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  1. Here is my RMC 2017-2020 plan for Six Flags! A lot of you may disagree but here it is. 2017- Georgia Cyclone and/or Le Monstre 2018- First T-Rex or Raptor at Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags St. Louis, or Great Escape and/or ROAR at SFA 2019 - ROAR at SFA (if not in 2018) along with another T-Rex 2020- T-Rex at the remaining Six Flags park without an RMC
  2. This may be a bit off-topic, but does anyone else agree that Great Adventure was way better back from 2001-2011? I mean, it may be just nostalgia as ive been visiting the park since i was 5 (2008)and remember the park as something spectacular. It was so clean and there were nightly fireworks in the summer and the glow in the dark parade! I don't see anything like that anymore! Mr. Six also makes me pretty nostalgic, as I remember everyone would always dance near the Main Street Fountain with him. In 2012, Great Adventure just kinda lost all that funk. I mean now there's a bunch of abandoned buildings (chiller, simulator theater, paintball building, Movietown Arena, etc.). I just wish that the park would look back to their old days, and try to make the park an overall better place for families, teens with their friends, and thrillseekers.
  3. Exactly why i put the 3 dots. It would make sense to close both mazes this year because by next year in October, construction would have to be well underway for JL. This seems like a reasonable for the park also. Although Total Darkness and The Manor are one of the most popular attractions at Fright Fest, i agree its time for the attractions to go. Neither one is very scary, although Total Darkness is very unique
  4. Im starting to hear rumors that this yeat may be Total Darkness and The Manor's last year....
  5. Yes, but its really hard to hear. Its not as loud as it used to be
  6. Was i the only one shocked that HHNJ didn't get Bonzai Pipelines?
  7. Ive heard that they are still getting cheap additions and super loops and stuff because Six Flags is still recovering from Bankruptcy. I dont know if thats true but...
  8. When you log onto the site, there will be a tab that says "New for 2016". It will hold the Youtube video and information on the new attractions. It will be exactly like the 'New For 2015' page on the site.
  9. The park was been rumored to get a 4D before that, and it seems legit because a Free Spin would fit perfectly in the Lakefront. Also, the hints the park has sent out do lead to a free spin.
  10. Kristin Siebeniecher - "Very BIG, Very Thrilling". Could potentially be referring to 220 feet? I find it funny how GAm fans really want a Free Spin and they wont get it and GAdv fans dont want a free spin and we are gonna get it.
  11. My friend recently posted a picture on Instagram where the whole Grandstand is gone... https://instagram.com/p/6-kFmWzFn5/
  12. Starting to hear that the name may end up being Goliath well, it is Six Flags.
  13. Whenever they get a big addition,they seem to give hints a day or two before the announcement
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