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  1. We will probably get a coaster IMO because LD barely costs any money (well in theme park words lol). Just about 1 million or below. I think we will get JL:BfM, RMC, Wing Coaster, S&S 4D, or a plain GCI woodie
  2. ^^^^thats why it wouldnt exactly be a "Six Flags" Hotel. You also have NYC and Philly, plus the beach.
  3. ^^ I hear that Jackson is trying to make something like that work out. I heard they are in their planning stages and it will be right near the park!
  4. Enough about money! Open your own topic about that! Can we get to this topic please?
  5. ^^^Im sure that if the ride dosent break down much and has big lines, it wiould come to us. The only down part would be the big lines then
  6. We are getting Batman Backwards this year I think. We will probably get it in the middle of the season like SFOT did
  7. Oh and btw ScreamSource is now sponsoring GreatAdventureHistory.com on our Instagram page! (Put your guys website in my bio)
  8. Hey guys! Ive decided to start a new topic! So this is about a potential new dark ride coming to our park in the near future. So I was reading old forums and people brought up the old similator building, so SF came up with JL:BFM and I thought "oh maybe SFGAdv will do this to the old similator building in movietown, I mean it has a screen and its freakin huge! (I went on Total Darkness today and there is a LOT of space). So my prediction is that next year SFGAdv will announce JL:BFM and they will be making a new area called DC Universe. They will make a tiny expansion to the old theatre ( I have seen new fences popping up near the back of the theater) and they will get rid of the mazes (even though I think they are making a new one next year) and make the dark ride. Of course, this will be easier for SFGAdv to do than SFOT because SFOT is open year-round, so they dont have to rush and they can finish FF. So ik this is a little confusing but who thinks this "Dream" can come true?
  9. Six Flags hasnt used B&M since 2012 (which just happened to be X-Flight (Apocalypse dosent count). So I wouldnt be 100 percent comvinced...
  10. One of my followers on instagram mentioned that on the wikipedia if you look up Nightwing and scroll all the way down, you can see that it says " Nightwing will be a premier rides launched coaster coming to Six Flags Great Adventure" this could be real because Premier would be starting a coaster like this now. Or atleast planning it out. I would be fine with a premier launched coaster
  11. If GL and Superman didnt have long queues, and had better operations, I think they would get more RPH. GL takes way to slow they always have 1 train on track when its long enought to have two. Superman would be better if they didnt wait for people to use the stairs....
  12. Exactly! Thats what six flags does! At the beginning of the season no one thought Six Flags Fiesta Texas would get a 4D or SFSTL would get a new dark ride! Or SFGAdv would get a super loop! Thats the fun of speculating. It all leads up to all the hype.
  13. Yes! Exactly what you said. I believe that we will get JL:BfM next year (put in old similator building cause I know not all of the building is used for FF. They could get rid of a maze.) And in 2017 we will get a coaster. Whether B&M, Intamin, or Premier. I really dont care. As long as our park improves.
  14. I think we are forgetting a manufacturer. Premier Rides is very good too! And SF has used them in recent past!
  15. I rode Nitro yesterday...it was the best I ever had on it. B train row 7 at night. That was pretty smooth and the air time was amazing. The helix was also amazing. Same with the camel back hills. But I can disagree with Nitro being the best hyper. I think Shambhala is..but Nitro is top 5. But it does need a new paint job... maybe black supports. Grayish base, and blueish track rails. To give it more of a steel look. The Nitro logo is made to be steel...
  16. On the bottom of the trains, there are stickers. Ex.) C1, B3, A2
  17. There are 9 rows on each train of Nitro. Each holds 4 people. Their are 3 trains. Train A Train B (Best) Train C (Worst)
  18. Dont forget the many flats we have! SkyScreamer is a good one!
  19. They seem to make small renovations to the park every year. I notice that TDK:C seems to change almost every year and sometimes in between months. Plus, things do get added to the park. But, a kiddie expansion would be nice! Believe it or not about 7/8 of SFMMs coasters are kiddie coasters! Now thats amazing! That is why they are so popular. They have a great lineup! If we got a kiddie coaster that would be fine! It helps with our lineup! It draws in families that have small children! That is why Kiddie rides and fun flats are important! You have to remember, there are families here too!
  20. ^ yes very true, it would probably have over 2 hour lines. Plus, I actually just git back from a trip to CA where I rode Green Lantern first flight and it was horrible. It was the first ride I almost pucked on. X2 is very good but they will probably not make any more X2s. Now that you say that, I do agree with your statement of BTR being a dud and basically being like GL at SFMM
  21. I would love an intamin blitz! But I think a S&S 4D is more likely as they will probably be heading out in 2017 depending on BTR at SFFTs success.
  22. The theming is fine, they are about to add what has to be a pretty good themed ride in Justice Leauge Battle For Metrpolis, but they have to make it good. Lets just see how this attraction turns out....
  23. Well I can see argument about that, but I take it for granite that its a coaster. People need to understand that SF wont change them to flats. So you can argue, but just be happy it benefits us. We NEEDED a new coaster!
  24. Thanks! And if you are wondering about my thoughts on LD, here they are, I have no problem with LD. If SF wants to mark it as a coaster go ahead! Its not the law. No one argued about CF calling their pipe screams coasters. LD is just what we need! A small spaced, coaster for everyone, a cheap addition, and a COASTER! Take what is given to you and shut up. I am hoping for a dark ride because it is what we need. I think it will be in a expanded chiller station or the similator building (which is more likely IMO). So hopefully mext year brings thrills!
  25. Hey guys! I am new to this site and I am a Great Adventure enthusiast. I loved reading your forums so decided to get a account and give you my thoughts! So my prediction for 2016 is that we will either get a new coaster or a Justice Leauge Dark Ride Clone! I will be on this site from now on! Thanks for listening stay tuned....
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