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  1. El Diablo because ive never been on a Super Loop and it will bring a new experience to the park
  2. Yeah i was never a fan of RT getting the Hybrid Treatment. I like Customs better because that gives them the ability to do whatever they want and where to put that element. Honestly, i think we will get something Custom or something like Full Throttle from Premier OR an RMC
  3. YoungPup, the two haunted attractions would be removed and IMO they should be. They both blow and dont deserve to be in the park. They are a waste of time. Total Darkness someone always ruins it and the Manor is too short and kinda a regular maze
  4. A giga could be in the question or out of the question. The thing is, has Sox Flags been in contact with B&M or Intamin the last few years? Not really! Just for flats! So thats why I think that a Giga wont happen. They have been using manufacturers such as S&S, Sally, RMC, GCI, and Premier. Or they could use Gravity Group too
  5. Ok first off you all really need to shut up about it not being to similar to El Toro. El Toro is almost 10 years old. Eventually, its gonna be beat out so why dont we just beat it out already. I agree with not making full of airtime. I think it should be half and half. Half Inversions, Half Airtime. Who cares if its better than El Toro? Il still ride it! Itl still be in our top 10! It wouldnt lose that much popularity. Make it like TC!! Add new elements be creative. They should just make it like El Toro was never there. I agree with Password121 here! Also, im pretty sure a Wing Coaster is out of the question for 2016. They've lost popularity a bit. I wouldn't mind it but i just dont think its gonna happen anymore. An RMC is becoming my top choice. Whatever it is, its confirmed big ( it was confirmed at Winter Adventure that it would be way bigger than ED)
  6. Also, if we are getting a coaster or a ride here are the likeliest possibilities. 1. Wing coaster ( X-Flight) (likely) 2. Premier Rides Launch ( Full Throttle probably) (Likely 3. S&S 4D free Spin ( depends on how B:TR does) 4. JL Dark ride ( again, how it does) 5. RMC ( likely, if they focus on Inversions, not airtime) 6. Woodie like RT but better, maybe racing, by GCI or GG. Maybe something like APOCALYPSE or Gold Striker. Or custom. ( likely
  7. ^ they stated at Winter Adventure that they are willing to GO BIG in 2016. They are planning to save money this year especially with LD costing AT LEAST 1 mil. They apparently raise around 20 mil each year though. Considering a ticket around 100, mostly families of 4, maybe 5. Thats pretty accurate. See I am an only child, so i get Season Passes cause its pretty cheap for my family
  8. Then woundnt get rid of Batman, but I could see the getting rid of RMT. It is very very bumpy, well at least for 12+ year olds that are 5,0". The ride is old and needs a paint job too. That should be replaced by a new family roller coaster. It does have good a scenery and is long though. Give it credit for that. Bizarro wouldnt leave because its fairly new and its still fairly unique. I love the ride anyway. Pretty compact too IMO
  9. ^ this is very long but continuation - get rid of the fright fest part of the similator building and add something year round there! - Change half of the boardwalk to DC Universe -Great Lake Grandstand = Removed OR Add a new boat show or weekend fireworks, the July 4th fireworks are too good for 3 days in a year - get ride of the sea lion show and make an actual interesting show, not the same crap everytime -ADD MORE SHOWS - Already have a good fright fest - Get Mr. Six back ( unlikely cause Anderson dosent like him) - Make better commercials -Stop promoting other parks in SFGADV ( I saw Tatsu, A 400 foot SkyScreamer, and a RMC in ads...) -Repaint Nitro, redo the line. - do something with the Chiller station -add more shops Just making this list makes me think just how much our park needs to see a doctor...
  10. But anyway, our park does need a new coaster. El Diablo does not fill the case here. What i think we could be getting in 2016 is either RMC, let that Alan dude's imagination go nuts, -Giga ( Unlikely but hey, we got money from the last few years) - Wing Coaster ( my original prediction) but they kinda blow a little bit unless you spend the big bucks which SF wont do. - racing woodie by GCI - JL Dark Ride ( More likely in 17) - another off year, maybe a flat ride clean up the park ( unlikely) Here is what they should do non attraction related: -lower season passes, $70 is fine, the more people the more $ - add a LEGIT restuarant besides Primo's amd Johnny Rocket's!!! Add something like Chick-Fil-A its good and will attract people. Add like two. - Scenery is basically fine but add a coupe more bush statues. - FIX MOVIETOWN ( they recently added a Sports Bar there...) - ReOpen Old Country it will add a new flat ride and more food and easier paths. -Ads are fine, but they should just keep them on the trains NOT THE ACTUAL COASTER STRUCTURE Cough El Toro Cough -Get the Superhero characters roaming again - add the night parade, i still remember how good it was -put good things on the TV monitors, Looney Cartoons and Six Flags are fine, everything else NONONO -Add more games outside of the boardwalk - Open up a new path to GK
  11. Long time since my last post, anyway speaking of ads. I hate how they put the Jersey boy banner on El Toro and how they renamed the Arena to an ad arena. AS yoshi said, im fine with the ads but if it interferes with the theming or something like that, i dont like it
  12. I voted wait because our RMC will be better than NTG, which was the first RMC
  13. Actually IMO it kinda helped. If the line for Toro was long, people could just walk on over to RT and wait for it to get shorter
  14. None of the upcharge rides, and HAVENT been on most of the flats in Looney Tunes Seaport and Bugs Bunny National Park. I usally go on Hot Air Balloons (in BBNP and LTS) and i went on Road Runner Railway with my little cousins. Went on Tango for the first time. I believe i have been on every single attraction at SFGADV but every single upcharge attraction. I wanna do the Go-Karts and the Dare Devil Dive (im scared of that but my little cousin did it so i will do it) next year.
  15. I am suprised to say i went 30 times... my whole family are coaster people and i made a trip over in California and went to SFMM disney and universal. But anyway, i believe that i probably will go less times in 2015. And i sadly cant make opening day cause im going to BGW (win win anyway!)
  16. ^^^there you make it sound alright but i realize now im just desperate for a new coaster around here. Im excited for the fruit loop but i need something that is new and gives airtime or speed. I really hope that the over the budget rumor is true. I believe i read that SF copyrighted the X-Flight name and layout. So many people thought a park would get one. No parks got one so there is confusion there. All i need is thrill for 2016!
  17. ^^^same. But does anyone else agree that our park has gotten crapier ever sibce Jim-Reid Anderson became SF CEO and President. And when John Fitzgerald became president of SFGA. I remember comibg in like 2009 and them having shows and a lot of things to do for little kids (like i was at the time) and parades and they would get good additions each year. Now i think SFMM is that park. Like tbh they get something good like every year to every other year 2011- Green Lantern and Superman:ESCAPE FROM KRYPTON 2012- Lex Luthor Drop of Doon 2013-Full Throttle 2014-Speedy Gonzalez Hot Rod Racers (finally somethin small) 2015- Twisted Colossus.
  18. Does anyone else agree that the park would be better again with the Glow in the Dark Parade. I loved it a few years ago when i went once a year
  19. Oh thanks! Ive seen that building many times. It gets on my nerves cause i wanna just walk right across. Thank you again!
  20. Im sorry but what and where is the paintball building. Probably should know this but whatever
  21. ^^^ive been on both recently. Manor takes up a little bit the old queue (remember when i went on "Fly me to the Moon") and Total Darkness takes up an unused area of the building i believe i think it was used for "The Right Stuff" but not sure. Nothing currently takes up the actual theater. I think it still remains with all the seats still there. I believe that they will renovate that building to thr JL dark ride in the forseeable future if it turns out well in SFSL and SFOT
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