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  1. I'm fine with the change solely for the fact that the ride will be getting TLC and now essentially the entire Lakefront will be reimagined. Obviously, another DC themed ride is overkill, especially with how scattered they are, but I'll take fresh generic over rotting original anyday.
  2. I can't tell from the map, but will Harley Quinn also get a new paint job? Even though I'm a little lukewarm to the 4D experience itself, I am getting VERY excited to see that area + the Lakefront getting re-imagined. It has needed attention for so long and a beautiful looking coaster, plaza, removal of those rundown buildings and an open view of the lake will be the most refreshing sight since El Toro back in 2006. One more new coaster, possibly a JL ride and a couple flats, all additions filling current dead areas like OC and the sim building, will make the park so well-rounded and amazing in the next 5-6 years. I feel confident in saying we are slowly and steadily heading in the proper direction for the first time in a decade. Couple that with HITP getting better and better as they assess its pro's and con's and make small adjustments, and we will shoot up the list of best parks in the country. What a time to be a fan!!!
  3. Don't know why, but I'm surprised they are that far along. Couple more pieces and they will be done with vertical construction. I'm more intrigued what they do with the plaza/queue than the actual coaster.
  4. My only argument would be the fact that SF was up in profit last year, with (I'm assuming) GAdv having a huge year, especially with the addition of HITP. That, along with the fact that Joker wasn't a huge investment, makes me believe it IS possible. Maybe unlikely, but definitely within the realm of possibility.
  5. I remember when B:TR was repaimted in 2004ish, I was REALLY hoping for the gray/black. Fantastic combo and most realistic to his costume (at least in the animated movies). Never was much a fan of the blue/black. I remember during its last painting the purple primer/tester strip would have been an interesting color scheme for the ride.
  6. No reason to change it...it's a pretty stunning combo when its fresh. The issue is after q5 years, fresh and Nitro do not go together. A repaint would do wonders, at least in the visible parts and maybe finish it over 2-3 years.
  7. I think a little past the old safari entrance would be ideal. Balconies would give an amazing an unique view of the safari and skyline, and the location would be close enough to add a special hotel-only entrance to the park where RT's old turnaround was. That is the primary reason for choosing that area over across the lake. Also, I would have it themed similar to the Golden Kingdom, with that temple/jungle look to it. It would go well with its proximity to the safari and the hotel-only entrance by the GK. As far as ammenities go, I would indeed include an indoor waterpark as well as huge Dave and Busters. To me, D&B is the perfect fit for a theme park as it combines chain-quality food, games for kids, and alcohol and sports for adults...an ideal blend of entertainment for the whole family. The waterpark + D&B would keep people coming year-round, with D&B being a money-maker for dinner and post-park hours. Another idea is to build a massive hotel/casino along the lines of Mohegan Sun. That will have non-enthusiasts from all over coming to the property who will decide to frequent the park due to its proximity and discounted tickets. With the property the park has, it could certainly house a hotel/casino and the crowds it will bring. In fact, it could be the key step to making the property a premier entertainment capital in the country, especially if they expanded the park and HH, added one or two chain restaurants and an indoor waterpark. Of course this will never happen, but GAdv has the VERY rare combo of location, size and foundation to be more than simply a coaster destination (aka be more Universal than CP). The only issue would be drunk/unruly casino guests spilling over the family-centered amusement park.
  8. Lookin' good! Can't wait to be staring right at it while entering the park.
  9. I disagree about the cost thing. It may end up being cheaper due to length, but not material. Steel is far more expensive than wood, and none of the concepts show far less supports than any of the newer B&M's. Fewer connectors make labor easier and cut down that cost, but not so much the price of the materials. Anyway, I see nothing wrong with discussing the station removal and how it MIGHT connect to something in the near future. Obviously, I have far more doubts than Railer, but after a decade of inactivity, I doubt they would spend the hefty pricetag to demolish it and clean the area up without soon-ish plans to develop the area. Of course, the land could be essentially left vacant, but is likely the first step in permanently opening Old Country up, especially with management wanting no dead areas of the park. If Old Country is to open back up, they will likely add SOME centerpiece attraction to draw the crowds. Judging from SF's recent additions, the options are a 4D (which we now have), a JL dark ride (which would likely go in the existing sim building), a Premier, or lastly an RMC. From that group, RMC does seem the most likely. Bottom line is we are smack dab in the middle of the offseason, so we are thirsty for some fun and exciting discussion. And since there is a CHANCE this could lead to something pretty big, we are excited !
