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  1. Lets be honest, if MM got FT/Full Throttle Zone and TC/ScreamPunk in 3 years. And GAdv once got KK/Golden Kingdom and Toro/Plaza Del Carnival/Tango/Bugs Bunny National Park in 2 years. I guess a S&S 4D and Dueling Coaster is possible for 2016 and 2017
  2. Now that I think about it, a free spin would attract a crapload of crowds! From coaster enthusiasts to the GP. Coaster Enthusiasts would finally have a 4D on the east coast! While the GP just think it looks very cool and unique. I showed my friend Batman: The Ride and he said that it was really cool. Imagine what someone would say for an advanced version. It could actually be very fun! The more i think about it, the more i like the idea.
  3. I wouldnt mind it if they put a kiddie coaster next to the free spin. Even though this is unlikely it would still be pretty cool. We do need a kiddie coaster in Bugs Bunny National Park more though..
  4. On AllAmericanThrills new youtube video, Kristin describes the new attraction as "Big News" and "very thrilling". There are also a TON of survey flags all near the Grandstand.
  5. Viper CLOSED in 2004. And i was just pointing out that they had been removing a coaster every 3 years. But Im still sad to see that 2 of those coasters havent been replaced ; (
  6. As I stated on the other topic, here it is again..... 2004 - Viper 2007- The Chiller 2010- GASM 2013- Rolling Thunder 2016- ? Anyone see a pattern ;(? An El Toro Worker told me that RMT may be next on the chopping block but nothing may be removed in 2016 at all!
  7. 2004- Viper 2007- The Chiller 2010- Great American Scream Machine 2013- Rolling Thunder 2016- ? Does anyone else see the pattern. Im hearing that the next coaster on the chopping block is Runaway Mine Train (source: El Toro ride op) but im taking this with a grain of salt, nothing may even be removed in 2016.
  8. The dude that told me about the Free Spin said the name may also be Joker Chaos Coaster
  9. Lets all agree here, something like Kwerk at Six Flags Magic Mountain would be perfect
  10. I remember BATMAN: The Ride used to be black and the Batman side of the Chiller was also black. So was Viper too. I believe that Ultra Twister waaay back was white so we have had about every color in the parks history
  11. I was gonna say orange too but we have Runaway Mine Train and Blackbeard. WAIT ON SECOND THOUGHT WE HAVE ROADRUNNER RAILWAY!
  12. This has pretty much nothing to do with superhereos but i have to say this. The park needs a blue coaster they have pretty much every other color coaster and it would just look better. I just had to get that out there
  13. Matt do you know something? You seem like a guy that would know
  14. The security guard I talked to said that demolition on the outside should start anywhere between July 20-30th. I cant wait to see the new and improved Lakefront in 2016
  15. Aha so Harry is just watching us guess like idiots then . Do you know exactly what it is?
  16. Im actually coming back from GAdv now. Supervisors and security says construction will start on Fort Independence first and will start late July, early August.
  17. Recap of what the guy thats close to Fitzgerald told me 2016- S&S 4D Free Spin 2017- Family attractions (potential new kiddie coaster) 2018-thrill flat ride 2019- new coaster
  18. Il admit im one of these breaking news people and i will also admit when im wrong. I just like telling people about rumors too. But I do truly believe that we will be getting a S&S 4D Free Fly in Fort Independence.
  19. The person told me Fitzgerald didnt specifically spoil the beans, but the hints he gave him were pretty easy. Someone here would easily find it out so im not going to tell you ):
  20. Oh he is one of those ungrateful bas****s. I hate it when people act like that. Parks like Michigan's Adventure, World's of Fun, or Six Flags America would kill to have a Free Spin. Man just be grateful we are getting something FUN unlike some CF parks that dont get anything
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