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  1. SFFT has done a great job the last couple of years. I wouldn't mind him taking on the role at our park.
  2. One thing I give our park credit for is they do really care about capacity. I'm sure they had some say in putting it on Skull Mountain instead of Nitro, Toro, etc...
  3. Woah, I had no idea Batman had an on-ride photo op! When did they get rid if it?
  4. Viper was a piece of crap, but did have redeeming qualities. The first drop was fantastic, and while the pain from the restraints killed most of the joy out of the heartline rolls, they were pretty unique. It is the one coaster I truly do not miss, though, because of the brilliant ride that replaced it.
  5. In a perfect world, yes. After hearing how SF neglected and ruined Apocalypse at SFMM in just a few years, no.
  6. Why would it be a "dream" for you to ruin your homepark of 30 years' record? I understand breaking a story early for the fans, but to do it to destroy a park that has spoiled its fans SO MUCH over the last 20 years is crazy. Especially when a big source of it is because they didn't put a freakin' JL ride exactly where you wanted it. I can't even imagine what you would do if you had a bottom-dwelling SF like SFA or La Ronde as your homepark. And you have the right to break stories just like Harry has the right to keep stories under wraps. If he tried breaking every story, his relationship would deteriorate, and 1/2 his content would not exist as the park dorectly gave him that stuff. That means no museum, books, etc... To look down on sites like this or TPR because they respect park wishes is short-sighted.
  7. Why did you say on your Insider Updates page that you've been on a JL ride in response to someone's post? And most of what other parks offer that are better than our park does not have to do with coasters. I have been on 150 coasters and about 30 parks, and only CP touches our lineup. Our other major advantages are size and the safari. What seperates us from parks like CP and Hershey (huge parks with 13+ coasters are flat rides, upkeep and atmosphere. All those things are related to attracting families, who also happen to bring in loads of $. A ride like JL suits the entire family. You can get the smaller kids on it, people who don't like coasters, and DC/Marvel have such a MASSIVE fanbase of all ages at the moment. Universal perfected building similar rides off kid-ish movies. Harry Potter, Transformers, Spiderman...all things I'm sure YOUR kids might not like, but millions of families every year travel across the country to empty their wallets for.
  8. Until you try it, don't knock it. And a dark ride has been on top of almost every poll I've seen the last 10 years for which attraction people most want to see at our park. And this particular dark ride has gotten great reviews and people have been eating it up. So even though you don't like it, it is a great addition.
  9. Nothing. Justice League is a proven attraction at 4 parks already that has received rave reviews.
  10. The building proposed is only 30ft tall...no way are we looking at a major indoor coaster.
  11. Ugh, went I did the one last year I put my email down to send me future surveys. Hopefully I get it soon.
  12. So your letter was about your concerns of not using a standing structure for a new JL ride, yet you are fine with them demolishing yet ANOTHER structure just because it keeps your T-Rex theory alive? You, sir, are a special kind of crazy. It would be a better fit to put JL in the Stunt Arena spot, though. The facade would look great there.
  13. I'm sorry but this all seems like a tantrum because the park didn't follow your outline for the future. With how this company gouges its customers for every penny, why do you care they don't put JL in what is already arguably the most crowded midway we have? They make us pass the games already to get to the the GK and PDC. Hell, even the "shortcut" to El Toro requires cutting through an arcade. With an extra giftshop, maybe a new restaurant and restorations throughout OC/Movietown, how do you know they would make so much more money putting it on the Boardwalk? You don't. This could just be the beginning of making Movietown/OC a "moneypit" like you call the Boardwalk. And besides, the money SF plans on making from JL is through getting new admissions, keeping customers returning, and adding yet another new attraction for families who have kids not quite big enough for half the coasters. Trust me, I wanted it to go in the sim building as well to keep Chiller's location open for a coaster. I also wanted Bugs Bunny Land to get totally refurbrished in 2004 and Viper to get removed for a drop tower in 2005. That was my best plan back then. What we got is Kingda Ka (and Zumanjaro eventually), El Toro, and two new themed sections. They had a better plan for the future than I ever did. My point is they might have something better up their sleeves than you ever did, so be patient. Just be happy we are FINALLY getting a dark ride and reopening a dead area of the park. That is awesome and brings us one step closer to being a "complete" park once again with no abandoned/rundown buildings or entire areas.
