Plus there is too much land clearing to be done in too little time to put a Raptor Track coaster there.


         I also roughly measured out the S&S Screamin' Swing, Thunder n' Lightning, at Lake Compounce, and it came out to just barely above half an acre.


         I lastly VERY roughly measured the spot for which Harley Quinn at Discovery Kingdom sits on, and the land area came out to about 14,926 square feet. Or about .342 acres.


    So, it is either going to be a very big addition, but smaller than a Raptor, or the addition could be a new area. I do fully doubt it would be a smaller Raptor. All given if 4 acres is accurate. I can say that I am stumped at what it could be now. I was sold on Giant Discovery. Unless it is a Giant Discovery with a few other rides or a new area. Either way, we just have to look out for shipments or just wait till the announcement. 


    The plot of land a RMC Raptor takes up is roughly the size of a Vekoma Boomerang. It wouldn't take long to clear land of that size, and the actual installation of a Raptor is very, very quick.


    With that said, I still would put my money on another flat or Skywarp. It looks like SFMM and SFGAm are the leading candidates for new coasters, and SF hasn't been adding much more than that the past few years. I hope I am wrong as the only coasters we've added the last 9 years have been a relocated standup and 4D clone, while removing GASM and RT in the process. We are due for a new, quality coaster.

  6. 35 minutes ago, GAcoaster said:

    It could also be new set pieces for Fright Fest (they've been investing in new props).


    I would guess any "new" attraction stuff will come later. They've been waiting on construction until after the first of the year on most new projects at Six Flags (hence all the late openings)


    This is all very true. To play devil's advocate, however, JL building pieces were spotted by Nitro around June/early July 2016.

  7. 1 hour ago, Mrpq said:

    That coaster at SFFT ic no where close to being capable of handling our crowds  


    I understand the concern, but crowds tend to auto-regulate themselves. Chiller never had 4 hour lines when it was the most popular coaster in the park despite its poor capacity. Joker, another low capacity coaster, rarely has a longer line than than KK, Toro, Nitro or Superman despite being 10-15 years newer than them.


    I know the RMC Raptor has even worse capacity than those rides, and will probably be more attractive to the GP as well, but I doubt it would be quite the problem many people are expecting. I am certainly rooting for a T-Rex, but it wouldn't surprise nor concern me if we got a Raptor instead.

  8. 1 hour ago, dougdrummer said:

    But height requirement is not the sole determination of whether a person will ride it or not.  You mentioned that Joker, El Diablo and Zum have only 48" requirement, but neither my wife or I have ridden those three, nor will we ever.  We also won't ride this new Cyborg next year.  My wife used to ride Rolling Thunder but will never ride El Toro.  I rode El Toro once and that was enough for me.  Same with Green Lantern.  The only coasters my wife will ride is Skull, Dark Knight and Harley Quinn.  She won't even ride Runaway Train because it is so rough now.

    As I said, those three are thrill rides. They did fill a need for those kids who are too old for RMT/Skull Mountain but not tall enough for KK or the B&M's.

  9. If I remember reading correctly, CF has seen a down year so far as well. I think the weather has really hurt all regional theme parks this season.


    As far as how it will effect GAdv's next addition...I am going to assume not too much. Even with attendance down a bit, I believe SF reported a small increase in revenue. SF's capital expenditure, for now, is a fixed number based on their income. GAdv is the chain's biggest money-maker, so we will always be one of the top priorities. That may not necessarily result in a RMC, but it also won't result in just an updated lazy river, either. 


    Lastly, we have had plenty of family/mid-level additions the last 5 years. Adventure Alley, SORA and Justice League were all amazing additions for people of all age groups. Joker, El Diablo and Zumanjaro, while thrill rides, all have only 48 inch requirements. That was a height range that the park had very little to offer. Cyborg will provide a new, eye-catching flat ride as well.


