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  1. I think at this point it’s more of a “what DOESN’T HH need” rather than “what does HH need.” I stopped going when King Cobra was removed and frankly I’ll never not be mad about that, but it was the last straw for a park that seems to be doing the bare minimum. They absolutely need another high capacity attraction like the wave pool and the lazy river. Even just a second wave pool would alleviate a lot of headaches. They need better maintenance, not of the attractions, but of the park itself. I don’t think I’ve ever climbed the stairs to Big Bambu/Reef Runner without seeing multiple beehives, and the wave pool area is always trashed by like an hour into the day. They need something unique again. King Cobra, while not being the best for capacity, was the most original ride the park ever had and to this day is the only slide to ever be removed from the park. Another slide complex like The Winds or Hurricane Mountain would also alleviate crowds. HH is easily the most neglected part of Great Adventure’s entire complex, and yet it’s the one constantly at capacity due to NJ summers being hellish. Truthfully, Six Flags needs to put the budget they generally put into Great Adventure into HH and (gasp) let GA go a year without a new attraction. Last year aside due to the current state of the world, 2010 was the last time GA didn’t get a new attraction and I think they’ll be forgiven if they do it again now lol.
  2. What’s up with JD, Joker, and Nitro? Was planning on going next week since I’ll be in the area but if Nitro and JD are down too then there’s not much of a point in going.
  3. I’m gonna be visiting during the operating season for the first time since I moved out of NJ. Gonna take a wild guess and say I probably won’t get to ride El Toro. On a semi related note, has the log flume reopened?
  4. I moved out of NJ a few months ago and happened to be in the area today during my first visit back. There are already people in the park doing work, so maybe this summer’s planned reopening isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Couldn’t get a great view as the parking lot was blocked off, but a lot of the overgrowth was cut down and there were people working inside Splash World, which seemed to be in worse shape than the actual park. I hated the park in the state it was in, but I’m really rooting for it to succeed.
  5. From a very hopeful perspective, maybe we’ll get some parts and vehicles. This is one ride I truly don’t want to see us lose.
  6. I couldn’t be less surprised about this. The park was awful and run down as hell. If it doesn’t continue as a park, then good riddance.
  7. Good to see you haven’t calmed down in the couple weeks I haven’t checked the site...
  8. The ride was literally packed up and shipped to a different park, I’m not sure how you expect it to return LOL.
  9. These rumors about Bizarro being removed have been going around for like 5 years now, there’s realistically no backing to them.
  10. I try to keep my scarce posts positive, but has anyone had an unpleasant experience at Granny's lately? I'm in the park right now, and my friend was not offered a reciept (it was printed and thrown away) and when he pointed out that he was overcharged by about $5 after the transaction was completed and he saw my total (we bought the same things), he was told that "without a receipt, we can't do anything." We were told that a very kind lady paid that difference in what he was overcharged. Had we known she did this, and who she was, we would have searched the whole park to make sure SHE got her money back. After failing to achieve anything with the cashier, we spoke to a manager at the restaurant, who proceeded to speak with the cashier. She asked about the receipt (as she should have), and I explained that it was thrown away and should still be right on top, to which I was told "Sir, I am NOT digging through the trash for your receipt." We gave up and left. We don't care that we were overcharged, and while we would absolutely love to find this fellow patron and give her what she paid out of our pockets, we also know that this is next to impossible. He and I just want to bring attention to this issue, so please everyone, keep an eye on your total at Granny's and make sure there's no discrepancy.
  11. Paid $50 for standard, it was for a class trip.
  12. In case anyone else was curious, it was $42 to upgrade from standard admission.
  13. Anyone know what the price is to upgrade daily admission to a season pass this year?
  14. Went on it last night and walked right on three different times. The first time was flawless; the second time, I couldn't get it to focus correctly; and the third, it was great other than the crosshairs being inaccurate. Overall, I think the concept needs work, but is going smoothly for how new it is.
  15. Speaking of this building, it is being used as a location in Pokemon Go. It's referred to as "Attack on Titan Hands Building," and this has been included in the list of Pokemon Go locations that the park posted on their site. Interesting....
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