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  1. Oh trust me, you will renew your season pass for 2016 for all I know . But anyways, what ive been hearing is 2017 will be family attractions, 2018 will be a thrill ride, and 2019 will be a new coaster. Well this is what ive heard from someone who is close to Fitzgerald.
  2. Yea, im sure Coaster-Net will do some digging a few days before the announcement again.
  3. ^ we do need hints and that would be pretty awesome! But i believe Laff Trakk was around 20 million and SF has shown they are not willing to pay that much for one park. At least not in recent years
  4. If you have been on this forum for a LOOONG time. You would remember someone stated that the view would change when you enter the park. I guess he was right!
  5. WOW! Very cool diagram. I can imagine that some of the Grandstand area will be used for some shops for the S&S Free Fly and maybe a new food place. I have heard from someone that knows Fitzgerald personally (they have showed me proof) that it will be a coaster, it will spin you, and the ride exit will trick you (like a funhouse i guess). If what this guy is telling me seems to be true, the Total Mayhem name could seem to be true. Anyway, nice diagram. Great way to fill dead spaces of the park! I am told that Fort Independence (Option 1) will be where the coaster is.
  6. Ive also ridden GL at SFMM, its very fun until that last element. The leaked layout I found of the 10 Element Free Spin (or however many elements it was), the ending seemed to be much calmer
  7. EXACTLY! Also, the park tries to make different experiences for every coaster. A 4D Coaster would definitley boost that collection!
  8. B:TR at SFFT is getting great reviews... and the ride doesnt seem like constant flipping.. look at the reverse POVs..
  9. Both of those parks seem to be rumored to be the 2 parks to get the Justice League dark ride this year.
  10. Lets just all be realistic here and think. What other park could be getting the free spin? Our park is pretty much the only good option. Also, about capacity, just look at Green Lantern and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Green Lantern has horrible capacity and Magic Mountain is one of the most visited parks in the world! Im sure that this free spin will work out perfectly! There is really no reason to hate on it.
  11. I may be alone here.... but does the name Total Mayhem sound like the name of a FF attraction or a 22M Larson Super Loop to you guys? Or maybe a crazy flat ride
  12. Even though it looks like we need flat rides and attractions. We have done good with that over that last few years! 2012- SkyScreamer, Adventure Ally, and family package 2013- Safari Off Road Adventure (A HUGE ATTRACTION!) 2014! World's tallest drop ride, Zumanjaro (a good flat ride) 2015 - El Diablo, Batman Backwards, and improved Fright Fest, Holiday in the Park and overall park improvements. El Diablo is a FLAT RIDE and I think that the new Fright Fest will put in the lead for best FF. Batman Backwards will give us a new experience. And Holiday in the Park will just be awesome! For those who want to come see lights or for those who want to ride coasters in the Winter. Or maybe see some holiday SHOWS. 2015 is better for the park than it seems. I think its time for a new coaster. Plus i know people that stopped buying season passes because El Diablo was nothing big and everything else would be the same. Also, when i last went, the security was amazing! They saw line jumpers and didnt let the next train of Ka go until the line jumpers confronted themselves.
  13. When I talked to Kristin at El Diablo Pass Preview day, I asked the cost and she said a little over a million
  14. http://www.engineeringexcitement.com/product/4d-free-spin/ Uh guys, I just found a new layout of a 4D Free Spin on S&S's website. Could this be for us? This seems to be the 10 element one. Its a bit over 200 feet larger and 10 feet taller.
  15. Im sure in 2017 or 2018 we will get the Justice League Dark Ride. Probably 2018 if we get the Free Spin this year
  16. That sucks about the Plaza, Golden Kingdom path. Its a pain in the a$$ going from Toro/Diablo to Ka/ Zumanjaro. Its like a 7 minute walk and it gets really annoying.
  17. Yea about the Fitzgerald wanting to fill spaces thing, ive heard from multiple employees that it will either be OC or Lakefront. Ive heard more OC but im gonna take it as a rumor like Matt said
  18. When I go to GADV Friday, il ask some people about what could happen. Im also heading to SFA this month so i will also try to see what they are adding. And I know from multiple sources what park is TRYING to get the dueler and that park said they will change the layout a bit if they indeed can get the dueler and its not our park. I kind of want the S&S Free Spin at this point but in 2017 or 2018 I wouldnt mind a dueling coaster.
  19. Ok lets just recap what our park could be getting and how likely it could be - S&S Free Spin (140 feet, 10 inversions, more capacity) likely - Motorcycle coaster, possible - Wing Coaster, possible - Dueling Premier launched coaster, likely. - What do you guys think?
  20. Ive heard about Krypt and actually a fan sent me the email! Its very specific and mentions movietown in it so it was just for our park. If you guys wanna see the email go to my Instagram www.Instagram.com/ScreamSource scroll pretty far down and its just like the typical SF font and the borders are white and the red. Tell me if you guys find it
  21. The Polar Coaster is gonna be 500 feet! Does anyone know how much that will cost?
  22. ^ but we could still see gigas be installed to some parks in a few years maybe. Most parks with Gigas have hyper coasters
  23. I really dont care what we get in 2016 as long as its thrilling, or not a clone.
  24. ^ SkyScreamer never has a big line, Zumanjaro usually has a 20-25 minute wait and El Diablo's wait time is only high because its new. Capacity doesnt matter though I agree. And if you havent heard, the Free Fly was being seriously talked about for the park BEFORE the survey. Also, we would get the one that has continously moving trains, 10 inversions, 20 feet higher than B:TR, etc. Source: ScreamScape)
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