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  1. Somehow I've just always hoped for an INTAMIN ride. Yeah, they're expensive, higher operating cost, but people seem to love them forever. B&M coasters just die down after a while, in my opinion... Although I believe it's pretty much impossible, I want an Intamin LSM, but a Premier launched is great too.
  2. Doesn't it seem like the S&S 4D free spin is a lot like Intamin's Zacspin? I always hear that the Zacspin was criticized, but S&S is finding success. I've personally never ridden any of these rides, but based of their appearances, I think they look very much alike. Why didn't the Zacspin rule out?
  3. Why has Great Adventure not given any clues (other than the physical happenings at Lakefront) about their ride? It all seems odd this year.
  4. Recently, the mother giraffe Noel gave birth to her first baby, Mika. Would anyone like to share some interesting happenings that they saw at the safari with this new little giraffe?
  5. Ooooooh! Could I have one??? I generally don't buy a whole lot of stuff from the park because it is rather pricey, I do collect the maps, though. Can I please have a yoyo?
  6. Oh we'll always want something more the next year. That can always be said without a doubt!! Poor Six flags, trying to suffice the wants of its guests, while always battling overbudget projects:(
  7. I've always been daydreaming about a steel coaster with connected trains that are sitting both on top of and under the track, so it is both inverted and sitting on the track. I've still been thinking about how the supports would be possible, but perhaps the train was connected with super strong magnets and the support poles would be somewhere in between? I've also been thinking about a coaster in the forest, as mentioned. It gives a little more thrilling experience without killing all those trees, plus, it's thrilling to be riding in a forest, whipping past trees. What a great daydream;)
  8. Go ahead! Spit out all those awesome coaster dreaming ideas for the park! Share any cool and crazy thoughts and wishes for future coaster possibilities--they're endless.We should have some great ideas after a disappointing announcement for next year.
  9. This is so much fun. If only the park would get SOMETHING new.
  10. Roller coasters have already gone so far that I can barely think of a new way of moving them. I don't know; a hydraulic launched wooden coaster just seemed amusing to me.
  11. Great Adventure only has one hydraulic launched coaster, Kingda Ka. The rest are all powered by lift hill. At holiday world, there is a new B&M LSM launched wing coaster for 2015 that is catching everyone's eyes. Could something like a hydraulic launched wooden coaster be made possible? Great adventure really needs to catch up in the coaster wars. Opinions?
  12. Hello! I'm Angie and I love Great Adventure all the way. Although I haven't been to the park for as many years as many of the other people on Greatadventurehistory, I share the hard love we all have for the park. The rest of my family would never ride a coaster, so I roam the park alone, and I'll meet random people and make temporary friends! You might meet me at the park one day:)
  13. I'm not sure what just happened. I think my iPod touch just crashed and posted several versions of the original post. Sorry!! ;/
  14. RMCs are great, new, and very popular at the moment, but really, they're just steel coasters with bundles wood thrown in there. Why not just build a reliable steel coaster without killing so many trees? Yes, wooden coasters are cheaper, but steel coasters tend to age a little better, needing less refurbs. Visitors should also enjoy El Toro. An RMC would shorten El Toro's life. Yes. Agreed:) as I've said before, wing riders ar really just another looping B&M. And everyone should know that Great Adventure does not need another old looping B&M. Bring on more innovative Intami
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