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  1. Had to put down my male Scottie after 12 years of "Grayfriar's Bobby" style loyalty...it was very hard on us to lose him. His companion remains, and she plays the role of the widow dog very well. We have added to young Cairns Terriers to thefamily but I don't recall it taking this long (over 6 months now) to get them to 'settle down' a bit. Maybe the Master is aging a bit !! My sympathies on the loss of your pet. The feelings can be very strong in some folks, as I well know.
  2. Yes it is Ron Brown. Al Bowen
  3. Harry, I can help with three out of four... from the far right... Unidentified Rider, Alan Cartwright (Big Guy), Ron Brown, Ginger Brown. The Cartwright Family brought in the horses, and cattle used in the shows. The Father ran the barn activity for the Park.. He had a big handlebar Moustashe and drove the stage coach in the western show. Alan was 'a close friend' of Lisa Bauer the Sway Pole Performer. He worked hard at the 'good old boy' image playing 'Dukes of Hazard' games with Security often when he could.
  4. Alan Cartwright in the middle, Ginger Brown on the right in the photo and Ron Brown on the far left. Bamberlyn if you see this I am having trouble getting a message to you. please contact me via email at Bowenaj@aol.com I knew Ron and Ginger well back in those Great Adventure Days.
  5. Wife did a r/t from Louisville to LA (ONT) Xmas morning, returning on a redeye tonite. She hadn't seen her mother for some time so we decided that she might as well do a weekend run. The ride out, thru Houston went well. To avoid the snowbound transfers in either Denver or Chicago, she will do an all nighter--- ONT to Phoenix, change then PHX to Charlotte NC change again and CHar. to Louisville in the morning, getting here about 11 AM. Makes for a long night with 2 hours plus in each transfer point....but no bad weather, and a chance to catch a nap on the long leg to Charlotte. Meantime t
  6. The decade labels are a bit 'inaccurate' as far as pin-point coverage goes --at least the early ones. The Tiger/Balloon image went with the Englishmen when Hardwicke left the area. in 1977. The employee 'Orange and white jacket' had either the script screened on 'Great Adventure ' name or the sewn on Logo Patch. See my borrowed Operations Jacket in photo..The early ones were flannel lined, the later issue were Fleece-lined--much warmer!! In 1977 When the Texans invaded some of us snagged some of the first issued jackets with the "new" Rainbow Logo.during the '77 winter... It didn't get
  7. There is probably another thread that I have skipped over that is tracking the ups and downs of Gas Prices BUT--- December 14 2014, Exits# 2,4,&5 on I-65 near the KY-TN State Line all the truck stops--Flying J--Loves--Pilot had their Regular Gas Priced at $1.919
  8. The slowness has been increasing lately. I thought it might be due to my use of AOL ...but it only seems to be dragging on the GA history site for me. Often hitting the reload button will find a quick connection when trying to get to a 'last page in thread...'
  9. Thanks, Dave.. Actually I am just making up a grand cover story for the next episode of "THE LITTLE CORPORAL". Starring "The Ladies of G.A." whom you met in the photo shoot above... and of course, Our leading gentleman, if we can restore a little starch in his "GetAlong" in time for the first Battle Scenes. There's just too many posts on this site rambling on and on about the issues of the Lines at some Coaster that was removed 10 years ago...we need to lighten up the place a bit ! Does anyone have a color photo of a large operators control panel for one of G A's rides.. the more NASA app
  10. Took a little time, My "Pidgin Kraut" (Amish Slang) with some of our locals here gets worked over, but they mess it up with Redneck KY accents..to do MY CAPTION note Correctly you have to read it at a high volume, in a voice that mimicks Sgt Schultz from HOGAN's HERO'S "Bellowing like a wounded Moose" ! Why, You ask?... Well I completed my third Face Surgery yesterday for those Skin Cancers. Yesterday's was a simple 16 stitch cheek and removal of an expanding growth...but the Prior two weeks saw some nasty action that I won't go into the details except to say one part was on it's way dow
  11. The Ladies are asking the Park Employee to help them locate the object they have come to America, and to Great Adventure to seek out... Let's Listen to them............ "VER IST DAS HARRY APPLEGATE?" "VE HAV ORDERS FROM DAS RSS** THAT VE MUST BE GIVEN HERR APPLEGATE UN LAPEN-DANCE EIN SAUNA, KOOKEN HIS APPLSEEDS TIL DOS LITTLE DINKYDORKS POPPIN-UPPIN LIKE UN ZEPPLIN--- DEN HELGA (third from left as you look at the photo) BE BENDEN UN SHAPEN DAT SHRINKEN STIK UND OLGA (next to the Park Employee)) MAKEN DA WHACKENDORKER TIL IT GOES POPPENOFFENWOW,EN FALLEN DOWN KAPUT... ,,DEN VE
  12. I loved the year round calendar we were on in So Cal back in the 90's. 3 tracks of roughly 2000 kids each rotated with 16 weeks "IN" and 8 weeks "OUT". It allowed adequate space when they were'nt building new schools in our community, but the place was growing. I taught.. January, Febuary, March, & April. Had MAY and JUNE off, Then started again for July, August, September & October, and took NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER OFF No Spring Break , but the usual 3 day weekends were still there. Hard on the extra curricular activities and sports, but outstanding for vacations without crow
  13. I've gone thru a lot of pages of this forum and have yet to see much in the way of comments on some of the secondary Parks located in other parts of the country. I.m not talking about the 6 Flags parks or Cedar Point/Kings Island as much as some of those a person might run across if they were to do a real "SEE the U S A " Road Trip. I grew up in L A in the early days of the original Disney Park, when it was competing with the Long Beach Pike, Venice's Pacific Ocean Park, and to a certainextent at that time Knott's Berry Farm. The PIKE was a permanent Carnival Midway located on the Rainbow
  14. Well, I just took a couple of hours to review the gripes of the various members of this forum over the past 5 or so years...Some of you younger guys are by now "Married with Children", I suppose !... so remarks pertainlng to why you want to slap your Earth Science Teacher, or the Bullies in Math classes, are probably not very timely at this point. Harry, The member, Bullets, hasn't been heard from for several years. He is the only poster I have read who also worked in Security. Do you know of any other members who worked in Security over the years? I would like to communicate with former o
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