  10. Definitely a major sign SOMETHING is coming to Old Country for 2017. They wouldn't knock it down and let the space sit dormant until 2018. It's basically confirmation OC will be fully operational for 2017. Now, it's a matter of keeping an eye out for markings in and around Chiller's footprint. I must say, since I doubt they would put another show building next to TDK for a JL ride, I really feel it will be a coaster. And considering SF's coaster additions over the last 5 years, the only LIKELY additions are a Premier or RMC (since we got the 4D this year). My gut tells me an RMC is coming. I do think it is premature to jump the gun with the T-Rex design over a traditional RMC, however. The pricetag on an all-steel RMC compared to a wooden/hybrid is pretty significant, and SF has been cheaping out this decade. Even with El Toro at the park, I could easily see a traditional RMC coming to our park. It is definitely possible we premiere the first T-Rex, though, considering we are arguably the biggest/most important park in the chain, and it would certainly make waves. Speaking of the T-Rex design, do you guys think they will stick closely to the layout in the concept video (which included a lift and not a primarly launch, BTW) or do you guys feel we'd get something unique tailored specifically for our park? Also, if an RMC is to come, do you feel it is possible we receive the Raptor design instead? Since this could possibly be RMC's first all-steel, and since the plot of land might be a tad too small for what the T-Rex concept video showed, I do think it's very possible we see the Raptor design instead. And if they do stick to the prototype concept layouts, there are a lot of things I liked about the Raptor layout better than the T-Rex, along with what look to be longer trains (the 3-car design if the T-Rex is one of its primary downfalls, IMO).
  11. 10 years after it last operated, I am sure the track and electrical equiment is in terrible, possibly non-operable condition. If they haven't touched the coaster yet, I highly, highly doubt they ever will. If they do, it will probably need a ton of work from Premier to get in working condition.
  12. I agree a test doesn't have to be the biggest, tallest etc... I just don't view the B&M giga as something that was a test project since it's the same design and technology as the B&M mega coasters, which were already prevelant at CF parks, just 50-60ft taller. CF knew it'd be a success based on the mega coasters reputation. And again, if we are calling the 2 across seating with the same seating and restraints as the 4 across, then you would have to call Banshee a test coaster as well since it was the first inverted coaster with vest restraints. I just don't view CW as much of a test park. I see where you're coming from, and they have been the first to a couple ideas, but I wouldn't put them in the same class as SFMM for the SF chain, or BGT in the Busch chain (first B&M, first invert, first dive machine...all of which BGW would later invest in). Those are real "test" parks to me. Either way, glad yo get some clarification as I was completely stumped on the CW is a test park statement! Anyway, if Old Country is to be removated, do you guys feel they will keep/refurbish the Batman and Showcase theaters, or possibly tear them down? The shows this year, especially the magic show and HITP shows, seemed to be major hits this year, so I am really hoping for consistent lineups at both venues if/when OC opens back up permanently.
  13. I do not think the B&M installments qualify as test coasters for the chain. The B&M giga is the same technology as already existing coasters in the chain, just 50-60ft taller. They were proven commodities for over a decade before Leviathan. I would consider it far more of an innovation than an invention. It's like calling CP a test park because TTD was the first strata in the chain...that was the innovation to Xcelerator's invention. Similar thing with the 2-across trains. They used the same exact restraints and seats, offering no significant distinction to the 4-across that would be the spark to create change or a domino effect throughout the company. Again, it's like KI being called a test park because Banshee is the first invert to have the vest restraints. The VR technology, sure, I'll bite. But I still wouldn't even put them at the level of even SFMM as far as test parks go (X2, first Zacspin, first dueling RMC that also includes only one track, etc..).
