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  1. ...no its not, the new names of GAdvs new scare zone is Demon District
  2. Harry, when are you headed to Great Adventure next? Im dying for your next trip report! They are just so good and your shots are amazing! And plus you point out stuff that some of us didnt even know!
  3. If plans in fact did change, i really was excited for 2016. Il be a bit mad if they did change. In other news, SFGAm finally released a teaser and this pretty much confirms Justice League for their park.
  4. Great Adventure never really teases what they are getting if its big till the day before. If its small its usually 2 or 3 weeks before
  5. Railer, I believe that you may be right. My Great Adventure guy (who has told me GAdv's 4 year plan) just told me on kik "i f**kin am getting fed up with Great Adventure changing plans!!!!".... i dont think this was for the better either...
  6. I wasnt a fan of GL:FF either but ive heard from people that have ridden both that a Free Spin is MUCH more enjoyable than a Zacspin
  7. Where the next attractions SHOULD go..... 2016 - Lakefront 2017-Movietown/Old Country 2018 - Plaza Del Carnival 2019 - Adventure Ally 2020 - Frontier Adventure
  8. Yea thats it thanks Matt! And thanks 29Years for future references
  9. Hey guys, my friend went to GA yesterday and sent me a pic of Fort Independence. It has pieces of it standing on the side! Demo has begun! How do I post pictures on here lol cause there is no link?
  10. Does anyone know the exact date that GAdv gave their hints out last year?
  11. I believe RMC helped with El Toro when it was being built
  12. With ShotRod being announced tomorrow, what if GAdv got a launched RMC for 2018? I mean the park does need another launched and wooden coaster
  13. Lets all agree here.. none of us will be as dissapointed with this announcement as Looping Dragon!
  14. Agreed. CF only cares about certain parks. Plus, not every park gets something new every year. They only care about CP, Carowinds, KI, and CW.
  15. Il admit, one thing that would be nice with whatever we get in 2016, is a new kiddie coaster. To be honest, Road Runner Railway kinda sucks and most parks also have more than 1 kiddie coaster. I dont really count Blackbeard as a kiddie coaster.
  16. My 5 year park plan: 2016 - giga (unlikely)/ B&M Wing Coaster (possible)/ S&S Free Spin (likely) 2017- If Free Spin, Justice League. If one of the other two, flat ride 2018- family additions, new family coaster, redo Bugs Bunny National Park. 2019 - New Coaster 2020 - flat ride
  17. As Kristin said.... "BIG" and "Thrilling".... starting to lose hope in the S&S rumor. The wing coaster rumor is also coming back. To be honest, i dont care what we get as long as its fun and a good addition for the park.
  18. I do have a picture of the crane from the SkyRide I just dont know how to upload it here
  19. Sorry I didnt say this earlier but when i went to GAdv Friday there was a bigger crane like 50 feet its on my instagram page. Il put a link for it here https://instagram.com/p/50L6WoKDo5/ Im pretty sure that demolition will be starting soon also
  20. Lex Luthor and Zumanjaro are not clones at all! They are just the same type of ride. KK and TTD are both Stratas. Not clones. Just the same type of ride
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