  14. Umm...what does this have to do what I said? My point was if JL got blocked by the planning board for reasons Railer is stating, it could hurt chances of future atteactions (some of which he wants) being approved. If an "eyesore" building on private property which cannot be seen by public roads can be reason to shut a project down, then it is hard to reason future attractions that will require things like tree removal being approved. And when I say attractions, I am not referring to only coasters. As far as coasters go, I am fine with JL this year. In the future, though, we will need to see a coaster addition. With our park being the money-maker it is, and having the mild decade we have had in terms of new coaster additions, it will be a necessity to keep people interested and coming back. We are not at that point yet, though.
  15. Yeah that is insane and if it somehow worked (it won't) it could indirectly destroy the chance of future attractions being approved.
  16. It's a little disappointing we are finding all this out so early, but at least we know we got something exciting to look forward to next year. I am doubtful 2018 will be a coaster year since Joker and JL are both pretty major on the current SF scale. One thing that is a little concerning is that SF seems so content on adding the same things to every park. By next year about half the chain or more will have JL rides, Super Loops, and RMC conversions (Free Spins will likely be in that category rather soon as well). It kind of takes away my desire to travel to the other SF parks. I really hope at some point they switch it up and give some parks general improvements (paint jobs, repavements, landscaping, etc...) and the other half larger scale coasters. Then vice versa the next year, or something along those lines.
  17. You keep saying they are leaving money on the table, but I don't see it. Whatever money they lose by not putting it by the games will be made up through increasing traffic to a completely dead area of the park. This includes the shops and food places that already exist in Movietown, and if they build any more to go with this addition. They may also intend on adding new shows to the theater, which a JL ride would certainly bring traffic to. I just don't see the Boardwalk games as such a huge money pit to be the deal-breaker you think they are. Especially since it is such a heavily congested area already. What makes OC a bad fit, to me, is it leaves RT's footprint as the only logical location for a new coaster. Any other spot would include major removals or relocations. Considering how coaster/traffic heavy that side of the park is, that is a problem.
  18. El Toro/Nitro/KK is better than any big 3 SFMM can put up. We actually provably got a better flat collection and we have a MASSIVE safari which is unique to almost any park in the world. Operations-wise we also crush SFMM. SFMM does get spoiled with sheer number of coasters, but we do have one of the very best collections in the world, do get pretty big additions at a steady rate, we are generally more well-liked and our attendance is even with SFMM despite smaller schedule. There is a reason we were going to get a resort hotel right before Premier went under. We are certainly a co-flagship park with SFMM.
  19. Actually we have been considered the flagship in the past. Our attendance is basically even with SFMM as highest in the chain despite being open fewer months out of the year. Despite less crazy coaster additions compared to SFMM over the last few years, we do get spoiled in other ways and still have one of the best coaster lineups in the world.
  20. No, after I saw the pics YoungPup posted, I figured there wasn't much to look at since it definitely did not appear to be track. Contemplating going tomorrow before work but we'll see.
  21. Who is "some" people? I posted it a page back mostly as a joke. There is a very, very small chance it could be supports, but it's doubtful.
  22. Hahaha. Just to give Railer a little hope, there is a very small chance the painted metal pieces could be for a lift structure similar to Goliath's... We gotta keep this thread going for at least another 1.5 months before we start talking about 2018 afterall!
  23. My issue with the location is it really limits the space for another coaster on that side of the park. The other side has KK/Toro/S:UF/GL/Safari/Zumanjaro/El Diablo...all newer than Nitro, Batman or Skull Mountain. Throw in Bizarro and RMT as well. With JL now likely going into Chiller's spot, there is little to no room for a major Movietown coaster unless some major attraction moving/removing occurs. And it also kills the Boardwalk's ability to add something major as the only thing you could really fit was a JL ride in the sim building location. That leaves the only spot for coaster expansion near RT's old footprint, which is an already congested area of the park.
  24. In the past 9 years we traded both sides of Chiller, GASM and both sides of RT for Joker (clone), GL (relocated standup) and TDK (Wild Mouse). While our collection is still great, we have hardly been spoiled coaster-wise over the last decade.
  25. Of course I would have much preferred a launched coaster, but I can't complain about JL ride at all. They do seem to be relatively high quality and we desperately need a ride that keeps us out of the summer heat. It is confusing why they'd build a whole new structure for it and leave the simulator building dormant, but that's neither here nor there. It does kinda bother me that this means we probably won't see a major coaster until 2019, and that they could have banked the El Diablo/Joker money for zomething more worthwhile. Despite its front gate location, I haven't seen Joker get the big lines I was expecting, and rider reaction seems to be lukewarm. I really wish they saved it for any form of RMC instead.
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