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  1. I've been working at Cedar Point all summer so I've been kinda sort of listening in to the going's on here. I unfortunately got to leave the limits of Sandusky and go to Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, or the Columbus Zoo like I had planned but I still have some content coming to my new YouTube Channel, History & Leisure (and in the highlights on the History_Leisure Instagram). I plan to head up to the park opening weekend of Fright Fest (which will be my first Halloween Event) and have become a passholder for the first time (there's a chance it might have gotten screwed up with the system updates as I can't save it to the app). I could start a new thread or you can DM if you want to hear more about this past summer as what makes it on camera is barely the tip of the iceberg.
  2. I’m working at Cedar Point this summer and I’m almost sure I was working in hurricane force winds this morning. Looks like tomorrow PM onwards looks more favorable. Should hit 70 on Monday.
  3. La Vibora in still looks to be popular (then again the ride is a capacity nightmare)
  4. Gene Staples: *Doesn't like Super Loops* Enthusiasts: "I see this as an absolute win!"
  5. I'm guessing you're talking about the animation, not the hydraulically launched thing to demo the trains
  6. Still wouldn't need as many trucks. Keep a few to leech off parts from, but still
  7. So the area behind the paint ball place and across from the Wawa, etc? I am sure the park still plans to use the other side of the lake for Camporees and stuff, but that would be good area for a state park IMO. I also just found the place where ya'll launch your canoes just now
  8. It's my 21st birthday, thanks. Even 5 years ago, there were not parks open in these parts on my birthday. Now we have the American Dream, Sesame Place, and Bush Gardens Williamsburg open.
  9. I doubt any of the separate water parks will get anything unless they were supposed to for 2021 and have been delayed
  10. I wrote a story about the Paidia Group (who are a group who want to rebuild Six Flags New Orleans) and I gave them a media arm with Power Rangers, SeaWorld's shows, and maybe The Muppets. They also own Kentucky Kingdom in the first 3 books in the series and planned to turn it into Busch Gardens Asia-but it didn't work out after they rethemed T3 (Its queue is a graveyard). Anyways, didn't know Hershend had a media arm and it reminded me of that. Just to get one thing off my chest, I guess Frogkisser! is cancelled as Blue Sky is dead. End of tangent, DM me if you want to hear more.
  11. Rumors say Goliath at Six Flags New England could be going to Frontier City.
  12. Christmas eve makes more sense. Hershey also looks to be open on Thanksgiving too though
  13. Wonder Woman wasn't even using the markers pre-COVID, at least during Holiday in the Park in 2019
  14. For parks like Wonderland, Cedar Point (where I'll be working this summer), and Dorney who don't normally open till May anyway-it's not that bad. Carowinds and WoF usually open for Easter, Kings Island and Kings Dominion just after. Also with Busch Gardens open right now within the vicinity of Kings Dominion is huge blow. excluding Ohio (where they own both major parks), the competition is going to be Open from Easter Break (so 4-6 weeks ahead)
  15. Opening weekend is the start of the Spring Break operations, Easter is on 4/4. Maybe allow members and passholders on, but I don't expect it to one to the public till late April.
  16. I agree, if they did anything, it would be a drive through experience unless they built a hotel with an Indoor water park
  17. I've heard its bad to keep Christmas Decorations up after Three Kings Day, where the Gregorian Calendar equivalent of the Julian Calendar date is the 19th so I guess its fine
  18. Does it have something to do with Warner Leroy or the Switlick Family?
  19. That still leaves what to do with Nitro. Do we retheme it to DC (I had Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl ideas for possible themes...okay maybe Riddler for a fourth) or what? Even though some people might wonder about Nitro in my full Pine Barren idea. If Nitro had any theming whatsoever, my brain says "warehouse, manufacturing" so maybe a hideout of people who want to capture the Jersey Devil? Weird and deep, but it would make sense to keep Nitro with fewer changes.
  20. Jersey Devil's opening would be the perfect time to update and retheme it
  21. Neither are a good idea in summer. Completely against this idea for the summer. As for Fright Fest, do it if you want.
  22. Renaissance Faire? I think that would be better under Cedar Fair (specifically Canada's Wonderland because Renaissance Faires are actually a very American thing) 5k/10? try it Expand Mardi Gras to more park if you want to Dinosaurs? NO Extend Christmas drive through? maybe select nights through MLK Day Chinese Lantern Festival, Fright Fest 2, Drive-in entertainment? Maybe for parks that can operate or have more potential to, but don't yet (so mainly Magic Mountain, Over Georgia, separate gate water parks in warmer climates that are not close to a theme park) The snow event might work for Great Escape and Great Adventure Art Festival? do this for warmer climates and the St. Patrick's Day drive through in colder climates where the parks won't open till Easter-ish or Memorial Day weekend (maybe later). Maybe some of these might be better for states who are still unsure about operating rides, but cases are stabilizing (mainly SFNE, Great Am, Magic Mountain). Great Adventure and Discovery Kingdom can carry on with their animal experiences no problem if they can't operate rides (Discovery Kingdom could start operating kids rides if things improve I guess)
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