    While the overall landscape may dictate that more family rides may still be the best option, you have to consider context. In 12 years we have received 3 coasters; the first was a cloned Wild Mouse, another was a relocated 20 year old standup that is universally hated, and a cloned freespin that is gimmicky to the point it alienates a large sector of riders. In those 12 years, we lost both tracks of a beloved coaster in Chiller, lost GASM, and lost both sides of RT. That means we have less coasters in 2018 than we did in 2006 (or exactly the same if you consider Chiller and RT as one ride).


    I do think a relatively large scale coaster would make the most sense for the park for the reasons above. Especially if it is placed in Old Country to completely re-integrate that last "dead area" back to life.

  10. The skyride is very safe. With how many skyrides there have been over the years, there has been very few documented incidences. Riding KK in the front row with Intamin's history of snapping cables is much scarier to me.


    If the skyride were to be removed, it would be due to difficulty finding replacement parts and/or cost of upkeep. It wouldn't be due to safety concerns.

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  11. An RMC Raptor just wouldn't work at GA, it just wouldn't work. The lines could be 3-4 hours on peak days. The capacity is fine for smaller parks, Great Adventure, or any chain park is not one of them.

    Let's wait and see how the Raptors at SFFT and CGA play out. The Raptor model does have horrible capacity, but it is all relative. Joker has half the capacity as Nitro or El Toro but that doesn't mean it has twice the wait on a normal day. Lines tend to regulate themselves automatically based on capacity as the GP sniff out low capacity rides pretty quickly. I highly doubt a Raptor would garner 3-4 hour lines at our park.


    With that said, the T-Rex model would certainly be more appropriate. Better capacity and it would allow for something of a grander scale. With that said, a Raptor would not shock me.

  12. No way, I'd definely take a Skywarp over this. I would've taken any of the rumored rides over this

    Skywarp was too similar to El Diablo, and IMO based on the animations would be a worse ride experience as well (10ft shorter, less hangtime moments). This is a very unique, original ride that even as a bystander should be fun to look at. Every year people complain about flats and now we have a new, original one in a section that badly needs another addition.


    Every year I will be a bit bummed until we finally get some kind of RMC, but each addition we have received the last few years has filled a need.

  13. I should be, but considering it's basically obvious what we are getting (cyborg themed skywarp) I'm not really hyped about it. I'd rather be surprised you know?

    Not saying it isn't a Skywarp as that is a very real possibility, but I don't see why people think it is a foregone conclusion. There are 5 SF parks getting either a world or North America's first attraction. As of right now Skyline has only been confirmed to have sold one of them. None of the rumors to this point have been anything beyond basic speculation. I think it is just as possible that we see another first of its kind flat ride, or small coaster.

  14. At this point if the park were to recieve an RMC it'd be a Raptor or T-Rex model (for 2019 and 2020) as El Toro is listed as one of RMCs coasters on the RMC website already, plus El Toro easily trumps all RMCs and maybe even all wooden coasters in the world right now.

    Easily better than all RMC's? I mean, that's subjective, but Wicked Cyclone is right there with El Toro as my favorite of 157 coasters. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the RMC's would surpass Toro on my list. RMC's have equally as incredible airtime plus a more diverse range of elements. Their products are absolutely top quality.

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  15. Just found this list, but don't know how up to date it is. There aren't too many 300' tall coasters in the world:


    Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia, USA - 305'


    Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA - 310'


    Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Nagashima, Mie, Japan - 318'


    Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld, Coomera, Queensland, Australia - 377'


    Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA - 420'


    Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ, USA - 455'

    Also Superman at SFMM, Fury 325 and Leviathan.

