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  1. Nobody saw him, and I believe the lift motor blew a fuse, but who knows..
  2. So I saw a guy jump the fence to get his basket ball under batman that he accidentally threw over... Right after the lift motor made a strange noise. And the coaster stopped soon after.?
  3. If I could tell you the source I would have said so already
  4. According to a source. They are taking out Fort Independence and the Grand Stand. Anyone think that's legit?
  5. I'm pretty sure the article said 100 acres, and that's almost 2 times the size of the parking lot. Chances are in old country, they are making a new ride called night wing as a launched B&M
  6. Weird, I'll have a video about it shortly so hopefuly that link will work.
  7. Thanks! ^ This is speculation starts for real. Could this be.... Jersey Giant track??? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=70151
  8. I was talking about the pre-toro rumor of it being called jersey devil and it being in the woods. I was just relating that idea of the wooden coaster but replaced it with a B&M giga. A 300+ft woodie is impossible, even for RMC
  9. That would be mine. Now I've been hearing rumors from park employees with that same jersey devil wooden coaster/ giga coaster. Apparently it's going to be 354 feet tall, and go 100 mph, and by B&M. Seems a bit unrealistic, but hey that would be awesome. From the employees I've heard it from, starts in old country, and heads into the lake.
  10. Personally, i would like to see RMC build a normal steel coaster, not a Hybird! If RMC where to build a hyper or even better, a GIGA, that would be balls off the wall amazing. So in a way, if we where to get an RMC product, it would be cool if we got something like that. But if we get a normal RMC that would be great too.
  11. As for the Safari ride, the tour guides USUALY never do anything interesting on the rides I get, although one went through a lot of history of the animals, like how one of the Tigers they got in 2004 is named kingda ka, I belive is what they said
  12. Huss frisbee isn't happening, we got rid of one years ago ^
  13. They are round footers, as if a new woodie is going there, but the are probably just leftovers from RT
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