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  1. Did your brother give you any details of what those metal pieces looked like?
  2. Stumped again lol. Definitely got to see this in person. Still feel it is not track at all.
  3. Well, because I don't want to wait a couple of days before we get a better pic, I will be heading to the park tomorrow morning to check it out for myself. Obviously won't take a pic on Nitro, but I'll try to get a zoomed in pic from the station. I'll post what I see here before noon. Luckily, Joker's still got that newness factor for me not to regret taking a 2nd trip out there in 3 days!
  4. My point was the "track" we may or may not have looks like it does have a spine, just not with a circular spine like a Vekoma. Zoom in to right above the turnstile to the piece closest to the camera. It appears to be thicker and more rectangular like this: As I said, though, I still doubt it is track. We are almost a year away from the new attraction even opening, and no ground has even be dug yet. I'd be shocked if this turned out to be track for a 2017 coaster.
  5. That's a good guess we haven't considered. *IF* it is track, the thing that is tripping me up in regards to a Vekoma is those coasters have a circular spine, whereas the alleged track closest to that pic has what looks like a more rectangular spine. That would be a great, sensible addition though. I'll stop analyzing that pic until we get a much better look at it.
  6. The part sticking out closest to the camera looks like it has a pretty big spine...if it is indeed track of course (sort of feels like I am analyzing grainy Big Foot footage lol). Mack normally uses the old style Intamin box track.
  7. I don't *think* it is track, and that picture is hard to make out, but it almost looks like Premier track...
  8. Interesting. Very hard to tell from that pic what exactly I'm looking at, butI will say it is a bigger shipment than I anticipated.
  9. Wish I checked this site before heading out to the park today, I would have hopped on Nitro and taken a good look. One interesting thing about this is SFOG already got a shipment in and used it as a tease for what they are getting for 2017 (appears to me to be a JL vehicle under wrap). However, the shipment could literally be for ANYTHING. Unless track, supports or ride vehicle is on that truck, we'll have to wait and see how things progress. FWIW, in Harry's new park update, there are what appear to be a couple pink survey markers in Chiller's old footprint. Considering how few and far apart they are I'm not looking into it yet, but it is something to take note of. At this point, I'm very unsure of what's coming next year. My gut feeling is a couple of flats or nothing, since that has been the norm for SF recently after adding a coaster or major ride. However, I still go back to why they would finally open up the OC path last year, then demolish Chiller's station this year. After all the work done over the last decade, I'm sure they could have cut a deal to get it done cheaper like the 2-for package they possibly got this year (after taking down Grandstand and the stadium). They rarely spend extra money without a reason behind it, so I do feel a major coaster in that spot is a very real possibility. This time next month we should have a very good idea of next year's addition.
  10. Finally got on this last night, twice. Both times I got green side. First ride I faced the lakeside and it was very fun. Second ride I faced the Nitro side and got my balls smashed and smacked my head from the whiplash on a spin. I'll make sure to staple myself in more to prevent the ball-bashing, and keep my head fixed to orevent whiplash. Overall, I enjoyed the new addition, and it is definitely a unique and worthy attraction for this park.
  11. It's actually not that small, especially when you factor in if a coaster crosses over by Freefall's old location. Obviously not a spot for a coaster with a massive footprint, but SFGAm fit RMC's tallest coaster yet in a similar plot of land. I was at the park last night and saw it from the Skyride. No visible markings or much going on. If something big is to go there, we should start seeing some activity over the next month.
  12. That's the theater, which I highly doubt they'd remove. I could see a coaster crossing over by the old Freefall location, though.
  13. While Railer did some awesome investigative work last year, the whole 4D thing was the heavy rumor since 2014 (Joker was supposedly for 2015 but Zumanjaro went over budget).His stance for this year is either JL or T-Rex. If the Chiller spot shows markings, my bet is RMC. I doubt they'd waste that big piece of land on a dark ride, and I also don't see two show buildings sotting side by side (the other being TDK). With a perfect vacany in the old simulator building that spot would make little sense.
  14. It is certainly a business decision. Big corporations very, very rarely make those decisions out of good will. I have 0 issues with the plan...it is green energy, on their property and they will replant a bunch of trees to make up for tearing so many down.
  15. There are fins that control the spinning. I remember on one of Batman's first test runs the cars spinned about 50 times. With the fins adjusted they only spin 6-7 times.
  16. I forgot I had an account there. Just updated it, I'm at 144. I feel I probably have over 150 but the coasters at all the Jersey shore parks blend into each other, especially since it's been many years since I've rode them.
  17. I never said there aren't people who decide to light up in the middle of the pathway. But many violators do try to stay out of the way. And to everyone, I DO believe there should be designated areas for smoking. I just feel there are so many bigger security issues that need attention before the severe crackdown on smokers. And I do feel the menace of smoking in non-designated areas is really overblown. That's just me, though.
