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  1. Themepark Insider spoke to IOA's GM and confirmed that B&M will be the only ones involved in the project, and the ones who will do the renovation
  2. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS they finally listened and did something about this issue! No more people faking disabilities to snag an Equal Access Pass! (Or at least a significant amount less). (BTW Viper I know you didn't say this but I quoted you to get the quote box )
  3. It wont really make a difference in ride experience but fabrication and installation will be a lot easier for RMC, which can only be a good thing.
  4. Dude, are you ok? I mean, the free fly coasters I can understand but the RMC's have been smash hits. Clearly you haven't been on one yet (and neither have I so I can't judge from experience. Only from a purely visual standpoint)
  5. ^True that. That's ridiculous pricing, like nearly 3x admission ridiculous.
  6. Eh, it's raining pretty hard up here in central NJ, but it's nothing we can't handle. No flooding but that's because the area I live is pretty elevated above sea level. It's also very cold and windy though. I had to get a ride home from school instead of walking because even with an umbrella and a coat it was just too much.
  7. Looks like it's not hitting us! The forcast no has it going out to see, which was the most likely scenario anyway
  8. Nice TR. Next time you go be sure to try Skull Mountain in the back row; it completely changes the experience!
  9. Regardless of whether it makes landfall or not, it's effects will definitely be felt. It's just to what extent that's the question.
  10. The meteorologists aren't really sure where it's headed. The many computer models they use differ greatly in results so it could make landfall, go out to see, and one model even predicts it hitting us. That's why the "cone of uncertainty" you see in the forecasts is so huge in this scenario; really, anything could happen between now and Monday.
  11. Yeah, I really wish that it didn't destroy KK's capacity, though I'm beginning to get used to it to be honest
  12. ^^How ironic. But seriously what is going on with the weather here? We have little to no rain for like 2 months and now we're about to get hit with a Hurricane. Only on the east coast...
  13. Update: Old news but I finally did Zumanjaro a long time ago. The way up is much worse than the way back down. It goes up slowly first to get past the magnetic brakes, then accelerates to full speed; that was pretty unnerving. At the top you get a nice view, then the release of the gondola happens, which is also one of the best parts. The drop is eternal, it feels like after you've gone 200 ft you're like, "we're still falling?". The drop has a ton of air and overall it was awesome. Definitely top 5 at the park.
  14. ^I noticed it too back in early September. I heard they usually bring it out during the fall for whatever reason
  15. It runs so sluggish in cold weather that they actually install an extra set of friction wheels on the hill leading into the brake run in the colder months just in case.
  16. We got one once on El Toro a few weeks ago.
  17. 4D Free Spin track is 2x as large as the normal Ibox track
  18. Yeah, I do have the app but not the wait times yet. I'm assuming that will come at a later date
  19. ^By the way that rendering isn't official. It's an extremely well done rendering by CoasterLab over at NLE who does all sorts of train renderings. So the cars may turn out different in real life, making the current situation even more puzzling. But you do have a point, and there's a slight possibility that we might see the first of these if the prototype stage goes well. After all, who would have thought that when S&S built that tiny Free Fly prototype in Utah a few years ago that we would end up getting the finished product? EDIT: I was kinda right and kinda wrong; the rendering was indeed by CoasterLab but apparently he worked with RMC so the train rendering is official
  20. I plan on attending once... possibly more. It depends on if I can convince someone to take me. If it were up to me I would go tons of times. I agree with the above post, while I want short lines to get a lot of rides in, I also want this event to be successful. I can't wait to try a coaster in the winter!
  21. I went once this year, it was OK. A linecutting situation at the end though ruined it though. The operations were really bad, the lazy river took a long time to get into because it was hard to get a tube...but that's all the bad. The slides were fun (that one vertical drop slide is insane!) and the wave pool was also fun
  22. I've heard there are certain ways to sit/grab on that will amplify the effects of gravity on your body, making the airtime feel more intense and the positives as well. There are also positions that will do the opposite, reducing the effects. Personally putting my hands up makes the first drop on Nitro feel less intense for whatever reason so I hold on to the lapbar and then let go near the bottom. Holding on makes the first drop better IMO
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