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  1. Can someone please send it to me? I really wanna know and I am also apart of the media and I can be trusted. If you know me you will know its true. I just really wanna know so bad!
  2. Hey guys, im not apart of the Advisory Council thing and really wanna know what they may be planning. Can you perhaps give us some hints? I am really excite for 2016!
  3. We are definitley getting something in the Chiller station this year. People have been going in and out of there crazy, they demolished the Musik Express which was right behind it, Old Country is occasionally open, last year was the last ACE tour for the Chiller, and plus we are due for a new, unique coaster. My guess is they could go with a 4D, a Wing Coaster, or a dueling coaster themed to Batman Vs Superman. The coaster will definitley have two different trains on opposite sides. If I had to put one bet I would say wing coaster. I dont think we will get an RMC coaster for awhile, maybe 2018 or 2019. And in 2017 or 2018 we will get the JL dark ride. Im pretty sure that Old Country is ready to reopen, as ads for HiTP are in the area, so im guessing it will be open for that.
  4. A JL dark ride in the Boardwalk would be perfect! It has half of the building it needs already, it would match up with the other DC rides in the Boardwalk, and its a great thrilling and family ride that is unique to the park.
  5. ^ true, its also 7 million dollars so that would be a good invest
  6. I definitley know that we will be getting something bigger will come in 2016 because they said that at Winter Adventure and Kristin told me that they are trying to go bigger next year. Also, I wouldnt mind a JL Dark Ride at all, but then there is the selfish people that will say ( Its been 11 years, do something). People dont even count GL or Dark Knight. All we have to do is wait, 2016 or 2017 will be our year, i can feel it.
  7. Guessing their doing the Rolling Thunder way. Cheaper to destroy than keep. Hope they do good with all this new space
  8. ^^ B:TR is getting great reviews! Maybe a new area for a 4D is coming near there? I doubt it but i bet its the Chiller station.
  9. The new midway scare zone is most likely Old Country but that wouldnt interfere with construction for 2016 I suppose if stuff was going on inside the Chiller station. And if im right the 3D attraction is in the boardwalk
  10. ^^^True, but at least we know where this new coaster will be ( or at least I do )
  11. I posted on my IG page why I think this could come to CW or our park
  12. Ugh its still not working for me! Im dieing to know what it says
  13. But what we really need is the Glow in the Dark Parade back! Boy, was that awesome. I still remember that from a few years back. The skyline float with Mr. Six on it was the bomb. Overall great! But you know, they had to take it out.
  14. Green Lantern was the worst ride ive been on ( next to Viper at SFMM) bbecuse that was the one ride i almost threw up on and my back was in pain the whole 2nd half of the ride. The first half is really good though
  15. About a 4d, a 4D Free Fly would fit perfectlg right where the Musik Express was
  16. Goliath is kinda short and really overrated in my opinion. But any RMC is fine
  17. Yea i walked through it and their is tons of potential. The trailer is right next to the Chiller Station so is it possible that the Chiller station could be home to a new ride?
  18. After talking to an employee about the future of the park on Monday, she noted the Old Country area as a potential spot. Here is exactly what she said Me: "What do you think will be the next big addition" Employee: " I dont really know what will be coming until Mid- August but i do know there is a ton of space near Old Country and they just reopened it as a path" Also, I think OC will be a path for HitP because it has multiple ads for it around the area
  19. They use the middle as a shopping kind of a part of the park. Some shows, and they have Adventure Ally there
  20. Frontier Adventure may have space, if they are opting to open up a bit of space behind the Arena, or maybe even Movietown has room!
  21. Also i love the new map cover! Nice high definition! I love the new way they are doing them!
  22. Also i love the new map cover! Nice high definition! I love the new way they are doing them!
  23. Yeah, the baboons are cancelled... the baboons were on the 2014 map and now they arent.
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