  16. Day 3- Six Flags America


    Ride count:


    Superman: Ride of Steel- 3x

    Joker's Jinx- 1x

    Wild One- 1x

    Apocalypse- 1x

    Roar- 1x

    Pirate Ship (don't remember the name)- 1x




    -Being my first time at the park, it was hard to go in without certain expectations. I've been hearing about the sketchy clientelle, poor operations, ugly aesthetics and mediocre lineup for nearly two decades now. After my visit, I would say the park met all of the negative expectations I had. It was definitely a rough park atmosphere, although everyone seemed to be relatively well-behaved despite very little security presence. The operations were beyond terrible. Everything had a 1 train wait, which was understandable since every ride was a complete walkon. But it still took almost every ride a minimum of 5min to dispatch, with some approaching 10min. Some ops were cursing loudly, an op on Joker's Jinx missed securing a rider's seatbelt during his check, guests were getting borderline yelled at for touching their lap bars on Roar, and also on Roar they were very loud about hoping for a thunderstorm they could go home. Aesthetically, the front of the park is rather nice, but the back half is hideous.


    -Superman was honestly better than I expected! The airtime was great, the helices were forceful, and the straightaways didn't bother me as much as I thought they would. A lower/mid tier hyper for sure, but definitely a very good ride. I did notice a fair share of rattle and shuffling in the back of the train, but it didn't hinder the experience at all. If anything, it gave the helices and straightaways a little wildness that they would have otherwise lacked.


    -Roar was closed upon entering the park but opened later on. I had no idea they had recently done a fair amount of trackwork to the ride. We got front row and had a really good! It was relatively smooth and had solid pacing and laterals.


    -Wild One was slightly disappointing. Don't get me wrong, for a 100 year old ride it runs amazingly well. Nice speed and some great pops of airtime. However, it has a serious shuffle/some jackhammering, notably in the 2nd half of the ride. I enjoyed the ride, but was missing why some people hold it in high regards.


    -After riding FoF yesterday and Joker's Jinx today, I think I prefer Joker. The lack of MCBR makes the 2nd half very intense and I felt it was considerably smoother as well.


    -Apocalypse was as I remembered ut from its Iron Wolf days. It gets more hate than it deserves. Solid, forceful little standup. A bit of a chore to prevent headbanging, but not enough to kill the experience. I lol'd at how long SFA designed its queue.


    -Batwing was closed most of the time I was in the Gotham City area. I got in line inside the station when it was testing, however it broke down when one of the rows wouldn't rise (pic down below). Never felt the desire to check on it at any other point of the day.


    -Overall, I do not plan on coming back unless they make some major upgrades, which is doubtful. My 3-4 hours there were decent enough, but uncomfortable at the same time. The lack of shade, bad operations and rowdy atmosphere were kind of distracting, especially after 2 great days at KD. Glad I lucked out with Superman and Roar considering they were down the last few days, though. I'm glad I got the new experience and credits.


    Pics below. Sorry for the quality, we were in a time crunch so I had little time to find good angles or wait for 1 train every 10min to come thru:











































  17. Day 2 ride count:


    Intimidator 305- 5x

    Grizzly- 2x

    Woodstock Express- 2x

    Volcano- 1x

    Flight of Fear- 1x

    Dominator- 1x

    Rebel Yell- 1x

    Ricochet- 1x

    Anaconda- 1x

    Flyers- 1x

    Delerium- 1x




    -Had a very good, but exhausting day at the park. Was there from rope drop until the very last ride of the night on Intimidator 305. Crowds were low-moderate. Most rides were walk-ons. The rides that had waits never saw lines past 20min or so. One thing that went unnoticed last night due to the extremely low crowds is the very slow ride operations throughout the park. Almost every ride had slow operations staffed by uninspired employees. Every coaster with 2 trains was stacking, and coasters with 1 train were taking forever to load and dispatch. I305, Grizzly and Rebel Yell were all running only 1 train.


    -Got some better looks at the Twisted Timbers construction site. They seemed to be working on the brakerun area throughout the day. That stretch of 3 straight camelbacks is going to be absolutely amazing.