  14. I don't think Europa beats us. Besides SFMM and CP, I think the only park that might have a case is Hershey, as they have similar quantity, a few very elite coasters, and solid and diverse mid-tier coasters. I think our top 3 edges out their top 3, and I feel our 4 other B&M's are better than their next best 4th-7th best coasters. There are a few parks who might have a case over us in terms of quality per capita like both Busch Parks and Holiday World, where pretty much all coasters at each of those parks are above average at worst. But, they don't go 12-15 deep, so I still rank us ahead. With sn RMC, plus Joker, I think we rank quite favorably to SFMM and CP. I know the removal of Chiller would likely be what hopefully leads to an RMC at our park someday, but it's a shame we couldn't work out the kinks. I reallly felt the park's lineup was pretty much perfect back in '06, post-Toro and pre-removal of Chiller's inline twists. It really balanced our lineup perfectly. Even with the additions over the years, the lineup has never felt the same. Anyway, if not an RMC, what do you guys think will be our next coaster addition? Do you feel GAdv would take another crack at Premier, and if so would it be in the Full Throttle mold, or a Superman at SFDK clone? I know it's been a few years since SF has been involved with either company, but could you guys see us contracting GCI or B&M for a new coaster? What about a manufacturer SF doesn't normally use for coasters, like S&S or Mack? Do you feel Intamin would give SF a discount for a major coaster since they've been mostly out of the US market for a couple of years and could use a new coaster to break back into the market?
  15. I'm not a fan of the wingrider concept, and with Joker having winged seats, it seems redundant. Also, I am VERY against putting 2 big show buildings in TDK and a JL ride right next to each other as it would be a major eyesore. I appreciate your plan, though, and it would greatly revive the area. Personally, as BADLY as I want a RMC at this park, I am very apprehensive of the TRex dueler. Firstly, being a prototype on three fronts...1) it would be RMC's first steel coaster, 2) it would be using prototype track and trains which could come with unknown complications, and 3) it would use advanced technology to attempt to sync the trains up, which could cause technical difficulties and knowing SF, would rarely run correctly. Also, I find the TRex concept to be pretty ugly and the all-steel design would add a couple million to the regular wooden RMC pricetag. I do not want an RMC with only a couple elements because of SF's budget situation. I want an RMC packed with anazing elements like Wicked Cyclone or Medusa Steel Coaster, even if it means a run of the mill wooden RMC design that's short in stature. However, ANY RMC that comes to the park would be a huge win, regardless of ride style. They make some truly incredible coasters, and a lineup featuring an RMC, two insane Intamin's, a 4D and five B&M's would be ridiculously hard to beat.
  16. It's cool, man. We are all excited for what could be coming. It's just when you start saying things are fact and cannot be denied...when there is no proof and it can be denied...and then start plotting out very specific details as if you've read the blueprints (specifically, the restaurant the size of Macho Nacho).....and then start talking about your predictions from last year like you had inside sources or read inbetween lines no one else saw, when infact the 4D was the strong rumor since 2013 when Robb from TPR let the info slip at an event, and the Total Mayhem name made coaster site headlines due to the copyright...then you use these correct predictions as a reason why you will once again be right and start taking bets against people who are not opposing you enough to even care to take the bet... ...it all just comes across as very arrogant and misguided. I loved your photo TR updates from last year, and love your enthusiasm for future additions. It keeps discussion fresh and exciting. Just don't get so cocky when there are so many facts that go against the RMC dueler for 2017, and don't trust very flimsy sources for information because you are looking so hard for info to point to what you are specifically looking for. We all want you to keep posting and keep the discussion going, just ease up a bit.
  17. I don't know why you are acting like you had inside sources that told you that the name Total Mayhem was coming to our park...it was public trademark records that was posted on various coaster/park related websites. Many people even rumored it for our park. Only reason people doubted the name was because of how stupid and generic it was...which SF apparently agreed with and scrapped it. As I said, not saying you won't end up being right, but we are still a far cry from it being a "fact" like you keep stating. There are many facts that point to it not happening, as well...budget after being the only park in the chain to receive a coaster in 2016 as well as the likely big pricetag for a Trex dueler, being an obvious candidate to receive the next JL dark ride, and the survey (which is your biggest red herring) also showed plenty of other attractions we could also likely receive. Not to mention those survey markers were not pink...aka no ground digging. And at this point that area is still dead until we see further movement. Also, if memory serves me correctly, in the RMC video the guy said they had a couple potential suitors...I don't believe he ever said they made a deal on one yet.