  18. I'm 100% biased because I am a (e-cig) smoker, but smoking should be very low on the totem pole of security issues compared to violence, vandalism, theft, etc... I'd even put line jumping in that group as well. Most smokers violating policy usually do so on the edge of walkways, with such small traces of smoke getting to other guests that it has 0 effect. It isn't like we are talking about chronic second-hand smoke inhalation from a family member who smokes indoors. You'd have to by right next to them for an extended period of time to even have the smell on your clothes. I just feel non-smokers go way overboard and dramatic with the issue. Crucifying vape smokers is especially ridiculous. /rant Edit- As far as smoking goes, tobacco isn't the main issue for the park IMO. Walking through the parking lot last year for Fright Fest was like being at a Wiz Khalifa concert. I have no issue with people who decide to smoke weed, but having kids walk through clouds of weed cannot be allowed and must be cracked down on.
  19. Last year WC was only for Platinum FP, and I can see them being grimey and doing the same for Superman this year.
  20. I went last year on Wednesday/Thursday in mid/late June. Wasn't too bad (20-30min wait for the major coasters/rides). I did get platinum FP to marathon WiCy and Bizarro, and if you have the money it is well worth it. You can't really beat a WiCy marathon or double S:TR laps in the front row. NESS, Goliath and Thunderbolt have very slow moving lines as well.
  21. LR's launch is not designed by RMC...they have nothing to do with it. Dollywood contracted a 3rd party who has never dealt with a launch system before. There is the issue
  22. About 2:30 or so. I noticed it was still on as I was leaving.
  23. Just got back from the park. Some notes and pics... -GREAT day at the park!!! Perfect weather, station waits for everything, and every important ride was open. -...unfortunately, most food places were not. I understand the staffing issue, but BOTW, Mach Nacho and a bunch of places were closed. Took 20min to get chicken tenders on the Boardwalk with only one person in front of us. My only real knock on the day. -El Toro valleyed on the first test run I saw it have of the day (got there around 10ish). We were approaching the ride by Macho Nacho when I saw it crawl over the RT hill, and it eventually valleyed right before the brakerun. An hour later I saw them use a pulley system via crane to SLOWLY bring it to the brakerun. An hour later they already had it open! Got second train of the year by pure luck, in the 2nd to last row (the magic seat!). First half ran faster than I expected for this early in the season, second half crawled a bit. -Joker looks great! Fits like a glove at the end of Main St. To my surprise, it has NOT been "topped off" in terms of the citcuit being complete. There is one piece missing in the brakerun area. -For the first day, ride operations were on point. They were cranking out trains everywhere except El Toro, but I'm assuming that had a little to do with the morning valley. -The lakefront looks awesome without the vacant Grandstand taking up space. They still closed the area off, but when it opens it should look good. -Overall, awesome day to start the season!!! Ride count: Kingda Ka 1x Zumanjaro1x El Diablo 1x El Toro 2x Bizarro 1x Skyride 1x Skull Mountain 1x Nitro 1x Pics: New view of Main St. El Valley...Ole!! The only redeeming quality of Zumanjaro ridiculously long queue. Pulling the train into the brakerun. New view of lakefront near BBNP. The lake. Generic Bizarro pic. Maybe it's because I haven't waited over 10min for Medisa/Bizarro since circa-2002 so I never noticed...but did SF really get THIS lazy with the theming?!? Hahaha. Back up and running...kudos SF!!! No lines all day. This is common for Bizarro but you get the point... Generic view from the skyride. Generic view from the skyride #2. Grandstand-less lakefront. *cue dramatic SF new coaster music* Last piece of missing track. Can't wait for grand opening. Joker looks really cool in person. Nitro/Batman. #Skull Fountain Nitro's queue at 2:30. Had a great day!!!
  24. My #1 thing would be to get new trains for KK. Obviously, I'd prefer TTD's trains with the lapbars, but I'd be fine with the I305 vest restraints as well. My big issue with the trains is how poorly they track due to their bulkiness. If they could form a sleeker design, even with the current restraints, I'd be completely happy. In the future, I-Box'ing El Toro is a must. 10 years in it is still riding great, but there are a few major potholes if you sit in a wheel seat towards the back of the train. Above EVERYTHING else the park does, preserving Toro's quality should be the top priority.
  25. Good in moderation. SF is an amusement park before it is theme park, however it DOES contain more theming than a chain like CF does. And licensed characters, such as DC characters, are very easy to build a solid-quality theme around due to the cartoonish nature of the material. You'll notice SF's best themed rides are often comic book related, while often times the non-super hero rides are generically themed without much focus or imagination (Goliath, Titan, Full Throttle, Total Mayhem, etc...). Also, with the massive jump in popularity comic books have seen via cinema, they are highly marketable and relevant on a global level, with dozens of new comic book movies on the horizon for years to come. That is a huge selling point for the GP, and with DC expanding their cinematic universe with characters like Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman, I feel it won't simply be Batman and Superman (and their villains) being the centerpiece of ride themes in the upcoming years. My gripe with our park in particular is these super hero rides are spread out amongst every corner of the park. I feel this kills the integrity of the non-related themed lands half of them are situated in. If from Movietown to the Joker was rethemed to Gotham City, Bizarro was rethemed to a non-comic book ride, and the end of the Boardwalk was a small DC Land, it would greatly improve the cohesiveness of the park's theming. With Bizarro in particular I have no idea what the park was thinking.
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