    -Finally got my Grizzly credit after 12 years, and I found the ride to be fantastic! Some really solid airtime moments, great setting and it was acceptably smooth. After I305 and Volcano it was possibly my 3rd favorite coaster in the park. Very underrated. Sidenote- who the hell thought it'd be a good idea to make you walk through the Dinosaurs Alive gift shop to get to the Grizzly entrance? It took us far too long to find the ride, which is already hidden by trees as it is.


    -Rebel Yell was just as forgettable as I figured it would be considering I had 0 recollection of it from my 2005 trip.


    -This park has some fantastic offerings for families and guests of all ages. My step son loved Planet Snoopy and could have spent all 10 hours there. Woodstock Express is a great coaster to transition little ones from baby rides to the moderately thrilling coasters. We saw two shows; "Jump" which was a dog show, and "Cirque" which was a take on "Cirque De Solei." Both shows were well-done and broke up the day for us nucely. The Kings Dominion Theater was really nice for your average theme park show theater.


    -After 5 more rides on I305, including on the last train of the night, I officially have put it in my top 3, behind El Toro and Wicked Cyclone, above Skyrush, and neck-and-neck with Superman: The Ride. After some more rides I do think I prefer the front two rows compared to the back of the train. I can't wait to get on it again next season. Considering how highly I value Wicked Cyclone, the I305/Twisted Timbers duo should pack a serious punch!



    Tomorrow I will be visiting SFA for the first time so look out for that update. I am very curious to see how it goes considering its reputation, but either way it will provide new credits and break up the 5 hour car ride. Crossing my fingers that Superman is open since it appears to have been down the last couple of days!

















































  18. A little background before I begin- Kings Dominion is a park I have only visited once, way back in March/April 2005. Since that time, a lot has changed at KD. The park has seen a change in ownership/management plus added a variety of new attractions, including Intimidator 305, which has been a bucket-list coaster of mine for 7 years now. My opinion of KD based on my 2005 trip was that while it was a good park, it seemed to be missing...something. Keep in mind, I caught the park very early in the season with Drop Tower and Grizzly down for maintenance and Hypersonic broke down at about 11am right before I boarded (and never reopened). Still, I never felt compelled to travel back to the park, despite the park having no significant flaws.


    Anyway, on a random night 2-3 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to take a small roadtrip to end the summer.. I had already visited LC and SFNE this summer on a mini-trip. I hit Hershey last season as well. That left Knoebels or a KD/SFA combo. Considering I needed that I305 credit and had never visited SFA before, the choice was easy for me...KD/SFA it was.


    PSA-Up until Sunday night, my plan was to stay at the Centerstone Inn (basically an on-site hotel) from Tuesday-Thursday. We booked the hotel two weeks in advance. With the weather report showing scattered thunderstorms all day Wednesday since early last week, we decided we would try and play things safe and book Wednesday-Friday (arriving Wednesday, visiting Thursday, then hitting SFA on the way back home on Friday). However, the Centerstone Inn was very shady about re-arranging the dates. At first, they said that they had no rooms with a queen bed available on Thursday. Then, they said that they had no reservations booked for us on the original dates. This was bull as when I initially gave them my last name to retrieve booking info, they confirmed that my first name was Alex. After arguing with Expedia over this hotel's shadiness, we got our refund and booked the Days Inn across from the park instead.


    Day 1:


    Considering the weather in Doswell today, we decided to hit SFA instead as the forecast seemed more clear. However, while driving down the NJ Turnpike, we noticed that Superman was showing up as closed, so we chanced buying the 2-day ticket for KD instead to get in a couple of rides tonight before our all-day stay tomorrow. This turned out to be an amazing choice. After an uneventful 4.5hr drive from central NJ, we arrived at our hotel about 3:30pm. The hotel is very meh, but for $60/night we weren't expecting much. The shuttle to the park is extremely convenient and saved us from the usual, pricey parking upcharge. Anyway, we ended up with 3.5 hours for the night...