  18. I'm a believer that some form of RMC is coming to our park in the next few years, but there is nothing close to being confirmed yet. Even if Chiller's station is removed, they could still easily build a Premier launch in that spot, build a brand new structure and plop an JL ride there, or simply occupy the spot with a non-ride. Also, considering Lightning Rod's $20M pricetag, I am slightly skeptical of SF going ahead with a huge, steel RMC, which will likely push LR's investment price. SF has also been alternating years of big/small additions, and apparently Zumanjaro's issues cost enough to push back Joker, which is about half the price of a dueling RMC. Logic dictates SF waits until 2018 to build an RMC at our park, or possibly longer if we get a JL beforehand. Now, with the great success our park has been seeing, especially with HITP, it is possible they could spoil us for a multi-year run of big investments. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket. Sources can be flimsy, and are usually a part of a much bigger chain of sources. Info gets skewed and fabricated by the time it gets to the low-end of the chain, which is what we are. Just gotta sit back and wait it out!
  19. A park employee on TPR said an attraction from the '90's would be removed this year. Any guesses as to whether you guys think this will be a coaster, flat or something else? One possibility I can see is Skull Mountain getting the axe, with the building's shell being used for a JL dark ride. Considering the proximity to the Joker, it would make a lot of sense theme-wise to put them next to each other.
  20. I LOVE the retheme!! Obviously we got too many superhero themed rides as it is, especially since they are scattered all over the park. However, Total Mayhem was a brutally generic, RCT-level name. I like the Joker as a theme a lot, and the colors will look amazing, especially along the lake. Hopefully they put effort into the theming like SFFT did with their Batman.
  21. I got a question I've always wondered about-Where do employees go on their break? Is there a building where employees can hang out/eat at on their breaks? I am sure if there is it would be in a lication too far to walk to on a 30min break, so what other options are there? I don't often see employees simply walkibg around for their break, so I've been xurious where they do go.
  22. I've only been to CP once, all the way back during TTD's opening year. We stayed at Hotel Breakers in the newer wing (closest to WT). I cannot imagine staying off property after that experience. It is pricey, but the rooms are pretty nice, and the view of Lake Erie is amazing with the balcony. I am sure the park view is really sweet as well. It is just a short 2min walk to the entrance by Gatekeeper, which is a nice plus if you decide to wak up early for early entrance, which is a MUST as lines for most attraction are consistently an hour wait or longer all day for the main 5-10 attractions. You can most definitely cut your costs by more than half by staying at Breakers Express, which offers the same perks, but without the location convenience and beautiful rooms. If you must save the money, then there should be no other option as early entry is beyond valuable for such a busy park with such a dense must-do collection of rides. As I said, though, the proper CP experience is a stay at Breakers. I also highly reccomend getting Fastlane +. When I went to CP back in '03, no similar service was available, and even with 2.5 days of riding, I still felt very rushed, with only 1-2 rides on all major coasters besides MF and TTD, which I got on about 5x each. Considering it's the mecca of all parks, you will want as many laps on everything as possible so your memory is crisp and clear, as well as being able to soak in the park's atmosphere and other offerings. This visit I take I will be getting Fastlane + at least 1 days, and regular Fastlane the other 2 days. I would definitely choose staying off property but getting Fastlane over staying on property without Fastlane. You will NOT regret it! I am also looking at a summer trip to the Point; my first visit in 13 years. I am on a VERY tight budget, so making the 8+ hour drive and staying at Breakers Express is a necessity. I definitely plan on getting Fastlane +. I am not too excited about Valravn, but I am strangely still a Dive coaster virhin, so it is a must. I am mostly looking forward to Maverick, as well as refreshing my fond memories of MF and TTD, as well as hiving Raptor a 2nd chance (only got 1 ride on my last trip, and due to the long line and heat I ended up being cranky and disappointed in the ride). Super excited for this summer. Best of luck to you on your trip! Any questions feel free to ask!
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