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  1. ^ Doing the entire parking lot in one month is not feasible whatsoever. The park has other things to do other than the parking lot. You can't expect them to put down everything and focus solely on the lot.
  2. ^ However, 1) a lot of businesses do not have a lot that big (it will take a long time) and 2) I'm willing to bet they would rather spend that money on an attraction that will gain attendance (no one wants to go to an amusement park because they got a newly paved lot). Plus with the extended seasons now and bad weather, it is a challenge to get it done in only a year while adding new attractions.
  3. Who cares how fast it is being done? It is actually getting paved and we should be grateful that it is finally happening. It could last five years and I'd still be content.
  4. Still, it would've paved the way for new flats and possibly a new/refurbished Old Country. However, a Kingda Ka extension would be too costly and I doubt the park will try to extend it in the future. I am hoping for soft restraints or new trains, though.
  5. Of course, it is not right. There are other options that are better (parking lots), but I was just saying that the loss is not visible from someone standing at ground level in the park.
  6. ^The park isn't even cutting down the trees where it is visible to everyone in the park. So it will still have all the trees at a guest's point of view, but the plot may be visible from rides. Still I'm not sure if it will affect the overall experience of being in a forest much.
  7. Can anyone say why Batman backwards isn't happening? I can't see what could be wrong
  8. We better get something big next year. It'll have been 10 years since our last custom coaster in 2016. I'm going for a 4-D. Either S&S or even B&M's first.
  9. A cheap carnival ride isn't for a large park like SFGAdv. Calling this a coaster is just disrespectful and embarrassing. Leave it to SF to market something you'd find at a county fair as exciting and worthy to be called a coaster. This is just a disappointment
  10. SFMM is the most spoiled park. Send some coasters to the smaller parks. SFMM can go a few years without a coaster
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