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  1. 2017: justice league dark ride 2018 or 2019: rmc similar to goliath at great america. an rmc would be a great fit in our park
  2. I called it months ago and i'm still sticking to my original guess, my guess is that it is an s&s free spin. I did the same thing last year too, about 2 months before the announcement I think I guessed a Larson super loop. hope I can go 2 for 2 this year
  3. If they are putting a ride there I think it definitely is going to be a clone of batman at SFFT. It would fit perfectly in that spot. a clone of superman at SFDK is possible but is much smaller than the land that they are clearing for it, and six flags hasn't used premier rides since full throttle two years ago.
  4. I probably saw you, were you the one with your girlfriend and were talking to you when we were trying to be first in line?
  5. When they were testing nitro they had all 3 trains out, but then just before it opened they took two of the trains off. I got first ride of the day, or season, in the from row on nitro. It didn't open til around 11 though it had a pretty long delay
  6. Park was empty today, the rain was on and off but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got the first ride of the year on Nitro in the front row.
  7. That would really get me mad, usually when there is a long line i just play on my phone the whole time, but that would just make me not want to go on the ride. I always wear zipper pockets to theme parks, they should at least let people with zipper pockets on the that ride lol. and speaking of zipper pockets, does anyone know were to buy a good pair of cargo shorts with zipper pockets? I have a hole in the only pair I have now and I've been looking everywhere but i cant find a pair.
  8. only 1 week left. I'll probably be going on superman first since it usually has a long line during the day. I looked at the weather for Friday and it looks like rain, hopefully not enough to close any rides
  9. I remember a few years ago on the first night of fright fest, it rained earlier in the day and it was drizzling on and off, but not enough to close any rides other than kingda ka so barely anyone went. They ended up closing the lines an hour early. That was probably my favorite visit to six flags ever since it was fright fest with no lines lol
  10. Hopefully if they ever put the rolling thunder trains on the Zumanjaro queue, they take the Twix adds off of them.
  11. i was thinking a year ahead, since we already know hurricane harbor isn't getting anything next year
  12. hurricane harbor hasn't gotten anything for 2 years other than cabanas, i think it should be time for something big like this
  13. I went 22 times this year, thats the most I ever went in a season.
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