    Ride count:


    Intimidator 305- 7x (2x front row, 4x back row, 1x 3rd to last row)

    Flight of Fear- 1x

    Volcano- 1x

    Backlot- 2x

    Drop Tower- 1x

    Dominator- 1x


    Eiffel Tower- 1x





    -After reaching 150 coasters tonight, and being an enthusiast now for nearly 20 years, there isn't many coaster experiences out there that are new or different for me. I305 is definitely an exception. For 7 years now I have pretty much known the layout front to back. And while I have seen the POV's and many glowing reviews, on the surface it never really grabbed my attention. Still, I knew there had to be something more to the experience than what meets the eye, so it always was near the top of my bucket list. After 7 rides tonight, I can safely say that this ride is an absolutely INCREDIBLE, completely unique experience. There is no coaster I can really compare it to. It surpasses Skyrush's overall intensity with raw speed and positive G-forces instead of airtime. What caught me by surprise was the random pops of ejector in the back rows, in spots I didn't think there would be any airtime. This was most noticable in that middle twister section, where you get a dazzling array of speed, positive g's, laterals and sprinkles of ejector all in one.


    I am not ready to rank I305 yet, but it is definitely in my top 5, possibly top 2-3. I can't tell if I prefer the front or back row. The front row gave the best sense of speed and had the best positive g's on the first turnaround (I stayed grayed out until the airtime on top of the 2nd hill). The back row gave the more intense airtime and laterals during the 2nd half of the ride. I can't wait to try both out again tomorrow!


    -The park was DEAD the 3 hours I was there. If I had wanted to I could have marathoned I305 all night without getting off. The longest I waited all night was two trains for Volcano. This was especially helpful since it allows more time to focus on family rides tomorrow with my 8 year old step son (Julien) tagging along.


    -Volcano was running as well as I remember. Very underrated invert.


    -Backlot was a new credit for me and a priority since I knew my step son would love it. As usual, Premier delivered an exceptional ride, and it was a favorite for Julien. Great balance of thrill and pure fun.


    -FoF was running a lot rougher than what I remember. It was still a blast and instantly made me miss Chiller at GAdv, but I definitely had to brace myself quite a bit.


    -Finally got my lost Drop Tower credit after 12 years! Zumanjaro definitely killed some of the experience for me as it felt exactly like a scaled-down model of it. Still, it was very fun, despite the very abrupt braking which crushed my man-region. I had the side that faced the Twisted Timbers construction site which was cool.


    -Speaking of Twisted Timbers, it's amazing how much action they will pack into that footprint. It will be even more compact than the animation suggests. I remember very little of Hurler, but I do remember it was rather uninspired and unenjoyable. Twisted Timbers will be the perfect, airtime-filled counterpart to I305 that the park needs. Super excited for that addition.


    -Dominator was interesting as I had ridden it back in 2003 as Batman: Knight Flight. The coaster is still my 2nd favorite floorless next to Kraken. It is unusually intense for a B&M floorless and breaks the standard layout protocol. Unfortunately, the 2nd half has the worst B&M rattle I have ever experienced, but it didn't kill the experience for me. I'm very glad CF salvaged this ride.


    -Overall, the park seems to be in much better condition to what I remember from 2005. CF seemed to have put in a good amount of work into fixing the park's aesthetics and has infused some amazing thrills for good measure. Everything about my 3.5 hours tonight was fantastic and I cannot wait to spend a full day tomorrow!









































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  19. I think we would have seen a Planning Board Meeting by now if we were getting Mack Compact Extreme Spinning coaster. There is nothing on the schedule so far. I am expecting a ride that sits on an existing concrete slab.


    This isn't necessarily true. Referring to the 2015 agendas, Joker wasn't proposed until two weeks after it was announced to the public.


    As of now I really have no idea what we are getting. I'm hoping they throw us a curveball and give us something out of left field.

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