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  1. The first batch of Security cars were green chevys with very long hood's and poor maint. performance. They were in the shop a lot.

    They also suffered a higher than average number of Parking Lot Fender Benders due to the poor design of the parking lot lane markings in the early years AND the large number of unlicensed guests who drove to GA without the skills to find their way out of the Parking Lot at the end of the day.

  2. Driving those long nosed green Chevy's, we called them the Alligator's, got stuck a lot in the mud and snow that first year. The Parking lots were inpaved.. could be real fun on a rainy night when the park closed. the 5 lots were seperated by hedges, and guests had no clue as to which lot they parked in. Hundreds of guests wandered into the woods looking for the lot where they had parked. Second Season saw the lots combined into one , Paved and traffic cones everywhere... lots of collisions at night in the lot.

  3. Loretta Lynn has got to be one of the kindest, most humble "Stars" in the entertainment world. One of the Security Officers brought a concert program backstage between shows, to ask if MS Lynn would sign it for his wheelchair-bound Mother who was sitting out on the Arena floor between the two scheduled shows. Loretta had two of her crew bring the Mother backstage and chatted with her, hugged her and gave her a copy of her biography "Coal Miner's Daughter" then had her staff return the lady and her chair to the front of the Arena. A real class move. That sort of thing sure made up for some of the real dickheads we had to deal with at other times.


    (note- it was 'Dinger's Mother)

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